here goes for you have 15 minutes you just let's go last a school let's go skipping school in the last day of school all these losers are gonna spoil the last day I am NOT getting back here with another video today guys basically I uh guys I skipped the last day of school this was earlier this morning my dad I'm not even gonna tell you what happened I'm just gonna wait for you guys to watch the whole video miss you guys watched all the way to the end because this video was like really really good because I'm new to this channel I just wanted to say miss you guys do go cop too much it's literally right down the street like go cop the merge I get like it's tough links in the description below also if you're new make sure you guys subscribe everyone subscribe right now guys we are about to hit 2.5 million subscribers which is so dope guys and turn on post notifications this way you guys get notified right when a video does come out also guys follow me on instagram it is right here on the screen now I got a plug before we get into the video all right so yeah guys now that I finished plugging everything I just want to say alright so I had a long school year as you know I skipped a lot of days of school and I do not like school I must say I don't like school so I was thinking like whoa why don't I get like an extra day of summer you know I'm saying so I decided to skip the last day of school guys I actually filmed this this morning and I'm gonna let you guys know how it went make sure you guys stick all the way through the video and leave a like because I might get myself taking room my dad gets home so yeah not gonna tell you what happens just watch all over through the video and enjoy it also share this video with your friends because this video is insane and yeah alright I see you at the end of the video well the clips alright guys so I just woke up can't you tell but anyway guys today is my last day of school and I was thinking why not have an extra day of summer so I'm gonna start my summer off by skipping the last day of school now this may be risky because I can get my stuff taken and then I had a great start to my summer but I was thinking anything for you guys so here parents are about to leave right now my mom was about to leave for work and I think about them like go to the gym or something but he had today is the last day and I'm so I thank God finally school is done all right yeah I'll get back to you my mom or my dad's about to leave alright guys so it has been like 20 minutes my bus doesn't come to ten more minutes and my dad just woke up so he's probably gonna ask why I'm not dressed yet yeah let's let's just get sick actually guys I'm gonna act like I'm asleep and then just home like I'm sick and hopefully I can like stay home that way you know I'm saying so I'm gonna act like I'm sick when he walks in here and act like I'm still asleep so uh yeah yeah yeah come on do you do school you got 15 minute just let's go buddy I'll come get you let's go I feel sick okay let's do school let's go exactly I feel sick my dad's is left guys and let's say look there he goes the other part he just turned it on there all right he's leaving right now that there we go he's leaving we just literally skip school on the last day school I don't know whether you will be back but we're skipping school on the last day that's crazy all right guys so it's been like five minutes and my boss literally just got here oh my god dude let's go skipping school on the last day of school all these losers are gonna spoil the last day well I'm not because I don't like school yeah have fun at school is just I have an extra day of summer so uh ha ha ha all right there they go guys they're leaving right now and just like that guys mission accomplished you know already skipped skipped the last day of school which is an extra day added on to my summer by the way so my summer has just started feels amazing man do I miss school no hate it hate it but uh yeah the first thing I'm gonna do guys is take a shower and clean my room cuz I just feel like you know there's gonna be good vibes this summer and good vibes I need to have a clean room I need to feel clean so let's clean my room you ready all of this will be clean three two guys there we go we have just cleaned my room now I just gotta take a shower and you know I'm feeling kind of hungry so I might ride my bike to Wawa you guys don't know awawa is basically like this uh probably explain it it's like this gas station matt is like really good food I don't know how to explain it's kind of like heritages but better so yeah I don't know if it's all around the world I don't want to seem like stupid but they have a rile if so so I thought to take a shower guys I'm gonna ride my bike there it's literally right around the corner and then I'm gonna come back eat it and hopefully my dad is not home on time I really don't think he will but yeah guys I've been home for a total about 20 minutes now I just finished up cleaning my room I'm gonna take like an hour shower do not always take long shower and yeah I'll see you guys after the shower guys there we go we have just got done still known as home but I am pretty hungry so I'm gonna go get my bike and I ride a koala and I get let's go get my bike alright guys so uh we are outside now it's kind of like rainy out but I got the whole house to myself supposed to be in school right now but you know we're missing the last day of school let me get my bike there's an elementary school bus here is my bike and get it out we're gonna go get some ball I'll get something to eat cuz you know I'm pretty hungry let's go alright guys we have got my bike out my camera is too big for this and I'm not gonna use my phone because my phone quality I barely have storage anyway so yeah I'm gonna ride the wall and I'll get back to you guys when I get back alright guys so I just came back home I've got my Wawa right there on my arm now we're just gonna put this back inside the shed I'm gonna sit down this cameraman I'm gonna go outside eat this and I'm probably gonna end up eating this in like two seconds but yeah just got back from Wawa this is really not that far of a bike ride it's probably like you find that bike ride there and then taste like ten minutes to get my stuff oh I got my Wawa about 9:20 school started about like and now I went thirty minutes ago but uh yeah I'm gonna come inside eat this take my shoes off I'll get anything dirty Oh Lauren although it's my dad like exhale I won't hear the garage I my hard job I got somewhere inside now buddy eat and I'll get back to you guys after I get done eating alright guys so I've just got done eating the time is not like 9:44 says right over there um I have no idea where my dad is still but yeah that that was really good I'm probably gonna go upstairs place on for a night for a bit so uh yeah alright guys so I just got done playing for night I'm kind of hot now because I kind of went trihard but hi guys so I need to get changed cuz I'm sweating so right here just played so much for a night and I really don't play that game anymore I really don't play that game anymore but I don't know I just got bored there we go just got changed it feels a little bit better but uh yeah guys I'm kind of tired so I'm probably just gonna sit here watch some Netflix we get my TV remote I'm definitely just probably gonna stay here watch some Netflix maybe take a nap I don't know alright guys so I've just been here watching Netflix for about 30 minutes now it is 10:17 a.m. that is crazy oh I can't believe my dad's still not home or hasn't like text me or anything but let me show you power school power school marked me absent to an hour ago I was marked absent in homeroom so yeah I've just been here um I was marked absent it's about 10 18 now I'm probably gonna take a nap or try to and I'll get back to you guys when I wake up where something happens guys guys I was literally about a fall asleep my dad's calling it games where you be playing around dude today is not the day let's go stop playing that I have to fun if I look for you at spawn do I gotta go somewhere I gotta hide guys oh my god my dad is about to roll up any second now literally it's the last day of school guys so look oh my god I'm gonna get my stuff taken for the first like week of summer dude which I don't even know why he cares so much because like it's the last day school we don't do anything anyway I think he just cares because I have so much absences from doing these videos there's a fly I'm gonna my dad said he's gonna be home any second so I gotta keep watch for him but uh anyway it's 10:30 p.m. guys literally I've just been like I was about to fall asleep like I could feel it and then my ringer just goes off and I was like and I learned this from my dad I was like I'm Cod I'm not gonna have my stuff for the first week of summer now I just gotta be lookout yeah like oh my god yeah please everyone smash I like usually comes from that side oh dude there is I got a master's dude I gotta go outside I gotta get out he cannot catch me I have to somehow make it to school I have to run the school or something just to let him know that I am actually in school he's literally right over there he's on the phone with my mom he's on the phone with my mom slowly the last day of school guys – where is he he's been inside what is he oh he's looking in the shed because before when I hid from my parents for 24 hours I was in the shed and then that's when he caught me right here well what are you doing I'm doing a challenge it's a challenge on YouTube oh my I just had last day of school he doesn't wanna go to school he's on the phone with my mom too this was crazy dude I got a deputy I am NOT getting caught we're pretty far guys oh it's right there oh he's backing out did you see me did he see me run I am so out of breath it's insane whoa it's turning around does he see me let's go go to school till I see you school you're trying to cut then I guess yeah I'm pretty fast though I'm pretty Vassar you know get in the car I am pretty fast our house is all the way all the way down the idea I was hauling it's go I jerked you out there do you think I'm stupid they can't find you the first things you get our book bag I'm not buying our house all right well that's what we're gonna do that and what do you think why are you laughing so I say school doesn't matter do you don't come in school you're in enough trouble at school but it's the last day but it doesn't matter dude not doing anything anyway I think I found your stupid ass huh like 360 huh yeah I put it on like three weeks ago like three six life 360 Dave that is so cuz my life 260 is this how you like track your fam it's kind of weird yeah it's not weird I know where the hell you what you're doing I just have to be that's why I knew exactly where you were he's gonna look back mother they say it's pool I took you out there now you may not even now graduate go on the 10th because you cut in school get me here go go get your book bag and stop playing games dude okay can push me Epis stop dude what hurry up I'll get my book back hi guys Stockholm outran him for a little bit I don't know why I have to go if it's the last day of school dude that's stupid but oh yeah how much just get my bag and I'm gonna switch over to my phone so I'll see you guys on my phone here we go guys we're getting my bag getting ready to go to school still out of breath but uh yeah let's go right now I have no idea what my dad is gonna say here we go pretty fast I'm looking coal anything do you know I'm always gonna outsmart you boys gonna thank you alright guys so I gotta get a school yeah alright guys so basically I have just got home it is now my summer so uh miss you guys keep watching the videos you know I'm gonna be posting probably every other day you gotta keep me motivated so keep watching the videos and keep leaving lights something so happy schools don't eat honestly like feels so good but uh yeah guys anyway that is gonna wrap up this video my dad is not home Ross I would like go down and mess with him like a little bit more for the video but he is not home he's doing stuff with his car so I yeah I'm probably gonna chill out for a little bit and I'll get back to you guys soon alright guys so has been like a couple minutes this here chillin I was thinking you know I'm gonna wrap up this video actually let me FaceTime my dad did let's FaceTime Mary yeah yeah how do you feel yeah it was the last day of school do you like it oh I survived yeah well this point you should you know you skipping school because you're losing yourself like a week oh maybe even two weeks are you serious dude it's a laughing school exactly Irie had an important school today because you do and growing the guy wouldn't have to deal with people from school just such great people in there and I have to deal with you kidding me come on dude dude he is pissed so yeah guys that's I'm gonna get my stuff taken around when I get home but anyway on the bright side it is just sort of summarized a plate you know not worried about school so y-yeah guys basically that is gonna left this video now he won't be home till later tonight I know that for a fact so hopefully he'll forget but I don't think he will but yeah I'll let you guys know in the next video I'll keep you updated and yeah it's been in boy down when I'm Tracy I'm gonna enjoy my first day of summer peace out guys

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