St Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School Woolooware

Do you want to know a secret? Come into our school – we’ll show you the best kept secret around! This is St. Francis de Sales Catholic Primary School in Woolooware – we are one big family. Come with us as we explore our amazing school and you can see what we have to offer. We take a holistic personalised approach to the development of each child, encouraging them to be passionate lifelong learners. Don’t beleieve us? Let us show you! Built on the foundations of trust and friendship, our community is welcoming and inclusive, and is focused on developing respectful, high quality relationships between students, teachers and parents. We take great pride in our school and work together to make it a place of joy where we learn from each other. The facilities at St. Francis de Sales enhance student learning, social well-being and overall development. Our contemporary learning spaces, outdoor classroom and playground areas allow us to create, collaborate and share in our learning. Our garden and compost program teaches us about sustainability and to love and care for our environment. We have caring teachers who challenge and support each student in their learning journey. The teachers work in teams to plan, teach and assess our learning. Authentic learning experiences use real-life inquiry processes to challenge and promote creative and critical thinking skills and promote student success. At our school we enjoy celebrating our achievements together, and we know what success looks like. We enjoy learning and have so many opportunities to wonder, think, create and learn. From soccer and netball, athletics and swimming, to creative and performing arts, musicals, dance and drama. Our school motto, ‘in friendship and service’ is inspired by the spirit of St. Francis de Sales, and in the traditions of Catherine McAuley, our mercy values are lived out in our actions and words each day. The uniqueness in every child is given the chance to flourish as they are encouraged to be the best person they can be. So what are you waiting for? Come and share our secret!

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