Rhosanna’s PhD in Impacts of Climate Change: Life as a UEA Postgraduate Research Student

I’m Rhosanna and I research the impacts
of climate change on water resources and biodiversity in Kenya. Well climate
change is affecting everyone across the world and it’s happening now, so getting
a full understanding of what might happen in the future is really important. So because I research animal movement in Kenya and there’s a lot of animals in Kenya that people really want to go and
see so we’ve got elephants and giraffes and hippos and climate change is going
to affect where these animals are able to live, so my research will help
determine where you can actually go and see them in the future. I think just the
idea that we can get something as complex as our world down into these
computer models, so we take a look at what’s happening now and we get a load
of mathematical equations and somehow we’re able to almost reproduce what’s
happening and we can use that to look into the future and see how it might
affect us.

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