Register For Classes Using Schedule Builder

Registering for classes using schedule
builder, ETSU’s online planning tool, is quick and easy. To get started,
log into Goldlink and navigate to the my student info tab. On this tab, locate
the registration tools channel this channel by default is located near the
top of the far left column. Click on the schedule builder link in this channel to
launch this tool. Once schedule builder opens you will first be asked to select the term you wish to register for. Do this by checking the radio button to the left of the term you would like and then click to save and continue button. You will then be asked to select the campus you would like to register for in the same manner. Next you’ll be taken to the main
schedule builder page. Locate and click the Add course button located in the middle of the page to begin adding courses to your schedule. On the next page select the
subject to the course you would like to add from the subject drop down menu then select the course number and title from the course drop down menu. Only the open courses available for you to register for are in this list. If you’re looking
for a course which you do not see, you should contact the department at that
courses in for more information. Once you select a course you may see an
Information box appear with a brief description and any prerequisites for
the course. If you still want to add this course to your schedule click the Add course button. Doing this will add the course to the desired courses list on the right
side of the page. Continue adding more courses to your desired courses list before moving on. After you have selected all the courses that
you need to build your schedule, click the back button. This will take you back
to the main schedule builder page. If you would like to add breaks your schedule,
do this by clicking the Add break point located on the right side of the main
schedule builder page break soon be four work athletic practiced childcare or for your
afternoon now once you have added breaks your schedule is scheduled to hold it
will not generate class schedules that occurred during the break times you
entered great break you like to add at the name start and end times don’t
forget about a.m. 4 p.m. check the days of the week you like the break to occur
on and click the Add break but in this way
you can add as many breaks your schedule as you need now your classes in breaks
have been added you can generate all possible schedules by clicking the
generate schedules but located under the schedules heading at the bottom of the
page and second to schedule a builder will provide you with every schedule
options that meet your criteria classes and breaks a nerd you can now
see it quickly of each option by hovering over the magnifying glass icon
in each option row when you find a schedule that you like click on the View
link in that row this will take you to the full view of that option at this
point you might decide that you like the times the schedule builder generated for
some classes but not others if this is the case simply click the lock icon next
to the courses you’d like to stay in and the position they are in and leave the
others unlocked you can then go back to your menu click the Generate schedules
but again this time the schedule builder will only give you schedule variations
and which you’re locked classes are in the desired time slots once you create a
schedule that you are happy with simply click the Send to Shopping Cart button
at the top of the schedule page clicking the OK button will take you to your
registration card and the scheduled it will close from the registration card
simply click their registration button and you’ll be registering for courses congratulations you’ve just used the
schedule builder to register for courses

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