Sexual assault "epidemic" on US campuses

people get raped because there's a rapist is what I usually say for people to assume that kind of thing really hard to do it instead of did she say no did you ask we're in the midst of this perfect storm the stakes are very high drinking risk-taking and being away from home for the first time a typical student experience but it's also why these young people are especially vulnerable to sexual assault and why consent is not as straightforward as it should be and then the next day you're like well we're in Ohio home to a large student population to find out more about what some researchers have described as an epidemic of sexual violence on America's campuses people we speak to tell us the me2 movement hasn't had enough impact on attitudes and behavior they're trying to grab you they're trying to take you home I've had friends that wake up the next morning and like they remember saying if they said like have sex with someone and they woke up with like no clothes on everyone seems to know the ground rules of sexual contact are changing and a few young men admit they feel worried about getting it wrong what if the next morning after I meet a girl she regrets it and then I become one of those people that's locked up for something that I thought was okay when it really wasn't luckily I was with a really good group of friends that took me home immediately amid the shifting landscape these students highlight how much work is still to be done just like off the top of my head I can things like ten different women who I know like within my friend group who have experienced some form of sexual assault it's hard to measure but one estimate suggests that as many as one in four will be subjected to a serious sexual assault before they graduate Briana Colton is one of them I personally like have been affected and didn't report it so like I'm sure that there are plenty of other women who haven't so that statistic might even be generous can I ask you why you didn't report um just like the stigma though what were you wearing and like that particularly I was wearing like a lower cut shirt I had been drinking like not an excessive amount but I had I was for sure drunk like on the night that happened I only remember like bits and pieces so it's also then you start to question like maybe I did consent initially and then like there was like lost in translation or you know it's their word versus yours at that point so people get raped because there's a rapist is what I usually say Tara Purdy works at the sexual violence crisis clinic that covers several of the big universities in Ohio she says that campus culture can reinforce the damaging idea that young women are somehow to blame for being vulnerable we don't ask people who have been mugged why were you at the ATM you got out money so you must have been asking for it but we do say to victims of sexual assault well why were just your skirt so short you know why were you out at night walking alone just down the road at Antioch College they've long taken a radical approach to preventing sexual offences here any touch requires clear enthusiastic verbal permission it's called affirmative consent at every step of physical or sexual contact you ask for consent so let's say I'm with somebody and we're hanging out and let's say I have a crush and I want to kiss them I'll say can I kiss you or can I touch you here kind of hold your hand can I like touch your thigh can I is this okay do you feel okay with this and you actually do that most of the time and people do it to you yes yes it makes me feel like respected more at least my personal space is being respected like when I'm outside of Antioch and somebody just comes up and past my shoulder like I didn't ask for that like I really appreciate when people you know they they don't just assume that they can come into your space what do you say to people who say this is all a bit over the top you're legislating intimacy and it's just not practical I would say you've probably never tried this before because it does take practice the first time I really try to ask people about what they like it was a little awkward you know you're not used to asking if you can kiss someone or asking if you can touch someone I think the main reason is that especially in the United States you're taught that sex isn't something you should be talking about or even especially as a woman I feel like you're not supposed to talk about sex you're not supposed to want sex and I think this policy really breaks that down I want to know that someone's into what I'm doing before I do anything because that's not sexy because if the other person is not into it I'm not into it either so I think it's it's even more erotic when you know that your partner is engaging and you know that they're into what's happening it's been this way here since the early 90s when a group of female students wrote a manifesto on consent in response to a rape on campus in the university archived they've kept a record of how the Antioch rules as they were called were mocked all over the world we were just on a mission to change a policy it was an ideological fight it was a fight about ideas bethany Saltman was one of the original authors to me it's so obvious it's so not a big deal it's like instead of did she say no did you ask it's just you know it's just a flip of the switch which so many great ideas are nearly three decades later all visitors to Antioch even the sky news crew still have to sign a form saying they'll comply with the policies versions of these rules have now become commonplace on campuses across the country sparking fierce debate about whether universities are going too far in their scramble to solve the problem even here they seem uncertain in this document you say if anyone's consumed any alcohol consent cannot be given that's correct so technically to students who have a beer and then have sex are assaulting one another if somebody files a complaint there's an assault there is there is room for an assault there yes should those determinations be being made that have those lifelong effects on people by universities the way the current law is written yes is it right though I don't know I really know andrew miltenberg has defended hundreds of accused young men who find themselves investigated by colleges whether or not the police are involved I think it's a very dangerous time to be a young man on campus we're in the midst of this perfect storm where to be accused of some sort of sexual misconduct virtually assures that you will be found responsible it is absolutely positively ruining people's lives beyond repair he says his clients are trapped in a highly politicized sham justice system with no consistency at all between schools and low standards of evidence often required to make decisions if you are found responsible whether or not you're suspended or expelled there will be a permanent record of disciplinary and in many cases sexual misconduct on your transcript and that transcript is a prerequisite to any type of graduate school and it's also a prerequisite for most professional type jobs so the stakes are very high this young man and his mother who don't want to be identified say the current climate on campus means even an accusation is enough to change everything the way that the school has done this has literally destroyed my life after a student accused him of rape he was investigated and cleared three times once by the police and twice by the University he says the college assumed he was guilty and the process violated his civil rights every time he walked down the hall it's like Oh like that's me my name and then yeah he's a very bit like pointing and everything for people to assume that kind of thing about me was really it's just really hard to deal with for people to label me something like that when it's completely against Who I am it's really hard to like go on like that but for others the system is failing because it's not robust enough MS Alka wits accused a man of rape and then carried a mattress around campus in protest at the subsequent complicated drawn-out investigation the art-student became the face of the campus survivors movement and insists that for everyone's sake the police shouldn't be the only option survivors who were assaulted in university part of why they would rather their university handle it then the police department is that often they feel like the crime was committed because the their attacker wasn't educated on consent their young right like what back in university we were all young we recognize that we do stupid things so many survivors are like I really just wish he would like go through an educational program and maybe get suspended for a month and then like learn there are around 20 million students at colleges across America and in a few weeks time they'll all return to class around them swirls a heated legal and political battle about the limits and responsibilities of the schools they attend for now colleges await new permanent guidelines from the government leaving an imperfect system to deal with the crisis Hannah Thomas Peter Sky News


  1. 0:25 imagne if that was a girl doing it to a guy were women have actual boobs. no one would be saying anything tbh

  2. Come on american….wake up…look at your self… please control your habit before "an alien cult" acquisy your country and civilization…

  3. American women are terrorists. They killed millions of innocent people around the world by voting for corrupt presidents. They deserve everything bad that happens to them.

  4. Girls shouldn’t have the right to get hammered act like a whore and than regret it the next day and decide to call it rape! Rape is forced sex without permission! Not some ditch pig that’s drunk and decided to let the football team cream her

  5. Gets drunk. Has sex. Regrets it. Plays the victim. Society now listens to her. She is absolved of any personal responsibility. A perfect world for females. Also let's not forget that likely the guy was also drunk. So did she ask for his consent?

    Affirmative consent? How far do we take this nonsense? Can I thrust again. "Is this thrust ok? Can I touch your boob this next thrust?" Like what a giant load of nonsense.

  6. How about studying instead of worrying about "is it ok to kiss or touch". Personal boundaries should have respect for & by all!! Try Abstinence maybe a safe practice for both genders.

  7. The overwhelming comments say it all. There is no such epidemic. It appears some US billionaire is trying to mold and shape public opinion and perception to suit their own and they have launched a relentless media blitz with women-as–perpetual-victim since Hillary Clinton lost the election that they invested heavily in. It is imperative that no one be believed simply because they make an accusation. It is imperative that no one be elected simply because they are female. Identity politics is an insult that must be ALWAYS rejected by the American voter.

  8. the rite of passage from boys to men makes everymen on campus to take rape as a game.NO wonder after few years the " good " graduates " have too many scheletons in the cabinet.With this missing respect for women in the most important and creative period of women life WE end up with a " FAKE " freedom on campus that is the worst omen x women entering the workforce ALREADY SCARY TO DEATH.

  9. The one in four stat is demonstrably fictional, and Sulkowic is a proven liar who couldn't even win in the kangaroo courts designed to favour her. Furthermore, not only are campuses the most crime free places in society, women are staggeringly less likely to be a victim of crime. The journalist responsible for this piece should be ashamed of herself for failing to do basic checking of the information she was pumping out.

  10. This is a good example of fake news. The agenda that the journalists have relies on them being able to create a zeitgeist, unfortunately for them the facts are easily cross checked.

  11. Some women like their men to force onto them!
    Students are poor in studies in US so they like have Sex more than to study?

  12. The Sky report did point out the other side is capricious regret sex accusations after consensual sex and a false rape accusation can ruin the life of the accused.

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