Study for a University of London degree with academic direction by LSE

The best part about studying with University
of London was the cultural exchange that it offered. There hasn't been a single day that I have
regretted my choice of enrolling with the University of London. The University of London name really holds
a lot of weight. What was really fascinating for me was that
such well-known academics here at the LSE, were the ones who were setting the courses
and writing our study guides. LSE provides the VLE which includes study
materials like tutorials, it makes you feel like you're connected to LSE, even though
you're studying from home. Via the online forum, you can reach out to
people studying in India, Singapore, China, the United States. It's an amazing way to
different perspectives on the course content that you're studying. I think before going to this programme I thought
that my own way of seeing the world is the only correct way, and the only way that things
are going to be in my life. But this programme has shown me a lot of ideas, a lot of concepts
which are actual just as good as mine, and I became a much more open person. A year into the course I joined my sister
into her work venture that she started, which is a digital payments company called Kite
Cash, and the marketing knowledge that I got from the course, I actually applied that to
run successful social media campaigns. This degree instils in you the ability to
work well under pressure, as well as helps you develop analytical and critical thinking
skills, and those are really valued by employers. After graduating, I started working as a business
analyst at this company. I applied for only two places and I got the place right away, and I think it has a lot to do with what I learnt, and also the fact that I received
the degree from the University of London. One day a head hunter contacted me about this
opportunity through LinkedIn, and I just went through the process, and you know eventually
I was offered this graduate trainee role. My University of London degree has definitely
prepared me for my masters because it gave me such a strong technical background of all
of the subjects that I am still studying. I think my BSc degree stood me in good stead
for my masters because Oxford is a place where there are no average students. Everybody is
at the top of their game, and I really never felt that I lacked anything, and I owe all
that to this degree.

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