Teachers Vs. Teens: Taking The Same Math Quiz

hi I’m Madison and I’m a senior in high school I’m Vanessa and I’m a preschool teacher hi my name is Ted I’m a creative writing teacher I’m Ricardo I’m a senior we’ll be doing a teens versus teachers take the same math course probably gonna fail [Music] I used to be pretty decent at it in high school I got into a calculus class like my senior year but then I decided that since I didn’t need it I would drop the class I would probably give myself a d-plus in math I give myself B at math my best math is probably geometry because I have like an artist mind so like shapes are kind of my thing geometry with like shapes and stuff like that I’m like I just can’t do that’s just it it’s mentally challenging on me you know passing a math class in general is just accomplishment in itself okay if I can like get a C and like even a D I’ll be happy I’m pretty good at long division hopefully I pass I’m ready say your prayers let’s do it all right question number one solved for X square root of 45 minus 4x equals 500 okay no I got this okay I don’t even know where to start with this actually a circle that you know I used to get in trouble for not showing my work all the time and I’m not gonna do it deal with it she’s already smoking me I am confident with the length of the rectangle is 10 feet less than double the width the perimeter of the rectangle is 64 feet what is the area of this rectangle so the perimeter there’s a formula for this like area equals length times width yeah is that right how are you doing are you doing good writer who knows what is coordinate of the point of the slope of the line if yes where did you guys get these questions who slopes I’m looking forward to that I remember doing slope and I remember not doing well with them so hmm my goal is to get at least one right I was like oh it’s slope I know slope rise over run and then I realized I have to put the coordinates into the slope how do I do that MX plus B what does that mean again not though I feel – hold on I’m actually doing kind of okay on this I think I think I got the general idea of this one he pays 60% of the bill it’s a sixty over a hundred and twenty-five more than J nope all of the formulas I remember are failing right now I like this one it just says x equals one there’s no word cylinder whatsoever that’s fine X my favorite question was what figure it out this is literally so embarrassing I am like wanting to tap out but I’m not I’m not gonna tap out yet I swear I used to know how to do this f of X equals 2x squared minus 5x evaluate F of negative 3 is this real math so X minus 3 over 2 equals x plus 9 over 5 oh I can do this okay and then I have two equations that I have to use so this would be plus 15 plus 15 x equals 7 piece the top an out Talon out if we’re doing something I’m doing nothing she’s doing something I’m doing nothing I’m just writing I’m gonna say five dollars and then put a sad face next to it because I’m pretty sure that’s incorrect I’m never coming back to BuzzFeed if they indicated these are right angles or not but they’re probably not right angles I said it was good at geometry I’m a fraud here comes that long division everybody am I looking at close your strong suit you will thrive for long division work together I’m gonna say 6 9 69 [Music] two big fat zero this isn’t an accomplishment like hey it’s better than me how many did I’d even get right I think I just got one too that was that’s so that’s give that too that’s like one and a half yeah it’s close enough counts right I’m gonna say I got two right I thought there would be simpler questions honestly these were pretty tough I do not want to try this again look what did we learn here today not much nothing at all and I don’t know why I did this I’m glad I did this with you though I feel like if I did this another teen or god forbid a math teacher I feel like we could relate we could relate to each other more I’m glad I did this with you because you’re done with math [Music]


  1. They have difficulty on slope and area? Hard to understand. Kids at my school take ap calculus sophomore and junior year.

  2. I am a computer systems engineer and this is 1+1 for me.. no bragging but this just fascinates me how a 1+1 for some people means impossible for others and vice versa

  3. I couldn't even solve the first question. If the square root of 45 isn't 3, then I don't know what a square root is or I did everything else wrong.

  4. I barely scraped by in maths when I was in school but I did better that all of the people in the video. What are they teaching people in high school in the US? Why are they so bad at this..why is the bottom line in America "if you're not food at it from the get go just drop it". Shouldn't it be "if you don't get it from the start, study so you'll get it eventually"? Especially since America is all about competition on the outside.

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  6. I thought it's just not fair to put a preschool and writing teacher against students who's math is still fresh in their minds.

  7. im acc crying this is pretty simple
    buzzfeed probably told them to act like they dont know this stuff lmao

  8. You should of gave them a Calculus problem lol it would of been funny to see them react to some of the symbols they have never seen before

  9. I was today years old when I found out American high school students can pick and choose what to learn in maths class/what type of maths they take. Here you just have compulsory maths class your whole school career and they throw calculus, geometry, algebra and whatever else they want at you and you gotta do it.

  10. I study to pass, not to learn.
    So yeah, it's a huge problem. I already forgot all of these, and I'm not even close to being good at it.

  11. My school found math to easy so a bunch of teachers made a way harder school book, i wasnt even good at regular math😂

  12. I’m just wondering right now how I would do on this now that it’s been more than a year since I took a math class (but that was stats, where very little of this is relevant, so really more than two)

  13. Screw you buzzfeed comment monitor guy. What's the point of working so hard. U think buzzfeed will pay u more? Pathetic sh1tsta1n. Stay bottom feeding you lifeless loser. Can't believe even commenting T H I C C gets deleted.

  14. buzzfeed again failing at videos and youtube…..why not provide the test so people can compare their knowledge to that of these dumbasses?

  15. That doesn’t even make sense, they basically have the same knowledge

    The female teacher teaches 4 year olds how to tie their shoes

  16. I’d fail so badly! I’ve been out of school for 16 years and retained zero knowledge of the algebra/geometry/calculus skills. 😆🤷🏼‍♀️

  17. First question "solve for x". It just came to me that x is bullying me to do his/her homework. P.s. I am just making a joke I do understand how to solve for a variable by isolation.

  18. it's funny watching all these middle/high schoolers talking about how easy this math is, like of course it's easy y'all learned it yesterday! lmfaooooo

  19. Whoever casted this episode deserves a raise. These "vs." videos can be incredibly dull with poor casting, but this was wholesome and entertaining.

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