and then the next thing you know is that they reject my application na store student and they just rejected me for no reason so hi guys today's video as you can probably tell by the title is a story time video about my university and I'm so over my voice but I'm just really really oh this is not the only way voice um yeah it's just really nasty because of my illness I have a really bad chest infection then I'm still gonna make a video yeah it comes up for me being here and making videos this is basically about how I got straight A's for a whole high school and six form and did not get into uni and they literally they rejected me the purpose of this video is to basically help at least one person out there just one person kind of like inspire them or like kind of tear them up they then get into your new your things are just not go the right way just this kind of me saying that everything happens for a reason and if something doesn't happen the way you want it to be it is probably because there's something better out there waiting for you such as be patient I did not want to like tell you that these universities are so bad like Doug go to dance is just my experience let's go to them to whatever unit you want to go to I don't want to affect your opinion about the Uni so let me give you a little bit of a background story for high school um and my GCSEs I got like literally I think it was about 5 8 stars for A's and then like one or two B's and a C in maths 1c and I went on to doing a-levels at sixth form I was doing media study Spanish business polish and EPQ my predicted grades from our business where distinction saw my media predicted grade was an a star um Spanish was be um Polish was nicer and EPT was an a so then in January I was doing my UK application and applied to four universities um and that was so Bank University blood for film practical filmmaking yeah practical filmmaking then you al which is also known as University of the Arts in London I applied for film practical filmmaking as well net film school practical filmmaking um and Kingston University practical filmmaking filmmaking something like that but they were all practical subjects so I went to the teacher I was like okay here's my application pool and they were like well hold on you can't have four universities he told me to go back and add one more yeah I typed in film and chose the first option that was on that I didn't even look at what university that was I don't even care about it I wasn't going there anyway my top choice that I really really wanted to go go to a south bank and then the next choice was University of the Arts met film school with a private uni so it costs like literally twenty-six thousand a year so I wasn't going to go there anyway but for I just apply anyway the reason why sure so back in about three was that it was just like in the perfect location as in filmmaking wise it was just in central London I absolutely love the Uni Heather practical food Mikey course which is quite unusual I wanted to do practical filmmaking um because I've always been into like theory and theory based filmmaking and I have been making films before so also I absolutely loved it during the open day um it was just so awesome like I fell in love duty but then when I went for the interview I don't like as much as I did during that open day there are entry requirements for the course where CCC when they offered me and then to be I was like oh if I don't get in what if like I know if they wouldn't want me obviously I had the grace to get in but I was like you know add a little bit of doubt like what if they don't want me and all of my friends and family were like oh like shut up how can you say that you have to grade you have everything you have like a great portfolio you have been making films um like they just have to want you there's no reason for them do not want you so I wanted to interview the interview went great oh well and then the next thing you know is that they reject my application like any store student and they just rejected me for no reason and at this point I was just literally so devastated I was crying my eyes out wasn't going to I was just going to repeat the year basically so I would have fell on my exams so then I have a reason to like go back the next year even if it was a different school to go back and just redo them all and then reapply in the next year so yes I was crying pretty bad because that was like do you you don't most want it to go to then I got an interview with Kingston University and I was like what Kingston is like three hours away from me I'm not going to go I don't want to move like really far away um and the cost of the travel would just be so much I just decided not to go through interview it's been like two months and they gave me another in TV and they were just like that they were calling me and they're like were you confident interview what we counted into it's always like you know what okay fine I just come to the interview just for the sake of it so I wanted to interview and I did not like the idea wasn't a surprise to me I knew I wasn't going to like it so and I knew I knew I'll be upset if I did like it because I don't want to move away from home but I want that I did not like the Uni but I just went to the interview room and the guy was just a little bit like oh well I don't think you'll like suit environment I don't think it would be a good fit with the team know what's one through three I guess I'm a very competitive person but my seeders competitive myself so it's like I always wanted to prove myself that I can get in I just started telling the guy about my travel was about my project about like this film that I watched and I really loved and what I think about it was director and then it just kind of got into like conversation which was not uni related he was just asking about like where I've been traveling and just you know like completely unrelated stuff and we would look literally having a proper conversation he was saying me about his travels about his festivals and stuff like that and then at the end he was just like you know what I like you yeah you're good I ended up getting that place but I had to reject it so at this point I literally had no office apart from the one I rejected I was skipping school so much I was revising and then good because I knew I was going to come back next year then this really weird thing happened and I got an offer from King's College in London and I was just like Kings College like what is that I mean I heard about King's College before but I had no idea what it actually is I just heard the name and this was actually the random choice the course wasn't actually practical filmmaking it was film study so it's a theory based course okay and I research more about King's College and what it actually was and all like oh my god they are giving me a place like really because it turned out to be one of the best universities and the offer was actually a thing was economy before was a a a or a a B I met they offer anyway um and I did end up get going to Kings College so now at King's College I think it's um I'm in my fifth or sixth week now and I just really love it there I just really feel like I belong there and um at the end of the day when I look at King's College and so Bank they are just so different I have I think what was like kind of what I liked about South Bank is that it was kind of like the university that I always want it to be not that I want it to be university but I saw the people King's College is a very like a more serious College um you can see even by the way people dress there um it's a bit more posh it looks like a frigging hog road um whereas the South Bank building was like very and call for is a huge difference between the two colleges and as and the cools as well they are just very very opposite things but I'm just so happy that I ended up going king solder because I absolutely love that for like I belong there and I feel like it's actually meant to be things don't always go as you plan and like I plan to go to South Bank University and they have no no reason to reject me but they did and I ended up go to a totally different college that I want that I didn't even know at first and it was a totally random choice that I picked from list things don't always go your way and if they don't it's fine just like literally stick with it and I promise you that there is something better waiting for you so I hope you enjoyed this story time video if you would like me to do some more surge on videos just click thumbs up and subscribe to my channel I just hit 500 so that's really big for me and the next milestone is 1000 um so you just help me reach that if you can and I'll see you in my next video


  1. Thats such a shame, but it all worked out. Youre at an amazing uni and more importantly you like it! Congrats!

  2. Did you ever think of going to Queen Mary University in London? They do both practical and theory

  3. Get rejected? Don't worry. A degree is not the be all and end all in life. Only certain degrees are actually of any practical use in the real world. A person could do a lot worse than go the apprenticeship route. That way, if you ever end up running a department or team in your chosen field; there might be a chance that you actually know what you are talking about. Take engineering as a prime example. Degree qualified engineers are ten a penny. An experienced and knowledgeable technician is a vital and scarce thing, and worth his/her weight in gold. Paid to reflect that too.

    Chances are your "barista" has a first in something – just not anything that is in any demand.

  4. coming from a fellow russell group student, i dont think this video would give anyone hope lol. your at a russell group, and didnt even realize you applied to the elite of british academia lol. hahaha

  5. today I have received another rejection from a university. previously I have received 3 rejections. how ever I am not going to give up on pursuing my Masters.

  6. Omg that's soo cool 🙂 I have friends that goes to Kings, they really love it too 😀 I'm glad it all worked out for you at the end, and tbh I'm surprised South Bank did that, so strange xxxx

  7. Don't mean to be rude but A* student applying to Kingston and south Bank? You could apply for courses at Oxbridge, UCL, KCL etc.

  8. Hey, congrats on getting your uni! Are you an aspiring filmmaker? You can still study practical filmmaking if you are planning for having master degree. London Film School might be great specially its headed by Mike Leigh. Or? How about going abroad, across Europe. I appreciate your interest on filmmaking and may the best be always with you! (P.s wow, you are very attractive 😉)

  9. Thank you for this video, I was also just rejected! If anyone wants to see more of this type of content, I made a similar video that I hope can help motivate you through this period!

  10. This was my biggest fear a couple years back because my major is so exclusive. I loved this storytime. I just subscribed. Would love if you could check out my channel when you get the a chance 🙂

  11. Worst fear. I took a year off and I know what uni I want to go to, but now I have to worry about the fact that I might not get in or that the uni won't be what I expected it to be 😐 Congrats though on Kings

  12. Aww bless you for still making a video with a chest infection!! Uni is always a strange thing, it sometimes literally just comes down to if they have an equal mix of male and female applicants they reject the extras, makes no sense!! Thanks for commenting on my channel hun, subscribed 🙂 lets get you to 1000! x

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