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Hi, my name is Stacey. Thank you for your
interest in the College of the Sequoias Hanford Educational Center. In this video, we’re going
to cover the quick and easy steps for you to register for classes.
The first thing you’ll need to do is open up a new webpage and go to If
you haven’t checked the class schedule yet, you can do that by clicking the magnifying
class that says “Class Search “. If you’re looking for classes that are held only in
Hanford, you may search by Location and click “Hanford Center”, then click “search”.
The class schedule is in alphabetical order. First you may search by the subject. Once
you’ve found the subject you may search by the course title and number. Once you’ve found
a class that you want to register for, write down the 5 digit CRN number for the class.
Repeat these step until you have found all of the classes that you would like to register
for. Now that you have the CRN numbers for the
classes that you’d like to take, go back to and click on the link to BannerWeb
in the upper right corner of the screen. Log in to Banner using your User ID and PIN number.
Once in Banner, click on the link to “Student & Financial Aid”. Next, click the “Registration”
link, then click the Add or Drop Classes link. Select the term that you’d like to register
for, then click “submit”. You should now be on the Add or Drop Classes
screen. Enter the 5 digit CRN numbers in the boxes provided near the bottom of the screen,
then click “Submit Changes”. You should now see the classes that you have
registered for. If there was an error, that means the registration didn’t go through and
you are not in the class. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate
to call the Hanford Hub. You’ll find our contact information on our website,
Thank you for watching. The College of the Sequoia Hanford Educational Center wishes
you the best of luck in your educational future.

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