Saiba como a Lara foi aceita em Stanford University (Portuguese with English subtitles)

Meet Our Students My name is Lara, I’m going to Stanford
to study computer science. Since High School, I have always participated
in Computer Olympics and I started learning programming,
programming in C, C++. That made me discover
a whole new world because I could do many things,
there were so many possibilities. And that’s when I said, “Computing
could be the right thing for me.” I chose Stanford mainly
because of the course I wanted to study, the university is
very focused on technology due to its proximity to Silicon Valley. This is going to help a lot
my academic development and my future choice of career. Only 4.3% of the candidates
were accepted last year, making Stanford one of the most demanding
universities in the world. They also encourage students
to become entrepreneurs and I think about opening
my own company in the future. The university attracts
entrepreneur students who are passionate
about technology and research. And also they are strong
in social projects, which is something
that I’ve done in Brazil and I want to keep doing
while living abroad. Initially, I want to work
as a software developer in a tech company, but afterwards I think about
starting my own tech company focused on education, as I think it’s essential
that we invest in education to transform both our country
and the whole world. For sure I will get involved
in several projects, not only in curriculum activities
but also in urban projects, inside Stanford with girls,
with children and young people because that’s what I want to do
and what I’ve already done in Brazil. I will be a person
who will engage in the university and I will try to change things on campus, so this is what they will expect from me. When I opened the letter
and read that I had been accepted, I couldn’t believe it, the idea of being accepted at Stanford
took one week to sink in, and when I remember
‘Congratulations!’ written in the letter, I just start smiling to myself,
no matter where I am. It was really a dream come true that will open doors to new possibilities. It was a very big achievement. A piece of good advice
when you are applying is to really show who you are and put in your essays,
in your extracurricular activities, the things that you really
believe in and like to do, as that will show in your application
and they will accept you for who you are. So this is my main tip. My work with Crimson
was critical for my approval, especially to put together
the list of universities, to do the essays that, by myself,
it’d have driven me nuts. They helped me a lot with the essays and to organize my Common App
with extracurricular activities– all this was fundamental. And also the emotional part, the support,
because sometimes I’d get very nervous, especially when the deadlines
were approaching, so my mentor would talk to me
and calmed me down. That was very important to organize
and deliver the application the way I did. In all my meetings with Layla, we always started
talking about my life in general and what I was up to. She liked when I would tell her
about my work, both at school and on my social projects, and she always encouraged me to pursue it and keep doing what I was doing. And that’s was very important
to make the application process easier, at the same time that we worked hard, and that strengthened
the friendship between us. Your Journey Starts Here For further information
on undergraduate programs overseas click on the description link.

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