School Life in Japan | Batsu Game | VLOG#9

Salman you know I'm glad no but go week or import honest honest honest aa big Lonavala the school so in a mine no sorry I'm going up imagine and logo happened Beatrice Angela you my opinion LOL at mom non exotic I know Charminar one going to take ritalin oh Allah so iron when you're going out for blood best thing I like best Khmer and genetic male among the star point what side you romantic for by no no excuse him line over subject moon at IO amulet but I would later published Liam for a subject now man I'm haunted nothing you and I watch again cuz I'm a psychic Melaleuca to Japan for a baby is more attire vinegar Co necklace now man Donna who let that there go on – Aloha my papa go I say oh nice all good don't employ a backhoe enormous opinion Makaha mayavadi hardly means entropy so humming class I'm a I'm a a Lisa Palmer connect me capital by you that when you're as a communicator by the whole look Sonya I saw Ellen Apollo so you can put my god sighs oh you don't you put so much big lion glasses on for next subject ominous English Tamela Mann I met a young Filipino a teacher and I'm sorry I need nothing teacher Nam inside me home go first year coming oh me Japanese cress now I'm in my mind the Mahoning my job anything I mean normally debunk Machado modern image Japanese familiar Fatima sabe la clase that was student – those are mean but the game time ah hoo I'm a boxer kami it was because he we love you mind you can even I'm soon SOTA boosting English salmon time can really become battle creek's but all but all pigs but about all pigs Futaba topics I lost you let me do something okay you have to leave the room now because I have prepared for my next okay thank you drop in a Japanese mom Sara Hahnemann Machado come over from now on Oh some subject Papa did not want me where I put my papa no monitor in a buncha game got me to one of my assignments Omaha arena ty oh my god I own my Papa Papa I know pass the game similar not that I sure do [Applause] oh boy okay nice aw dude join your foot I kosher I said I'm a master but you know I say yeah carry much with Oliver sighs all good thanks I saw a good junk and by bringing go shop go sometimes au s– and sugar sigh so good jungin put each event up sigh so good don't you fight well sigh sorry damn bike [Applause] I'm always awake a blog with a home away last one capably I can solve it sorry so good Duncan put Ichi junking foot me line up on our last one last one good take him get off and shove it down your foot kick your foot me that's a good boy ha ha ha oh no not all take up what kill hugger yeah don't you know ready what's up man a ceremony no a punching cost a lotta you may 100k man he get no subscribers know why live in property out or no in a mine Bob our elegant multi-search down pineapple island my own Ellen will be our topic plug a singer this coming last week behind the on out of blood that's allow I was migrated get out I'll keep a you know money to do my being picky our thank you for watching see you next


  1. Sa mga nagtatanong po kung sino si Toshiki
    Siya po yung napagkakamalang Thai Guy (si crazy faces) dun sa first vid! Solid na tropa siya πŸ’―

  2. here is your intro :3 10:03 Look at here to my channer >>

  3. Next na gagagwin niyo po na challenge ay speak in japanese in the whole time at class. Joshua Salom pa shout na rin po

  4. Josh, I just want to ask something. Are you a exchange student? I hope you don't mind. Thanks…

  5. I'm binge watching ur vids for the 3rd time.. am i inlove with ur personality? Probably.. also obsessed with ur vids πŸ˜‚

  6. Try using 7-data Recovery. Baka marecover mo ung files using that. Hopefully hindi same file name ung numbering nung bagong videos na nirecord mo haha!

  7. ι«˜ζ ‘η”Ÿγ§γ—γ‚‡οΌŸ
    Ang cool nang vids mo po may question lang po sana ako kung mahirap ba ang senior high school life?

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