Start Your Nursing Career with a Master’s Degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

I’m excited to tell you about our
masters of science in nursing entry into practice degree. We’re really revised our
curriculum to meet the needs of those individuals who are aspiring leaders in
the nursing profession. There are several advantages to this firstly we are
enrolling students who already have a baccalaureate degree so to do a second
baccalaureate degree is not that meaningful. But perhaps the most
important reason for us moving from a baccalaureate to a master’s degree is to
allow us to provide pathways for students to much more quickly move
through their career ladder. Coming to Johns Hopkins and having doing a Masters
of Science in Nursing pre-licensure program means that you can enter many of
our other programs at the advanced practice levels in our doctors nursing
practice program with up to 17 credits under you belt. That’s a huge advantage for
advancing your career. Our exciting new program is exceeding our expectations
and we are getting amazing feedback from students who are engaged motivated and
stimulated by this content. Having a master’s degree also prepares you with a
different set of knowledge skills competence and also confidence to really
interact in the practicing environment. In our masters of science in nursing
programs we are really trying to help prepare individuals to meet some of the
challenges of the future. We are preparing our nursing students to deal
with challenging conversations to be able to deal with the conflicts and
ever-changing world of healthcare reform and change and also to be able to tailor
and target for very basic nursing care to meet the needs of individual patients.

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