Round Rock ISD named District of Distinction by Texas Art Education Association

(upbeat music) – Well, first of all, I’m very proud that Texas Art Education Association would recognize Round Rock ISD. I am however not surprised because our assistant director of visual and performing arts, Tim Lowke, has led our teachers. They have created a
very robust curriculum. – I know a lot of programs, as far as school districts goes. A lot of’em don’t have the ability to do advanced art classes like here. I’ve taken four years in art. Four years of art in high school and each year it’s been different. – I really like it because you get to be challenged. And you get to introduced to different things you didn’t know about. – I think the thing that
makes the Round Rock ISD visual art programs
stamp out from the rest, is, of course, our talented students. But the fact that they have been guided through an incredibly structured and robust curriculum all the way. Starting at a very young age. (upbeat music) – It’s incredible.
(giggles) they are amazing tools for our kids. To not only share their creativity but also to collaborate with each other. And then also it provides
us an opportunity to share the work that they
make outside of our classroom, to a much larger platform. – It’s really nice, like
doing it digitally too. And I equally like digital and paper art. (upbeat music) – Arts integration, actually encompasses a lot of different things here at Berkman. One of the things that we do is we, as the arts specialists,
the fine arts specialists. We have a theater
teacher, a dance teacher. We have a strings teacher. We collaborate together on something that they’re doing in their classroom. And how we can meld that together with our art, such as,
visual arts via myself. (upbeat music) – In Round Rock ISD we have developed our own counsel of the arts. And our counsel of the
arts consists of partners across all areas of the art
strands, art disciplines. But we have a many visual
art nonprofit organizations, that are a part of our
counsel of the arts. And we have exhibitions at
our performing arts center. We have exhibitions at the
libraries in our community. Just any business that really comes to us and said they would like some art. Our assistant director of
visual performing arts, Tim Lowke, sets it up with the teachers. And we have our art displayed
across the community. We have teachers that have formed a group called the Round Rock Art
Education Association. And every year they paint five by fives. In fact, I have a couple sitting
around here in my office. And the community comes
and we can purchase those. And all the money that’s collected through the five by five paintings goes back into scholarships
for our students. Who are going to study art. Our students make bowls with their teacher in the classroom. And then the bowls are
brought to a festival. And we sell the bowls. The communities invited
we have performing groups from across the district. And all the money that we collect every year goes to
the Round Rock Serving Center. To serve the needy in our community. – To think that you can make something and give it to a cause. It’s really amazing, right? It’s just integrated into
the Round Rock art program. – Everybody all skill levels, all ages can do art if they
persevere and they try hard. And I think that art is,
personally, my favorite elective. – Our district is moving forward including 21st-century tools so that we can teach
21st-century skills, right? So, the right tool for the right job. But we’re really lucky
that we have those tools available to us and our kids so they don’t get left behind
with opportunities, for sure. In a very digital age. – Well, hopefully, the future we have even more, and
more, and more technology. That the students are able to
learn about in our programs. I think this leads us to some real-life learning. But having said all that art is about creativity. And so, sort of, taking that technology and integrating it into
this creative aspect. I think, prepares not only those students that are going to eventually be artists. But if prepares students just in a lifelong journey of learning. (upbeat music)

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