Summer Arts California State University 25 Years

every year students faculty and guest
artists from across the CSU the country and even the world’s gathered to
immerse themselves in a life-changing experience of Summer Arts We’ll let them tell you what it’s like intense training and it feels like bootcamp well it certainly makes me feel
uncomfortable and have these flashback dreams of being college again and failing the exam and I
thought when i got my doctorate degree I would never have to take another class in my
life there is no learning environment that I have ever
encountered that approaches what summer arts does It’s an eleven or twelve day intensive and they are working from eight o’clock
in the morning to ten o’clock at night with breaks but within two weeks they have the equivalent of more than a semester of almost a year if they were taking this type of class It’s so healthy so good for you like you know most of the time during the day I take teach and I uh and I have other projects that I work on and other things that I barely get to practice
an hour maybe two a day if I’m ready It’s my whole job for this whole two weeks
is just to practice Each workshops pretty much the same it
starts off this sort of cautious in the they’re wondering what’re they guna do what’s
this whole thing about what’re we gonna gain from this within a day or two things started perked up students start collaborating with each other it starts to flow and that energy all the guest artists feel it I feel it, that’s the absolutely marvelous It’s very intense trying to get work done and get in
the studio all hours of the night working on all these things trying to get
them ready for the gallery and just shifting gears everytime anytime any artist
comes in opportunity came to my door So I started in nineteen eighty seven now, that was the second year and it was a pretty full
fledged well run, exciting operation in nineteen eighty seven class I was involved
in was really interesting had great guest artists any other and courses that were going
on we’re doing great amazing things and every year there’s been an amazing
things and i feel like over the course of twenty five years has continued with
really interesting classes interesting guest artists kind of sometimes
you need collaborative activities that are going on and while the actual courses themselves
change year to year in their maybe specific focus they’ve all been
interesting and exciting and worthwhile to participate in the bigger picture for summer arts as
well and and that is that we’re all here uh… like i’ve been doing a solo
performance course but then there’s also a hybrid narrative course and also
steppenwolf theater course and a reactive sculpture course and all of these things are
happening uhm… at the same time and so they cross
fertilize one another such high caliber artist come to perform at
summer arts and the prices are so reasonable that the
communities find it so inspirational i was really struck by I guess how … how.. full and energetic they are i mean we have so many
sellouts during the summer arts season and so many people who plan their lives
around summer arts I’d say the summer arts definitely was the inciting incident if you will if you all wanna talk about story you know a story always has an inciting
incident of what happens and i think for me the inciting incident of me getting into animation
was summer arts and since i came out not really knowing really wanted to be into animation or not once i’d made a film at summer arts and showed it to somebody and having the..that kind of reaction I knew wow I really want to do this, I want to make films, I want to do stories animate characters and it really was a… a life-changing moment for me when i go to recruit students i tell them I, the
first thing i say is: if you don’t go the Summer Arts you’ll have no idea what you’ll miss
and they’ll all look at me like “yeah yeah” and you know and
then i say if you go one time you’ll leaving saying i can’t
believe i haven’t been going This is the unquestionably the best thing the CSU does

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