Seren Hub launch video 2018

Congratulations on becoming part of the Seren
Network. Well done. This is a fantastic opportunity so enjoy it. Seren students are amongst the
brightest and the most talented in Wales. Over the next two years you’ll have the
opportunity to shape your future. The things you learn now will influence your next steps
and Seren will be a big part of that. Take advantage of every opportunity you’re given
as a Seren student whether that’s attending workshops, the annual conference or applying
to be part of a Seren Summer School. The Seren Network is a fantastic opportunity so work
hard, push yourself and achieve something extraordinary. Cafodd y Rhwydwaith Seren ei lansio a’i
ddatblygu er mwyn cefnogi’r disgyblion disgleiriaf o flwyddyn 12 ac 13 i geisio i brifysgolion
blaenllaw dros y Deyrnas Unedig yn cynnwys Rhydychen a Chaergrawnt. It’s a fantastic programme. It gives children
the opportunity to really explore subjects that they are interested in in depth. It gets
them ready for that university application or that interview. If you’re a Seren student you will get an
opportunity to attend information and guidance sessions, you get opportunities to attend
certain master classes in subject specific areas, there’s opportunities to take part
in site visits at universities as well. We also have Summer schemes on offer. There were sixteen Seren students who went
out to Yale fully funded. It was just a great experience to be surrounded by other Welsh
students in Yale in a different country and just learning about our passions. We attended lectures, seminars, Capstone projects,
simulations, there was something going on everyday. It’s given them another experience and another
opportunity at living in a different part of the world. They’ve made life, lifelong
friends from a hundred or more sort of countries around the world. It was amazing to join the first cohort of
Welsh students who are taking part in the Yale Global Scholars programme. They were
having a fantastic time but working really, really hard. Dwi wir eisiau mynd nôl a wir eisiau byw’r
holl brofiad am byth. Oedd e jyst mor anhygoel. Being part of the YYGS programme was awesome.
It is incredible. This opportunity is the best. So this Summer we’ve invited seventy five
young people from all over Wales. They get a truly authentic experience of life in Oxford
so they’ll be having lectures and seminars and tutorials with us. They’ll be living
in our bedrooms, they’ll be eating in our dining hall. It will be very close to what
life is like as an Oxford undergraduate. You get to see so much more in a week here
than you do one day in an open day so living in the college and eating in halls is just
much more of an Oxford experience and you just get to learn so much while you’re here. The aim is to demystify the place, try and
strip away some of the myths they may have heard about the university and just show it
as it is which is as a friendly community where we share ideas and knowledge with each
other. I think coming here and just seeing everyone
and meeting like the lecturers and the tutors and everything. They are all so lovely and
I think all our preconceptions have completely disappeared now so I think I’d be more than
happy to apply here given the experience I’ve had. I
work with state school students helping them if they decide to make an application to Oxford
or Cambridge or any other top university. Making sure they’ve got all the pieces together
in order to show that application off as best they can. It doesn’t matter where you come
from, it doesn’t matter what background you are, what race, religion, you know what
size your feet are, what colour your hair is, it doesn’t matter at all. Enw fi ydi Tomos Wood, dwi’n dod o Ynys
Môn a dwi’n astudio peirianneg yng Nghaergrawnt. Dwi’n ddiolchgar am Rwydwaith Seren oherwydd
diolch i nhw dwi yma. Ges i’r arweiniad, nes i ddilyn yr arweiniad a rŵan dwi yma.
Mae’n brysur, wnâi gyfaddef bod e’n brysur ond dwi’n mwynhau gymaint. Does dim eiliad
lle dwi ddim yn neud rhywbeth. Dim jyst gwaith, yn gymdeithasol, dwi’n cael gymaint o hwyl. I’m Stephen Hughes. I’m studying Geography
at Churchill College. For me, looking back what Seren really did was it built my confidence
and it just made the whole applications process seem a lot more real. Seren is really good
at just making you realise that you’re capable of achieving something. Everybody I’ve met
here I’ve got on really well with and you know everybody is in the same boat really.
Everybody has got the same workload so it doesn’t really matter where you come from. Hana Abas ydw i a dwi’n astudio’r gyfraith
yn King’s College, Caergrawnt. Beth mae Seren yn gwneud ydy maen nhw’n gadael i
chi gwrdd â phobl sydd â’r un disgwyliadau â chi, sy’n anelu am yr un pethau â chi
ac mae hynny mewn ffordd yn hybu chi i weithio’n galetach ac i anelu’n uwch. Dwi wedi cyfarfod
lot o bobl drwy Rwydwaith Seren sydd wedi bod yn gefnogaeth ac yn help mawr i mi. I think Seren provides so many opportunities
you cannot get anywhere else. I think any opportunity they give you you need to just
grab it by the hands and like run with it. Mae Rhwydwaith Seren yn mynd i roi cyfleoedd
arbennig i chi, yn ychwanegol i beth sy’n mynd ymlaen yn y dosbarth. It’s bringing together the brightest people
in Wales giving them the tools and the information that they need to make the best possible applications. So just dive in, feet first, head first and
just take everything in and every opportunity that’s a part of it and really make the
most out of what Seren can give you. Dwi mor falch nes i gymryd rhan yn Seren,
a dwi’m yn siŵr os bydden ni wedi ceisio neu hyd yn oed meddwl am neud os oedd o ddim
am Seren. Well I believe Seren will encourage those
students to aim high and give them the skills that they need to make really successful college
applications to the best institutions whether they be in Wales, in the UK or indeed across
the globe.

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