Student story: A supportive school that combines theory and practice

Hello Everybody. My name is Ha
I’m studying in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Porvoo Campus.
And my Major is International Sales and Marketing. So I have been in the Campus for two years already Before I used to study in another university in another city And then I decided to transfer to Haaga-Helia because In here we study very practically.
We have been doing projects with many commissioners during our studies
So that’s why I like Haaga-Helia so much. Porvoo city is really amazing. You have to come here to see the city
It’s so close to Helsinki. And it is little bit easier for international
student to find a part time job financially support the studies. People in Porvoo city have a open mindset, they like to speak English to you. And the Campus is just amazing
So apply today, come to see me after. Let's keep in touch!

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