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a warm hello from Canada the second-largest country in the world blessed with incredible nature modern cities and a vast array of world-renowned educational institutions from large prestigious city universities major community colleges and renowned technical institutes to intimate universities and colleges in mid-sized towns and rural areas Canada has the perfect match for each student we are proud to host the seventh largest international student population in the world there are currently over 265 thousand international students in Canada across all levels of study become a part of the growing international student community in Canada and study at one of our many quality institutions this is what Canadian education is known for around the world research intensive universities with the most advanced and current academic programs so you can compete successfully in a globalized world and make a contribution to your field and society Canadian colleges and polytechnics conduct major applied research scientists who are global leaders in their fields benefit from Canada being ranked 4th for scientific research in the world by the way almost 50 percent of Canada's research publications have co-authors from other countries this is doubled the world average state-of-the-art facilities with the newest technological equipment you will enjoy our top-notch study environments that will make it easy to gather new knowledge and work with teams around the world and you can benefit from plenty of real hands-on experience during your studies so you can learn to apply your new skills in theory and practice on and off campus you will have access to motivating teachers who have cross-cultural understanding and student centered learning approaches they will encourage and help you to achieve your best academic results an active campus life with lots of possibilities to make new friends and have a good time and no matter what field you want to work in in the future we show you the path of how to get there from giving you the information you need on what to study and where where to access the information you need to obtain your study permit and visa and if you need to boost your English or French skills we will be guiding you to programs offered in one of our many accredited language schools Canada is bilingual and excels in second language education and Canada offers a variety of scholarships especially designed for international students from around the world Canada offers you a world full of opportunities to achieve your dream and yes it can get cold but our warm welcome will make you feel at home from your very first day more information WWC bie BCE I ca


  1. The only thing the education system prepares you for is how to be a slave- the complete opposite of what it should do: be independent.

  2. if you want a low quality education at the highest prices you can imagine then look no further than Canada. not only will you get stupider but you will also be brainwashed by PC degenerates who think they are the greatest people in the world.

  3. Hello, I am Tayeb Ahmed from Sudan, because my country is late in education. I want to know in Canada. Please help me. This is my phone number 00249911270107.

  4. Canadian education suck, I'm from Brazil and moved to Canada to study, one day talking to a class mate he asks me where I'm from I say I'm from Brazil, he says "Is that close to Greece?" I was shocked inside… But I answered normally, and told him Brazil is located in South America. This is only one example, I used to attend a history class in college and the students didn't know shit about their own national history, let alone other countries. The public schools are a joke.

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