Screen Educators Talks | Dr Mark Ryan

hi I'm dr. mark Ryan from the Queensland University of Technology I'm a senior lecturer in film screen animation one of the key things that's unique about Australian screen content and strand cinema in particular it's I think George Miller has probably the best when he says that strange filmmakers have a unique sensibility that comes through in their stories no matter what genre whether the film features Australia or strand animals in the Australian landscape or not our culture our society kind of creates a unique sensibility that butter stir and filmmakers bring through in the stories that they tell on screen since the late 2000s and and government policy changes that brought in the producer offset Australia's making much bigger movies then we have in the past we're making blockbusters again in the 80s Australian made a whole range of blockbusters on Mad Max and the men from story river Crocodile Dundee that kind of died out in the 90s but since 2007 in the producer offset we're making blockbusters again and and many of these films are quite big and have collaboration from international studios so we're talking about Max four we're talking The Great Gatsby Happy Feet happy feet – are the gods of Egypt these type of movies so it's kind of we're using Hollywood budgets and making blockbuster star movies for the world also our a legacy of telling local of storytelling with a unique Australian accent is still there and it's still at the core of what the industry does so well and movies like Red Dog just create new mists and have been hugely popular here in Australia so it's it's fantastic to see I think the future is bright I think at this point the industries more sustainable and it's larger than it has been some really exciting Australian production companies have grown up over the last 15 years and so I think that they will continue to do great things and because we've always had great talent in this country there's no question about that with digital technology and the ability for people to stay in Australia but work internationally only means that we have a stronger base for our domestic film industry so I think strands storytelling and the strain screening industry will continue to grow we'll continue to do great things our screen culture really is quite diverse and and strong and we also have a strong heritage in terms of Australian cinema so I think kind of returning and thinking about how we can celebrate the Australian screen culture as a unique and important on-screen culture again is really important

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