welcome back lazy bugs we all saw her to party in this here look at my hers first of all my Mike over hair learn everything by today's an exciting day because safety deposit is a mission today's you host YouTube pulse host the concert release the video that's the time with all the people before we leave tomorrow morning come on a lot to do today let's get to it no I know handsome boy hello handsome boy who's your agent boy who's your agent boy do you hear you Oh mommy's finger oh my goodness oh my goodness I know what you're thinking it's just a clip from yesterday because I'm doing glad wearing the exact same clothes no you day same clothes same thing they're working different closes you can see that's proof we're doing glam again as I'm hosting all the things today and it's gonna be amazing look who's here how many people are here yeah we quite this way to say you're back with Sami quasi by the way sir is very long here in case you have not noticed let's just competing with me oh oh hello I see you all coordinated hair did everything dead look who's here that's not what so excited to see them no Wi-Fi no YouTube is the place where Canadians come to watch we deliver reach it so viewable and audible [Applause] you may recognize me is the very girl on YouTube don't know me hi my name is Elise thing I was named a UNICEF global goodwill ambassador and the first from the digital space is a fancy way of saying I get to reimagine their digital strategy and their impact on youth culture so during the Denny's speech she yelled out something about my coke canada family and i went and she goes who whistled are you here from Coke and I'm go and I knew that audience member I always do that whenever I know an audience member didn't do the thing but they're making eye contact with me so I just put it on like I know you will so look I didn't like all right he said the brand portion of today is done which is a little bit tamer of an audience but it's fine it's all the brand people and I love to tease them like who's wearing a suit put your hand up right now sound great and now I'm gonna get my hair braids for the next portion of the night I feel like an overwhelming amount of anxiety right now every once in a while I get these feelings are Mike I don't know what's bothering me I can't shake it can she got I'm gonna fight through it I'm gonna do the damn thing and it's gonna be great and I always try to remember these moments from like if so much more grateful for it so before I went on stage I was like you have so many friends here your family's here did you go on this audience to talk about things you love you should be grateful so what you're not we're gonna go through you ever have those no one's feel I'm off but I don't know why I'm off right now we gonna work through it they brought us this lovely spread what are you gonna have just witnessed my team I'm talking about the food platter more money than I could I'll try it but we're doing thing on the host you guys know songs along tinder [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we did it and my voice is broken it's like fan fest that sort of feels like I should have bought my in-ear monitor I did not and my voice is gone you shout out to this guy who saved the day I don't know we do because it was tough and I would have struggled without a co-host that's all but this guy held it down hashtag sure the Lord can we be real actually the real MVP of this event was Scarborough he was so chill to the whole event look at this guy came up on stage with me wasn't scared at all didn't make a fuss you're the perfect of you're born for this life baby you were born for this life uncle Taylor shoutouts for taking care of Scarborough good job he was well behaved yeah did you bite your fingers off yeah he's just watching you all the time tillers a great babysitter who's like hovering his ears petting him when he need to be pet look this guy all of your paternal instincts that's right very good job we gotta head to the airport soon before I go if you're watching this today today right now when I land back in LA there's an ask superwoman libor p.m. PST which is time wherever you are figure it out google it do the thing a super night Oh G style no theme no guests nothing just me and you English but why are you focusing on Kyle I'm clearly because they know that I was about to share maybe tune in there might be a discount for something there is gonna be a discount code given away for something releasing related so if you watch a soup I'm glad you're gonna save some money let's see how we did today until tomorrow where all the discount clothes you


  1. Ok so today was my last day of school and this guys I’m so freakin greatful for hes so important to me and I wish I wasn’t moving because I’m gonna miss him so much he even ran up to me and hugged me and I started crying Ima miss him so muchhhhhh 😭💔😭💔🖤

  2. Hey Lilly! I gota say ur a super authentic n a beautiful person inside n out. U are a gd example of how to be a better person for urself and for the world. Ur personality reminds me of mine so ur def a friend in my head 😊. N even though im not a teen or in my 20's, u def inspire me to continue to strive to make my life the best it can be. #PositiveVibes 💜

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