Seqwater and Ipswich City Council work together to rejuvenate flood-damaged area, January 2017

Seqwater is working with Ipswich City Council to rejuvenate a parcel of land with an aim to minimse erosion and improve water quality in the mid-Brisbane river. The relatively untouched area at Pine Mountain has been devastated by wild weather several times since 2011. So this project is happening at Sapling Pocket in Ipswich. And basically the idea of this project is to improve water quality in between Wivenhoe Dam and Mount Crosby Water Treatment Plant. So we’ve got quite a bit of damage that’s been done here during the floods in 2011 and 2013 and we’re looking to restore that now. What they are doing in the background behind me is they’re driving some piles into the earth and what that will do is provide a protective barrier for the ground. So when water is coming through here at a high velocity That water will be slowed down by those pile fills. This project is being delivered at part of a partnership between Seqwater and Ipswich City Council. It’s great for Council because it means that Council’s amenity is looked after and it’s great for Seqwater because it protects the water quality of the mid-Brisbane river. Ipswich City Council’s long-term vision for the area known as Sapling Pocket involves transforming it into a recreational asset for the community, which will include grass, multi-use trails camping an an education hub. To summarise this is all about four things: It’s about education, it’s about recreation it’s about conservation and it’s also about improving the water quality that leaves here that ends up in Mount Crosby for the water to be treated. Our ultimate goal would be to have an education centre here on the site, where school children can come, they can be educated about water safety an area like this, this could be world standard. You look at that view and it’s world class. We’re really keen but the locals know well and truly, go slowly for the next couple of years, re-vegetation, conservation, rejuvenation it’s all about that for the next year or two. For more information visit

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