Talk to your baby | My Education, Our Future

This is Lucy, she’s my baby sister and her brain is growing so fast right now. It’s true. 80% of her brain growth will happen by the time she’s four years old. So this was her brain when she was born … … and this will be added by the time she’s four. Every word she hears creates connections that will actually make her a better learner for the rest of her life. If you talk more to her, she is more likely to do better in school and grow up to be a smart, capable adult who does good things for the world. Kids who don’t hear enough words start school behind and may never catch up. Are babies born smart? You make them smart. And you make them smart by talking to them. Best part is, doesn’t matter how much money my parents make, how smart they are, (Speaking Spanish) and it’ll have an effect that lasts for generations. She’s too young to talk much, if she could, I know she’d say “Talk to me, build my brain, because it’s my education, and it’s our future.” Talking to babies is one of the most important things we can do to help our children succeed in school. But it’s not the only thing. Click on these videos to see what else we can do to make sure our kids are getting a great education in Utah.

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