Sem Lampotang, PhD

Hello I’m Sem Lampotang. I’m a non-clinical professor of anesthesiology at UF Health. I’m also a prostate cancer
patient. I never thought I would end up being a
patient and that was in a way the irony of it. In his situation he had undergone
at least two or three different conventional prostate biopsies, but his
PSA blood test continued to rise, raising his concern, raising my concern as well.
Think of it like you land in a city and you don’t have GPS and you’re going to
probably get lost, and that’s the traditional way of doing biopsy. And now
there are newer image based technologies such as the MRI fusion technique, that
allows us to diagnose prostate cancer more accurately. You are targeting the
tumor with the GPS helping you put the needle tip into the tumor so that the
sample you draw out has the cancer cells in it. August 2017, I had a second biopsy
and the result came out positive that I did have prostate cancer. Once I was
diagnosed, Dr. Su was very kind and patient. He explained to me my options
and he also would not make the decision for me because the side effects of
either alternative were very personal. So you know prostate cancer surgery has
evolved drastically from open surgery to laparoscopic to now state-of-the-art
robotic surgery. So in Dr. Lampotang’s case we’re able to perform the surgery
and this is called robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy. We were able
to fortunately cure as cancer and his recovery has been outstanding. I mean we
problem-solve not only individually as urologist, but really as a team, and we
rely upon each other to bring a different set of knowledge base to the
table to try to problem-solve as a group together to find the best solution for
each individual. Before my surgery I was swimming every
day. That’s one of the perks of being at UF. When I came back into the pool I was
one minute slower 400 Free. But now I’m back to the same speed I was before, actually
a little bit faster. It was a great experience.
I received top-notch care, I was blessed to be able to be a patient at UF Health.

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