Sam’s PhD in Renewable Energy: Life as a UEA Postgraduate Research Student

So my name’s Sam Rowe I’m a fourth year
PhD student and my research is all about renewable energy, so it’s all about
trying to turn sunlight or solar energy into all of the different fuels and
chemicals that we need. So for me it’s important because the issues of energy
affect absolutely everyone and my research really stems from the fact that
fossil fuel reserves like coal, oil and gas are going to run out eventually so
that’s why we want to use an abundant source of energy like solar energy to
make all of the different chemicals and things that we need. What I’m trying to do is turn solar
energy straight into a fuel or a chemical using bacteria and that sort of
technology in that interface is quite new. So what I really enjoy about what I’m
doing is that it’s working at the interface between chemistry and biology,
so it’s trying to interface light absorbing chemicals with different
bacteria. So in a way it’s always trying to feed bacteria extra energy from the
sun to get them to make all of the different fuels and chemicals that we
want them to make.

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