Shape the future – Study to become a Teacher at the University of Sydney

I remember back in high school, I had this teacher. She was one of the very few teachers that had a very similar cultural background to me and I found her really relatable and that made the content really really sink in, like we really were really engaged. I want to be that kind of person for all students When I moved to Australia when I was 10, I wasn’t able to speak any English. So I was just like kind of chucked in the deep end into the classroom and I had no idea what anyone was saying, but my teacher she was patient. She took the time, she took the extra effort, took the extra step for me. And she’s given me more opportunities and and I think that really catalyzed my confidence among my peers, and yeah, she’s changed my life basically. I wanted to do teaching because I want to be able to try and engage those students that find school unenjoyable and I want to try and come up with creative and engaging ways to try and get them to enjoy learning. And that’s an experience from both high school and at university that I’ve been through and I want to be able to pass that on to kids in the future. We got to do a prac every year so first semester, first year we’re already doing a prac in a primary school and that was a big big plus for me because you know straight away whether you want to do teaching or not. One of the units that we’ve done is behavior management and I think that’s a really really big one for teachers like you can know all about your content but if you don’t have that behavior management you can’t like probably teach students. So that was a really practical and important unit that I’ve taken a lot away from. I think education is really important because it determines a lot of your life so your health or your future employment, what person you’re going to be. It really shapes how we think and how exist in this society. Obviously all students are different and trying to figure out how to get to the students in a most effective way. I really enjoy that, I really liked it. I know that I can do it for the rest of my life. I’ve been working with Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness I’m working at the gym and down in the offices as well, and it’s been really great because it’s provided me with some really good skills going into my teaching career and next year I’ve got a full-time job and ready to get out into the teaching world.

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