Southern Hamlet (Act V) School Film Project

start on that great voice the corners definitely giving her what are you all Oh what do you call a cowboy shoot small people in criminal ding Mamet I forgot what they do what in tarnation are you doing whose grave is here I reckon it must be yours since you're lying in it what's your line and if the graves for the dead you're living in your line whose grave is here this guy is those there's that scope snoring Eames gesture that their skull yepper this is gold I remember this here man he was such a silly and creative guy I used to laugh smile and kiss this here face he entertained me tons of times as a child but look where he is now oh such terrible events in this world tell me something ratio what's that why isn't that such great people in this world can be buried and just pushed off the side people such as the great Buffalo Bill can be buried and just forgotten about be quiet one sec oh shoot here comes the King Queen who they follow and watch such as groaning ceremony that mean must took his own life what rights are you gonna give her I heard gave her as many rights as I'm permitted her death was fishy he nobody knows real truth should have thrown rocks in her body and scented those flowers we went for fame the other dead here if we dare sing the same requiem for later in the ground but violets bloom from a pretty flesh you jerk priest Hearst always will be an angel in heaven while your soul is howling in hell flowers for my sweet I would always think that you would be my Hamlet's wife and that these flowers will be for your wedding not your grave ratio is that Melia Oh dagnabbit that cursed man who took your genius mind from you let me hold you in my arms once more now pile the dirt on top of us until it's taller than the Blue Ridge Mountains who speaks out such words of sorrow with grief it is me Hamlet but I got to do for I would fight you – ominously see I loved Ophelia throw my heart what are you gonna do for starting show me what you're gonna do you cry base off you don't wild buffalo drink a lone star I do any of that you come here to whine or outdo me with jumping into this here grave to be buried with her I'd do that and if you keep jibber driver and are on about these Maui's then put tons of laying on top of us still reach just ahead I could talk crazy as well as you why do you treat me like this I've always loved you but I guess it doesn't matter now here for now let me tell you my story of the adventures with the in news you met with circumstances of course pot how could I forget in this I wake up from a little Hut and find that no Indians around and watch I walked into the Chiefs teepee I want a stomach Ross these here papers off my dang uncle telling that it needs some cut up my head how's that soul friend right here's the proof I beg you read it in the meantime I'll tell you the rest of the school yes sir do you know my smart mind ratio like you know an idea that could save the very head you stare at want a new letter to the chief my best hand right mind you completing for mine to your life what about him peace between the tribe in my game all that silly hee hee ha and sign it was Claudius's signature but sir how did you seal that their paper god help me with that problem to her ring has a game symbol on it and sit with the wax and the chief TP and put in a big pile mail Claudius is a horrible leader of our day and that's why I should kill you turned my mother into a hussy and took over the ranch that was rightfully mine I should kill him what this year Park and iron I feel bad for beef and Laertes talk that fellers in the same situation I'm in pause dead knowing that turned to don't trust hang on a second who the devil are you thank you sir who is this critter no idea sir let him speak been safe put that hat on your head I thinks it is cold actually it really is cold now it is hot again that's my complexion your hat trick I can't say whether he is or not what type of weapon does he use we're in the West what the heck no I'm going for a walk around the range when I come back I'll be ready sure whatever sir Ostrogoths told your uncle of your plans he wants to know if he would want to duel right now or we alter whatever he wants to do well your uncle and your mother are coming down as we speak to the crowd your mom wants to talk to you before you start doing you will lose that bet sir well I've been practicing since you left the ranch I'm very good if I do say so myself since this is giving me a weird feeling Oh if you got an uneasy feeling I don't do it in the friend oh I'll tell you don't go myself you wouldn't do that we will – again and now I die what is a poison now now do your partner now let me tell you the adventure of mine redo it well Oscar it comes in right before they fight why are you filming but they seriously given her a Christian burial after her suicide oh yeah well get started on that grave boy the coroner said that there's certain thanks man [Applause] right man yeah you're gonna just go three two one well I don't know what do you call a cowboy who shoots too many people then it can we go three two one well I don't know what do you call a cowboy that shoots as many shoots shoots more people that shoots more people than a criminal cowboy when you call a cowboy she's more people all right three two one I don't know what do you call a cowboy shoots more people than a criminal think slap it up great great continue singing save a horse ride cowboy like the be ready covert the pedophile just waking up a house


  1. I ended up here from a cross post on reddit

    Edit: also as a person born in Texas I give the 100% partner

  2. This piece is what all true warriors strive for. Next time I do a school project, I hope to be able to achieve something as legendary as this. It probably won't happen, but I have the hope.

  3. And any school project on YouTube wouldn’t be complete without the last minute and a half being bloopers

    found this of a tumblr post.

    "they all yeed their last haw"
    LMAO i did this play last month in drama class
    im auctaully dying right now HELP.

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