RWBY Chibi Season 2, Episode 13 – Parent Teacher Conference | Rooster Teeth

RWBY Chibi! Taiyang: What did you girls do this time? Yang: I object, they have no witnesses. We were framed! Ruby: It’s society’s fault! I’m young and impressionable! Video games made me do it! Taiyang: Let’s just get this over with. Qrow: I’m sure it’s not that bad. Taiyang: They did what?! Ozpin: The good news is the fire is finally under control. And the cats are expected to regrow most of their fur. Qrow: Well, you gotta admire their ambition. Taiyang: Don’t encourage them, you know they get this from your side of the family. Qrow: Woah, woah, woah, wait, don’t try to pin this on me! I’m out there everyday busting my butt on secret missions, what do you do all day? Taiyang: Oh, suddenly you care? You wanna know what I do all day? Qrow: That’s what I’m asking. Taiyang: I make a home for this family, that’s what I do all day! And it wouldn’t kill you to show a little appreciation! Qrow: I don’t have to listen to your crazy. Taiyang: Oh, well, you also don’t have to eat my cooking. Qrow: Oh yeah? Well your noodles are overcooked anyway. Taiyang: How dare you. I want you out! Get out of my house! Qrow: Fine, I will! And I’m taking my drink mixer with me. Taiyang: It’s a BLENDER. Which my mother gave to ME. Qrow: I licked it, it’s mine! Taiyang: That’s not a thing, stop licking all my stuff! Ozpin: Right. Well, clearly you girls have been punished enough. Ruby: We’re so sorry for their behavior. Blake: Hey, I’m doing a beauty vlog or whatever. Why am I doing this? Sun: For the clicks! Clicks are everything! Blake: Right. Let’s just get this over with. Sun: Oh man, what is that? Are you gonna pull out your eyeball? Is that normal? Is that what all girls do? Blake: Yes, Sun. All girls pull out their eyeballs to look pretty. Sun: Sick! Girls are so weird, I’m learning so much, keep going! What’s that stuff? Blake: Dork repellent. Sun: No way! Really? Does it work? Sun: *Coughing* I can’t see anything! I gotta go wash my eyes! Blake: Yeah, it works pretty well. Ruby: Hey guys, you know what’s really fun? Yang: Cruising on your motorcyle? Dancing at a shady club all night long? Beating down a room full of bad guys? Weiss: Hmmm… I would say… Good manners and good posture. Blake: Silence. Ruby: No, no, no, no. A suprise party! I think Pyrrha’s birthday is coming up. Who’s with me?! Yang: Yeah… No. Weiss: I agree with Yang. Oh…That felt strange to say. Ruby: Awww, but why not? Blake: Ruby… Don’t take this the wrong way, but whenever you throw a surprise party… Things… Weiss: You’re terrible at throwing surprise parties. Blake: Yeah… Ruby: Whaaah? Watchu takin’ bouuu? Ruby: Surprise! Teams RWBY and JNPR: Surprise! Professor Port: Ho, ho, a mysterious gift! No doubt from a secret admirer who’s heard tell of my… Ruby, Blake, Sun, Yang, Jaune, Weiss, and Nora: Surprise! Professor Port: AUGH! My heart! Ruby: Surprise! Professor Port: HHNG! Nope! Shutting down… Weiss: Oh my gosh! We killed Professor Port! Neptune: DEER! *taps fingers shamefully* Ruby: I mean… He didn’t “die” die…


  1. I've never seene this show, why is this being recommended… and why did I enjoy it?

    The Heresy takes root, Brothers! Run, protect yourselves!

  2. For some reason, I expected Yang to be standing in as Ruby's "parent". I don't know why I'm disappointed that that didn't happen.

  3. Put it on slow 0.25x and it makes everyone sound drunk and makes Qrow sound even more drunk… 😂😂😂

  4. 2:39 phụ đề tiếng Việt: "Hình như ngày giỗ của Pyrrha sắp đến"
    Cười sặc 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I just figured out why Neptune is afraid of water, he has an ELECTRIC TRIDENT if he gets in the water he's liable to zap himself and has probably done so on one or two occasions.

  6. Its called team sskt it's team member are sonic the leader, shadow, knuckles, and tails I want to see them in the rwby chibi and the new rwby Volume

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