Studying a Journalism degree at Middlesex University

♪ [music] ♪ – [Gregory] Middlesex gives us a
background in traditional journalism, and it also gives us an insight into modern
journalism and how it’s evolving. – [Francis] We have three degree programs
involving journalism, and what students get when they come to Middlesex is great
facilities, staff who have academic and practical experience as well. – [Professor Kurt] In terms of getting
experience whilst your studying, what better place to be than London?
Because you have all the big players in journalism and publishing and PR right
here on your doorstep. – [Georgiana] I’ve worked for Bloomberg,
ITV London, and Middlesex is where it all started. It was really the foundation of
everything that I’m doing at the moment. Helped me build a showreel and a CV, I
could get into further education and into a job. – Broadcasting Today. We set it up a
couple of years ago to invite important and influential people in the industry.
It’s recorded by students here. It’s edited by students here. We put it
out as a broadcast. – They get people like Martin Bell, Robert
Peston. People that we aspire to be like. – [Maja] They get introduced to concepts
of journalism and theories on journalism, but they also get a hands-on experience of
how it is to be a journalist. – [Sophie] We deal with really key
elements to do with law and ethics to make sure that they are really responsible
journalists from the very beginning. – [Nadia] I’ve had teachers who are
journalists and reporters, and I feel like because of that I, myself, can benefit in
getting hands-on experience. – [Ludovica] For example, we have a
teacher who is working BBC. Another one was working
for The Independent. So all of them, like, they
know what the field is about. – Facilities we have at Middlesex include
a state of the art newsroom and television news studio, radio studios, digital media
workshop with access to any software you’re ever likely to need. As well as the
main television studio, which is full size, two stories high, capable of
producing any kind of program. – You may end up working for the BBC or
ITN or Sky. We have students who do that, but we’re also saying to students the
world of work is open. You have to get the skill set that you require here to give
yourself a long and fruitful career in the communications industry. ♪ [music] ♪

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