Suzie Responds to Jenna Marbles’ Acrylic Technique

I’m Suzie from Nail Career Education. My friend Grant let me know that Jenna Marbles posted a video mentioning me. How cool is that? After watching it, she’s hilarious But I noticed when she’s doing her own nails some of the things she did right and some of the things she did wrong. Let’s talk about that. *pop music plays* If you haven’t seen it yet check out Jenna Marbles’ ‘Doing My Own Acrylic Nails’ you won’t regret it. Let’s go through it. Oh, she’s in great shape she forgot her pants though ‘Shout out to Nail Career Education. Suzie, you have some damn fine entertaining videos on your channel, lady.’ “I’mma try give myself some acrylic nails” “I think I’m gonna… buff them?” Ok well, she’s buffing her nails – and yes you’re supposed to do that but the grit she’s using I suspect is rather fine, so she’s going to be buffing it kind of smooth and that’s not what you want to do. So the grit is really important So buffing them is right, but with that grit is wrong And it’s a really super light buff, not an over buffing ‘So I put the priming liquid all over and I let this dry’ So she’s put the priming liquid all over Priming liquid is supposed to go on quite sparingly You don’t want to put it on all over at all you can over saturate the nail but she didn’t know that. Here we go with the forms She calls it the sticker ‘Put your fingernail under there and then you like wrap it around…’ So that’s pretty amazing, without much instruction she’s actually not doing too bad of a job I mean obviously it’s not perfect on there and I’d love to get my hands on there and show her but she actually doesn’t do too bad here ‘Oh! I made a ball!’ “Ooh it’s huge!” She’s right, the ball she did put on there is extremely huge and when you’re learning you just want to take smaller ones I was really impressed with her liquid to powder; she said she didn’t really get it too much but when she dipped the liquid to powder, she actually did a pretty good job She had a giant ball but if she did that just a little bit less in the liquid, a little bit less in the powder, she would’ve just got a smaller ball but she actually has a pretty good product control on there, it’s not running all over the place and it’s not dry I was actually kind of impressed about that ‘It’s literally not sticking at all’ ‘Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!’ ‘Oh it’s hardening! Oh it’s on my cuticles!’ ‘Suzie! Girl! You are a liar! This is impossible!’ Ok now that’s pretty hilarous Um, so her placement of where she put that bead of acrylic she put it too close to the cuticle you want to put it a little further away especially such a giant ball and you want to pat it down but I gotta tell you, I think it’s more fun watching her do it this way ‘Oh! Ugh! It’s a bloodbath!’ All I wanna do is grab that brush from her and just get in there and just kinda, try to, help her ‘Girl, where did you get these?’ One thing she’s done here that she didn’t even notice because she doesn’t know anything about forms is the form is actually popped open so it’s going to make her look like a wider and bigger nail… much bigger than she really wants it to be ‘Ooh! The beauty. The grace. The craftsmanship’ I don’t know much about beauty and grace and craftsmanship but she sure got guts to try it She’s attempting one of the hardest nails to do in the industry which is the french white with a smile line on the end To attempt that the first time is really very brave ‘Oh! This was the worst idea’ ‘Oh My!’ ‘That one came out slightly better’ She’s right, that one did come out better she’s had a little practice now, not much instruction of course. She knew not to do such giant beads on there and it actually turned out a little bit better ‘Think that’s enough nail glue?’ Now so what she learned is that nail glue really adheres very quick within seconds once you place it down, it’s glued and yeah, she used way too much glue it will take a while to get that one off ‘The point of no return. Thick territory’ ‘While this beautiful one dries…’ What I was really impressed with, she put the brush down at one point before she went on to do the other fingers and there was no hardened acrylic in her brush so I was impressed with that a lot of people when they’re first starting, they get a lot of acrylic stuck in there but she didn’t! ‘Ow! Ow! Ow!’ ‘I’ve done it y’all’ ‘I’ve drawn blood from filing so..’ I don’t know what kind of file she’s using but you do have to score the edges of some files and maybe she didn’t do that so she wouldn’t know that sometimes you can cut yourself or just over filing of course maybe it’s not a very good grit so she’s really trying to get those things down ‘Is this what you want? Is it cute yet?’ The day that Jenna uploaded her videos coincidentally I uploaded a couple of videos but it was just a little too late and in my videos I have plastic fingers that I highly recommend that’s what we learn and that’s what you would work on Unfortunately, she didn’t see those maybe one day I can fix those for her and that’s a bummer, I’d give her a really great set oh wait, where does she live? “California” oh, yep, I could help her out there anyway, I hope she does okay with those thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video


  1. Suzie this was such an incredibly sweet response!! I adore you and your channel so much and I'm trying not to fangirl that you made this. Not to mention its actually like genuinely helpful too?? which is like… how. How did you do that lol. You are just so great, thanks for making some of my favorite videos on the internet and for being so damn delightful.

  2. What she said, I think, "..attempting one of the most hardest nails to do in the industry which is the french..". THAT is what I want my mom to know and maybe learn something from this. When I tried to do French tips on her nails, I think it was my FIRST time doing the French tip, she asked or told me something like " is it so hard to just draw/paint a line?" -_- I think I did tell her to try to do it herself but she didn't. Ugh.. I hate it when people don't understand things and they just judge and look down on other people like that. I was like, really struggling but some people just don't get it. sigh

  3. I adore you and am thoroughly enjoying your channel. You are a great teacher! Thank you for being so patient and informative. Your videos are edited so nicely too. Who wouldn’t enjoy your channel!

  4. imagine jenna going in to get those off and suzie is the one to do her nails. SUZIE GIRL YOU LIED TO ME

  5. This is the first time I’ve come across the sweetest reaction to video ever. Gosh you are never negative about anything. You are such a humble, sweet person inside and out 😂😘❤️ hello from Australia 🇦🇺

  6. Suzie.. Girl.. Plz try and do a Collab with Jenna.
    Give her the bestest set of nails this girl has ever seen!!!!

  7. "Suzie, GURL you lied"!😂😂 Am I the only one who rewinded and listened to that 5 million times?😂

    SUZIE AND JENNA MARBLES, CALAB!! 😍💗 Suzie has kind of "dry humor" so to speak, and Jenna Marbles, is just in your face hilarious, so I think the two of them together, in one video, would be nothing short of AHH-MAZING!

  8. Love how generous Suzi is calling this “technique” I hope Jenna thanked her!!!! Can only imagine how hard this must have been for Suzi to watch!!!! She deserves a medal!! 🙂

  9. Suzie has a secret life. She was worried about where Jenna lives. WHAT COUNTRY BANNED YOU SUZIE? WHAT DID YOU DO? Lol

  10. I watched her video earlier tonight and I thought I had hope of doing my own nails someday. She scared that hope right out of me. Lol! But maybe. Someday.

  11. Jenna did great for her first time! I also currently am wearing my first ever set and it took me a couple days of filing and filling in spots but I finally got it Haha thanks to suzie! Your videos really are gold and I'm so happy I came across your channel

  12. Such a lovely video.
    I just did my first acrylics all from watching Suzie's videos to learn and I can say I did a bit better than Jenna on my first attempt lol

  13. I really don’t care about nails and I’m only a girl but dam this women is the best! She seems like she had an amazing personality and she’s so calm and sweet! Her education is really useful to people who love long nails!

  14. You are amazing! I love what you do. If only I had a teacher like you in beauty school it may have motivated me more. ♥️♥️♥️new sub!

  15. Jenna turned me on to you Suzie and I haven’t turned back since. I don’t get my nails done nor do I do them for other people but your videos are none the less enjoyable yo watch 🙂

  16. Suzie I just found you searching videos trying to learn about glue on nails. Omg your a gem! Such a sweet heart, I feel your warmth and genuinely kind heart! Keep making inspiring videos! Blessings to you and yours

  17. How do you not know about beauty grace and craftsmanship? Stop putting yourself down! You're obviously very good at what you do. There is no shame admitting that 🙂

  18. Suzie, what a sweet, kind, beautiful response! I have just discovered your channel, and I'm loving it! Your positivity and passion for your art is completely inspiring! <3

  19. Suzie I love you for responding to her moronic video where it's clear she didn't properly watch any of your videos. But do not promote people check out her channel. We need to stop promoting ignorance and promote more channels like yours which are educational and mature.

  20. Would it have been easier for Jenna to get the acrylic off, if she had first put on a peel on base coat on her nail and then the priming liquid + acrylic?

  21. u should definitely collab with her and do her nails on your channel! Would absolutely love to see that.

  22. I love how jenna curses and Suzie stops it in a mini panic a millisecond before and " okay so.." 😂😂 2:14

  23. Suzie, I wish you lived closer to me and had your shop here. These tech around here need training bad. I don't go to any shops around here. I just paint mine and use cjs stamping plates. Love your videos!

  24. You are so gracious and kind! This is part of the reason I enjoy your videos…aside from the instruction of course. 🙂

  25. I really inspired by Suzie nail career education videos though I'm just using some cheap product I bought online cos can't affordthose branded ones it's really helpful for me seeing all kf your videos and got inspired… as I've seen this video I think girl you should put a heart on what you do then things will goes well… You don't blame others for your wrong doing… And for ma'am Suzie you did great job for not taking it seriously… And still grateful… ::-)

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