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(easy listening music) – The concept of
programmable matter really is a nanotechnology concept where we can create things atom by atom and there are already paradigms
that have been defined. If you can build things at that scale, you can build things that
will reconfigure themselves. The idea of foglets goes
back a couple decades which are basically tiny little robots that connect to each other
and their intelligence and they can reconfigure
themselves, kinda like Transformers but at a really microscopic level. So really, a couch can
reconfigure into a chair, into a bicycle, into a person, into an avatar representing someone else. You will then be able to
actually transform yourself, project yourself into a
space that’s far away. That’s the whole concept of an avatar. Just that will come
pretty, will become sooner, I think within 10 years
you’ll actually be able to project yourself somewhere
else without nanotechnology. But pretty realistically,
it’ll look like you and you’ll feel like you’re there. Once we have programmable matter at the nanotechnology level, you could reconfigure yourself into a completely different person. So you could look like you ordinarily do, with your biological body, or you can look like someone
else and reconfigure yourself. So it brings this sort
of morphing ability, which is readily doable in
virtual reality, to real reality. But that’s a probably a 2040s scenario. I would say within 10 years you will be able to reject
yourself as an avatar and you could also there
look somewhat different. Virtual reality, though, where you don’t have to
actually create physical things, you can be together with someone else and ultimately, virtual reality,
certainly within a decade, will be very realistic and
you can be someone else. I did a little demonstration
of this in 2001 with my daughter, at TED, and
I was wearing magnetic sensors and the computer picked up all my movement and in real time, it did motion-tracking, which was a new thing then, in real time, on a large
screen, created a life-size, somewhat realistic, at least for that era, this was 16 years ago, avatar of a young female
rock singer, Ramona. And a band came on stage
and I sang White Rabbit and a song I’d written myself. My daughter, who was then 13 was turned into the male backup dancer, who happened to be Richard Saul Wurman, who was the impresario
of TED at that time, not known for his hip hop kicks and his avatar was very realistic. The theme, though, was
you could be someone else in virtual reality. And ultimately, this
will be quite easy to do. So a couple could become each other. And you can experience reality from the perspective of someone else. And ultimately, not only can you project yourself as someone else, maybe you wanna project
yourself as some movie star that you think your partner will like, but she may actually transform your image to, yet, someone else, maybe some other movie
star that she likes better. So that’s virtual reality. That’s coming in the next decade. But programmable matter,
where you can really transform at a really atomic level,
that’s really a 2040 scenario.


  1. There is zero chance of us having fully programmable matter in 20 years.

  2. I always wonder if Mr Kurzweil himself is alive (natural, organic entity) or a simulated program or cyborg like creature!

  3. wow it almost seems unimaginable to think that programmable matter in the way he describes will be possible but those techy geniuses definitely know their shit so hats off to them! 🙂

  4. I dont believe we could ever be able to Program Matter, but if we can one day –>
    www.stakcoverflow.com These guys will find it out first.

  5. Great Video!. Our future will be Glorious.

    I reiterate what I said in another post: Futurist, Google Director of Technology Ray Kurzweil is a Genius! He's in a sphere with Einstein!

    I believe and opine: We will achieve programming matter by 2117!

    The following Haiku poem in congratulatory honor of that Coming Great Day! I follow the traditional Japanese format: 1) No title; 2) Exactly, 17 syllables totat; 3) Three segments and 4) A 5-7-5 syllables segments ratio.

    Ray Kurzweil, Genius!
    Predicts a Great, Good Future!
    Program Matter, Yes!

    Las Vegas Offianistic Singularitarian

  6. This is my first time on this channel and I already know it's underrated after watching this video. Serious props for captioning your content!! You've earned another subscriber! #accessibilityWIN #DeafGain #captions #deaffriendly

  7. The end of materialism era, you no longer need to buy things to earn something, therefore an entire economic and social system would finish. Probably quantum computers will be able to use this technology

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