School Friends ft. Illymation – Episode 1

thinking of you wherever you are we pray for our sores to end and hope that our hearts will blend now I will step forward to realize his wish and who knows starting a new journey may not be so hard or maybe it has already begun there are many worlds but they share the same sky one sky one destiny this is kind of cheesy no it’s not I think it’s romantic well sure but it’s kind of sad it sounds like she’s writing about leaving him is that sad though well if they care for each other yeah of course it is she shouldn’t leave him I think life is a journey it’s not a straight line it’s not one path it’s a huge mess we really don’t know where we’re headed or who we’ll meet and who will stay with but despite all of that we all share the same sky we’re all connected under the same stars so no matter how far away we go we’re never truly alone you must really like this game when did you become a poet I do now here play it I promise you will not regret it that’s my only copy though so make sure to give it back to me alright I don’t play it I’m titling this series as the Kelley saga this is a story about four friends four people who came together and the events that transpired to bring them together if you’ve seen my bullying videos you’ll know a little bit of backstory about this but it’s fine if you haven’t seen them I’ll explain them in a little bit but if you are interested in those videos they’ll be in the description and the information card this story takes place at the beginning of eighth grade in primary school I didn’t have any friends I thought I had friends but it turned out I didn’t it wasn’t until deku my next-door neighbor made me realize that I didn’t have to be friends with people just because I wanted to fit in and so even though I was associated with Deku and another girl called princess I went into high school not having any friends I was alone but I was happier better to be alone than to be surrounded by people who pretended to be your friends however to say I wasn’t lonely would be a lie as time passed our class became extremely competitive when he came to competitions with other classes and because of this we became comrades we worked hard and supported each other I decided I wanted to be like Deku someone who was confident someone who everyone looked up to someone who people felt comfortable talking to I left my timid secluded self in the past and from then on I made an effort to become friends with people who I thought were good and that’s exactly what I did I didn’t become super close to anyone but I did make a lot of friends people who were actually in Decker’s friend circle I didn’t have any best friends but everyone was so nice to me and it felt so good to be included I wasn’t invisible anymore I was present because I decided that’s what I wanted to be and it was amazing now I’m sure most schools have at least one of these but indecorous friends circle there were some girls who were extremely popular the queen bees if you will we’re going to be focusing on two of these girls one was named Melissa who you may know if you’ve saved my haunted videos and the other was named Kelly these girls knew basically everyone and it was pretty obvious that everyone respected them I never really had a conversation with either of them but we did hang out in the same friends so the class I was in 7s was an enrichment class this meant that the people that were in the class were placed there because of their academic skills when the next year rolled around there were some changes made to the class a few people dropped out of the class and some people moved into the class luckily for me I stayed in the class and so did my friends deku and princess but then oh hey song come over here what’s up take a look how lucky we are they all moved into our class Sultan we can exchange your comics in class now instead of lunch Dillon you go transfer to our class that’s awesome man hey I’m Melissa and this is Callie hello I know who you goes up I think everyone does don’t say like that that’s embarrassing I’m not exaggerating when I say it took about two days before we all became extremely close Sultan Kelly Dylan and Melissa we called ourselves SD km all we needed was an opportunity and from that opportunity we realized that we really really liked each other for the first time in my life I was in a friend circle and I mean really in it we sat together every day during class and outside of class we had a group chat something I had never been a part of we told each other our secrets who we were crushing on and anything else you can think of I eat I love them with all my heart my first real friend group Dylan was the artsy guy he drew like me but he was way better he used to sleep over at my house and we would stay up to the late hours creating stories and characters and watching anime Dylan had a crush on Melissa after a while they actually started dating they were so cute together but even though they were dating they never let it interfere with our friendships and I really respected them for that Melissa was my ride-or-die we spoke 24/7 and she and I were as close as two people could be I told Melissa every single one of my secrets and so did she she was the person I would run to if I ever needed something because I knew she would always have my back and I would always have hers and then there was Kelly I wasn’t as close to Kelly as I was to Dillon in Melissa but we still were very close she was an extreme gamer and since I was two we would spend all of our time discussing games and trading recommendations of games we thought the other should play Kelly was actually the first person who introduced me to Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts and I’m still eternally grateful to her because of it since they are still my favorite games to this day I remember one would work session me and Kelly decided to sneak off and create wooden swords based on the swords you start with in the game Kingdom Hearts we got in a lot of trouble for that but it was worth it we got to keep our swords because these guys were my first real friends I drew up for them every single day it would be drawings of the four of us and even though they were terrible my friends kept every single drawing I gave to them and that meant a lot to me in the game Kingdom Hearts there’s a fruit called the Pappa fruit it’s shaped like a star and the legend behind it is if you share the poppy fruit with someone your destinies become intertwined no matter how far apart you are you’ll always be brought back to one another me and Kelly promised to find a fruit similar to the PAL bear fruit so that one day we would share it and we could be friends forever before we did though I drew Kelly at present we used the joke about growing goatees and having them long enough to tie together so I drew a picture of us with goatees and they were tied together on the drawing I wrote the words connected whether you like it or not it wasn’t a puppy fruit but for now it would be a substitute until the day when we could find a star-shaped fruit and share it these were my friends my treasures these were the people that I had in my life and every day I was grateful to them every day I reminded them I was grateful every day felt like a dream and I never never wanted to wake up because I became closer to them I also grew closer to the other friends in my class every lunchtime we would sit on the stairs in front of our class all of us and we were happy I was happy so very very happy [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] hi what’s up you do you think he’s okay it’s been a week and we haven’t heard a single thing from him something something must have happened me know what happened well how can you say that both thinking it I know salt better than anyone you wouldn’t act up like this without without I don’t want it to be true either but Sultan you cut your hair you haven’t been to school in a while is everything okay Sultan [Music] I knew it [Music]


  1. I wish I could have heart to heart conversations like this with my friends. Anytime I get all deep they turn it into a joke.

  2. Came to video for amusement before bed.
    Video starts
    Well this was unexpected. We're discussing the pats of life now, huh.

  3. Wtf why am i in this vid
    Im joking

    My name is Dylan lol
    I can delete this if its too cringey

    No wonder why I thought the book sounded like something i played when it turns blue. ITS FORM DAMN KINGDOM HEARTS

  4. ok i love your videos and all but that high pitch sound around the end was the most irritating thing (no hate really)

  5. Sultan..I’m going to 4th grade and I’m scared.. and I also have a 4 group of friends..

  6. Sultan idk if i even spell ir name but i am a huge fan u inspire me to be a animater i also dont know if i spell my words right also i luv ur vids i drew fan art of u but idk how to send it lol

  7. Sultan is the only thing that keeps me happy ilysfm sultan those who dont understand i dont know why ily and your voice your heart your art and your amazing sultan and you light my day up all the time i am late but seriously i have never loved any artist so much there are like 5.3k comments but i want you to know i cant stop supporting you thankyou for making videos and practically exsisting ily ily ily

    If i wanted i could write a whole para on how amazing you are 😍😘

  8. That bass sound that Sultan hears from almost getting to sleep paralysis, I get it a few times when I’m super tired but when it happens I refuse to sleep everytime as If I know something but I dont.

  9. Is that star in the background a pokemon if so pokemon pun: sorry I don't think this is going to work don't worry it's not staru it's starme

    Edit: just watched the video and Its a DANM FRUIT!! but yeah monstermon

  10. 6:01

    OMG why dose this remind me of the yandere simulator bullies ya know…when they bully XD btw cool video dude

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