Ravi Zacharias on the Christian View of Homosexuality #Apologetics

this is a question from the Stow campus
and it’ll say it says how do you respond to non-believers who accuse Christians
of being hateful to people who support lifestyles that are according to the
precepts of our faith. I think this is a very important question and they all are
really I’d be a dishonest person if I said to you that that question doesn’t
worry me that I don’t even think about it
in fact we as a team our entire team people like Nabeel Qureshi Michel
Ramsden oz Guinness a Maori Ewing aren’t ice because too often sat around a table
and said you know how do we deal with this very trying social issue of our
time and even though the word is not used here the idea is you know the
homosexual lifestyle and all that has come about in our time how do we as
Christians deal with it? So Joe if you don’t mind I’d like to take an extended
answer in this you know let me give you about three panels of an answer the
first panel is the logical problem the second panel is what I call the
theological problem and the third panel is what I would call the relational
problem how you communicate it so let me take first of all the sociological issue
here what is the problem now we talked about tolerance so when I was at one of
the prestigious universities somebody went to the microphone and asked this
question and I said to the person I said I will be glad to answer your question
if you will first answer mine what kind of a culture are we living in you have
to define it for me I said as far as I know there are three cultures in
relation to absolute the first quest the first culture is called a thick anima
sculpture where the law of God is supposedly so embedded into our hearts
that we all emotive ly or otherwise think in the same categories once upon a
time we would talk about the natural law in those categories natural law we
believe these truths to be self-evident the early framers believed in the
natural law we don’t believe in natural law
anymore but we used to talk about and that’s a thick anima sculpture theros
god no mas law sometimes the Indian culture will get close to that it’s not
always the case but they sort of Darth Academy is what they will say there are
people of the soil and the idea of respect for parents and all of that they
consider to be self-evident ingrained in the heart of man and so on but we don’t
believe in the Theon immerse culture in the West so what’s the second kind of
culture the second kind of culture is a heteronomous culture heteros meaning
another No Mas meaning law so we have another law what does that mean the
mainstream of the culture is dictated to by the leadership at the top if you look
at Marxism in secular terms it is a heteronomous culture the handful and the
top will control the masses if you look at Islam it’s a heteronomous culture if
you go to Saudi Arabia or you go to Iran which are supposed to be truly Islamic
countries the mullahs or the sheiks or who are the ayatollahs at the top will
tell the masses when they must fast when they can eat what they must wear what
they must not wear who they can be seen with who they cannot be seen with all of
the dictates even to the discipline of how you wash your hands and feet before
you worship and so on it’s a heteronomous culture the few at the top
dictated for the masses below so I looked at the question and I said a
really enormous culture I said no I said are we a heteronomous culture I said no
we don’t want the few to dictate it for the money I said so that leaves us with
the third which is an autonomous culture our toss meaning self namaz meaning law
which means each person dictates their own moral prerogatives in the set I said
are we on autonomous culture he said yes I saw right now tell me this if we are
on autonomous culture and I answer your question are you going to give me the
privilege of my autonomy too or as soon as you disagree with my answer you will
switch to a heteronomous mode and dictate for me what I must believe as
well that is the sociological dilemma that is the sociological dilemma because
if a disagrees would be it’s not just that is being enforcing his or her
principles upon being but B wants to enforce his or her
principles upon a so there’s a mutual autocracy being sought here but it is
never going to be consistent in a culture that is neither phenom us nor
heteronomous autonomous cultures run into a conflict where everybody has
their own autonomy that’s the law that’s a sociological issue you move beyond
that then to the theological issue the theological issue is this way years ago
I was doing some open forums at Indiana University and the press reporter was I
was there with Dallas Willard we were both to debate doing the defense of the
Christian faith and press reporter came and said she was filming some religious
actions on campus for their network and so on do you mind if we take what you’re
going to talk about tonight I said no that’s all right you’re welcome but she
then she startled me by saying we’ll only be there for about five minutes and
then we’ll be packing up and leaving I hope we won’t disturb you and I thought
this is what the news does with the talk takes five minutes of it and then tells
people that this is what was said you know I thought okay but I wasn’t gonna
argue with I said ma’am you’re welcome to leave just tell your crew to be very
quiet because once I get into the thick of it I really don’t like the
distraction and they’ll be quiet slipping out I’ll be okay she stayed the
whole time stayed for the whole talk stayed for the Q&A and then she said can
I walk you back to where you’re staying I was staying on the campus I said right
and she was walking to me it’s quite dark at this time and she says I have a
question for you I said is this on the record or is this an off-the-record
question she said no this is for me I said so you
promise me this is just between you and me in order to print these answers and
okay that’s all right I just want to know and so she said you know I have a
problem with Christianity and here’s my problem
Christians are generally against racism but when it comes to the homosexual they
discriminate against the homosexual how do you explain that I said I find your
comments so interesting in the first part of the question it’s an ism you’re
talking about the second part of the question you particular eyes it with
individual some just fascinated by that that’s okay I said here’s what I want to
say to you the reason we believe that discrimination ethnically is wrong is
because the race and ethnicity of a person is sacred you do not violate a
person’s ethnicity and race it is a sacred gift and the reason we believe in
an absolute nester sexuality is because we believe sexuality is sacred as well
and that’s why we make a choice that same way I said you will help me if you
will tell me why you treat race as sacred and desacralized sexuality she
was very quiet she said I’ve never thought of it in those terms here’s what
I want to say view marriage as God has given it to us and if you take the whole
corpus of the world view is the most sacred relationship into which you will
enter because love is given one word in English but there are four words in the
Greek agape eros storge and agape filler Oh storge and eros agape is God’s love
filler who is friendship love or brotherly love story is protective love
of parental love eros is romantic love I said do you realize marriage is the only
one that pulls these four together agape Follette Oh storge and eros I said
and if you take agape out of that eros is gone for whatever you want to do
romantic love becomes redefined and to us the Bible gives the sacredness of
marriage as Christ is to the church the bridegroom and the bride and in that
sacredness the beauty of a consummate relationship between a man and a woman
as it is shown in the singular commitment of the marital vow I do
I will when you say I do to the one you say I don’t do all of the others and you
say I will to one you’re saying I won’t to all of the others so any departure
from that beauty and sacredness of the four confluences of love is a biblical
notion of what it really means to be married and to just take one behavior
and make it look like it’s aberrant is not right all departures from that are
not acceptable in the sight of God the theological position is a consummate
relationship between a man and a woman in the procreative Act and in the
sacredness and paying each other the ultimate compliment of taking each other
at their word so theologically this is the way we see
it sociologically we’ve been put into a conundrum so we come then in
relationally how do we deal with it and here’s the hard part but you know what
and my wife will tell you this others will tell you this who know me I accept
people with a love and a genuineness regardless of what their view is on
anything if it’s different to mine I have learned to love humanity I can put
my arm around a person who has a different view on marriage or a
different view on politics of water and just say you know God gives you the most
sacred Drifter gift of the prerogative of choice but God does not give you the
privilege of determining a different outcome to what the choice will entail
the consequences are bound to the choice and you go right back to the book of
Genesis and it tells you you do what is right will not you will you not be
accepted but if you don’t sin stalks a veil at the door desires to have you and
so when I look at the sacredness of marriage any change from it from the
biblical point of view is a departure from the biblical mandate but at the
same time the Bible commands us to love even those with whom we disagree and our
responsibility as the church is never to eight the individual our privilege is to
love and only God can change the heart of a person and God is the ultimate
judge and anaplerotic society let us as Christians be both light salt
and learn to love one another and let God be the judge over all of us he is
the one who is pure in his judgments we can make errors those are the three
panels I want to leave with you


  1. And some have compassion, making a difference ; and others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh……..JUDE. 1 : 22-23

  2. I can't read all of this 400+ comments, but I will say that in the end God is the ultimate judge.
    There is a verse that says people who reads the bible but rejects it's true meaning will keep looking until that one specific thing agrees to what their feeling desires, even if that one thing is a lie completely made up by the devil himself just to lure people away from God.
    If you truly want to follow God, you will and should abandon everything of your owning, specially your emotion so that you could listen to gods words without a barrier in your heart.
    Many people these days listen to reply, but not to understand.
    A sad world it is today, but worry not, for our king is coming to save us, until that day comes, we should be vigilant and stay away from lies that will further us from Gods grace. Amen.

  3. https://youtu.be/BxNTy5iS4sg

    You’ll be so shocked when this happens check this video out and you’ll be so shocked when this happens the day of the Lord

  4. My brothers, see to it that you are not mislead, the snares that you have placed in the paths of others will be worn over your own Heads. You will look on as a table is prepared for those whom you set yourself against.

    Many have been so blessed as to unknowingly entertain the company of Angels.

    "In what you have done to the least of these brothers of mine, you have done to me." Says The Lord.

    We must always remember, we were once strangers in a land.

    And dont say for yourselves, we're descendants of Abraham. I tell you that The Lord is able to raise descendants of Abraham from these very stones

  5. Deuteronomy 25:11-1: If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.

  6. But you can't say what you say as you are Indian and they are Muslim… Politics socially w/e you want. Religion is the oppitimy of atonomous culture.

  7. I love how this gentleman tells to love even if you might disagree. This is the true spirit of a religion, promoting love for all without judgement.

  8. Just to note: the main pastor of "Christ" Community Chapel has since been implicated in an international child sex trafficking scheme. And Ravi Zacharias has settled some manner of lawsuit with a woman to whom he sent adult photos. Decide for yourself whether these folks should talk about sex.

  9. watch pamela yow "adam was created female" very shor,t WATCH THE WHOLE THING!! this will give ALL people the true understandng

  10. My answer to this is simple really.
    There are those who call themselves Christian but aren't and they sow hate based on the scriptures (such as those who claim to be Christian and yet they advocate for the death of homosexuals [there are those who even pray for that]).
    There are those who are Christians who have not yet matured in their love or understanding.
    And there are those who have matured.

    Sadly the number of hypocrites who say that they are the people of God whose hearts are far from him, is large and can often be the most common voice people hear.

    Despite all of that homosexuality is sin and those who do not wish to know God, and those who delight in committing sin hate to hear the truth so they hate those who speak the truth (the word of God) so they will do whatever they can to silence them (they will attack their homes, attack their families, attack their businesses, attack their reputations, attack their God, attack their speech, attack their actions, attack their practices [for instance praying], attack their backgrounds, they will even attack their inaction).


  12. Real quick find your number and go to that paragraph. Don't worry, the numbers aren't saying what's better or worse this is just a social poll. Type your number before your response and just be brave.
    Note: I do recommend trying to be yourself and be authentic and honest, but try to be in charge of your emotions.

    1. Christians
    2. LGBTQ supporters
    3. Neither
    4. LGBTQ
    5. Heterosexuals
    6. Everyone
    #+#+# Both
    Ex. 124 or 24 or 15 or 25 etc.

    1. I actually have some questions for you. I know there are tons of denominations out there so I want this to be your personal answer from what you've learned. Not your denominations answer if you're ascribed to one. Do you think homosexuality is the sin or like just sleeping with someone of your same sex is a sin? Do you think it's alright to be religious? If you could change one thing, what would it be? What are your goals? What do you value? Do you feel bullied by non-believers? How would you describe spirituality? Do you find yourself stereotyped? Are you truly happy with how you've lived your life?

    2. I have some questions for you guys. What are your views on Christianity? Is it a cult? Criticisms? Do you think it's alright to be religious? If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? What are your goals? What do you value? Do you find yourself stereotyped? Are you truly happy with how you've lived your life?

    3. I have some questions for you guys. What makes you neither? Do you believe in a different religion? Do you have any insights? What are some truths you believe? What do you value? What is your goal in life? Are you truly happy with how you've lived your life?

    4. Hey, I have some questions for you guys. What is your opinion on religion? Do you feel bullied by religion? Is there anything we can do to help you out? Do you even need help? Are you truly happy with how you've lived your life? What is love to you in all aspects?

    5. Hey guys I have some questions for you guys. What is your opinion on religion? Do you feel bullied by religion? Is there anything we can do to help you out? Do you even need help? Are you truly happy with how you've lived your life?What is love to you in all aspects?

    6. This is just a list of fun questions. What's one of your movies? What's one of your favorite sports? Do you have any hobbies? What's your job if you have one? Are you married, single or dating? How often are you on social media if you are ever in it? What's your favorite type of humor? Do you have any pets? Do you have any kids? If you had a series of colors and images of anything to describe yourself and your personality what would they be? If you could be one animal what would it be? Would you rather burn alive or die in the freezing artic? Do you work out regularly? What's your nutrition tips for anyone? What character in a detective movie would you be? What are your top three favorite genres of music?

    That's all folks. Thanks for reading. Now let the games BEGIN!!!!!!!

  13. Have you ever wondered why Christians have so many different denominations?! Simple; someone comes up with an interpretation of the Bible and starts a new church and so on… Meaning, you might be deceived just listening and following. Search the scriptures on your own and follow only that which is true.

  14. It doesnt matter if u are gay if u obey the will of god and ur making as a human being and that is to procreate with agape and 4 he was saying becos if u make love with gay it not consumated by love of christ itself and therefore it a sin lol ✌

  15. Can a man and woman be married by themselves? We are not of the world. So do we need a priest or paster.? Or is that works? What God has brought together it says. Thx for any help.

  16. Leviticus 18:22
    "Do not sleep with a man like you would a woman for that is detestable."

    I don't agree with homosexuality but I don't Love anyone less for it.

  17. Same sex attraction is called ‘vile affections’ by the Bible. It is like any sexual sin a perversion, but it goes a step further into the unnatural realm. It is motivated by devils. No one should have these feelings. Pornography is not far away from this sin, all alike are highly offensive to the Holy God. But thanks be to him that he can deliver us from this sickness and give us a new heart in Christ Jesus

  18. https://youtu.be/V03gHaAVYXQ
    People who formerly practiced homosexuality or were LGBTQ testify about their new and changed life.

  19. Have you ever stolen? Have you ever lied? Of course you have. But you have broken two of
    Gods commandments. These ten commandments are very specific. There is no room
    for question. So lying and stealing are far more important to God than being
    homosexual other wise there would be a commandment saying Thou shalt not be
    homosexual. Yes it is written in the Bible condemning such practises but not by
    God or by Jesus. The only people who matter never mentioned homosexuality.

    The most significant thing to ever happen to the Holy Bible was its transcription from
    the ancient languages into English. Would not God give this task to someone he
    trusted more then most? Yes he did. King James. A homosexual. If you still have
    hatred in your heart when knowing God chose a Homosexual to perform his most
    important task and then believe he would condemn his prized servant to “hell” I
    think not. He could have gotten any of the “straight” monarchs to do this but
    no. Yes I believe many “gay” people have turned to perhaps the “dark” side but
    I think you should ask yourself why? Are you one of the haters who have pushed
    many of gods people out. We are all Gods children. Who will God blame for this?
    How many so called righteous people have turned others away from God. I truly believe
    there just mite be a lot more “gay” people with Christ than so called “Christians”
    when the glorious return happens.

  20. Excuse me but there should be no meeting about the question of homosexuality. Just read the Bible and that is the position if you’re Christian. .personlyl i think this religion stuff is all make believe to control people.

  21. Dr. Zacharias, while I understand the need for a carefully worded answer I think that people desire the raw truth. Why are Christians so afraid to condemn sin? Believing in Jesus is critical to salvation but realizing we are sinners and repenting is what brings us to the sacrifice of Jesus. Sin is sin and to not point it out to people but talking about love is like the blind leading the blind.

  22. Kinda okay but at the end… if you just love and accept people for who they are then we have to do it with everyone. We got pedos at this day in age that are screaming out "you allow gays why not me?" No thanks. Sorry but not sorry. If you are gay, or any other type of of sinner then you need to correct yourself. Problem is that people are comfortable within their sin and keep going and going.

  23. Nice sweet words but with no use in the real world. The fact is: one doesnt can fight his homosexuality. He may can suppress it, he may can have no intercourse, but it will always be there. Many homosexuals are driven by this into suicide, they cant take the conflict any longer.

  24. So just to clarify, hes saying that christianity accepts gays, but not gay marriages?
    Sadly the zacharias channel is totally the opposite of this guy and doesnt even allow comments. This guy explains things very well.

  25. This is straight horseshit. His ism comment is fucking dumb. Because regardless she was asking about inequality in treatment to two groups of people. One based on race, one based on sexuality. Race like sexuality isn’t chosen. I’d dare say he’s somewhat racist based on what he says. His separation of racism and homophobia being taken away shows that. He is hateful prick.

  26. 2 TIMOTHY 4:3 – For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires,
    Romans 1:26-27 – 26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

  27. With all that being said by Ravi, it still is not a license for a Christian to discriminate. We can not agree based on our beliefs, but that doesn't warrant discrimination. We don't agree also with fornication, adultery and murder but little discrimination is seen or heard by Christians about these like the way the homosexual gets discriminated or shunned against. We can't see into the fornication by just observing the outwardly appearance of the person. Because homosexuals can be targeted easier simply because of observation; they are targeted more. Ravi's wise words —
    “God gives you the most sacred of gifts, the prerogative of choice but he does not give you the privilege of determining a different outcome to what the choice will entail .The consequences are bound to that choice “
    are not just for the homosexual; but for ALL of US! I think this is lost in this excerpt from this video. We need to remember that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is Eternal Life in Jesus Christ. Heaven is lost when one rejects the only way to get there – faith in Jesus Christ. There are many homosexuals who have faith in Jesus; it is in God's timing when HE will pour out His Spirit on them and give them His nature. For some this may not happen until the day they see heaven.

  28. Ok. I've listened through the whole video and with all the nice words and stories removed here are the points answering the question if homosexuality is a sin according to the christian view:
    1. We live in an autonomous society. I can make my own rules and you cannot put your world view on me.
    2. Love is between a man and a woman because god said so.
    3. I don't hate people who chose to be homosexuals. But I don't like it and god will punish you.

    Truly the finest of word salads. First of all statement one is contradicting the statements two and three so I'm not sure why he brought it up. Second, and I know this is hard for some people, sexuality is not a choice just like a race. Try to be gay for a week and you'll see. I thank you for not hating homosexuals but your religion is homophobic and you have to understand that people outside of your religion or with a different interpretation of it are fighting for gay rights. If only God is allowed to judge then please let those people live their lives how they want.

  29. Why don't you screw yourself? Who cares what an ancient book written by illiterate, savage Bronze Age idiots says. It is 2019.

  30. Romans 1 : 24 – 25 " So then GOD abandoned them to uncleanness in their hearts, passionate desires for pleasure, desires which made them dishonour their bodies among themselves, for they are men who have exchanged the truth of GOD for falsehood, and who worship and serve the creation more than they do the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

  31. what a sinful man,
    Zacharias refers to himself as "Dr. Zacharias" in press materials, in his official bio and on the jacket of some of his books. However, he has never earned an academic doctorate degree. His doctorates are only honorary. His highest degree is a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity Seminary.

    Zacharias has received numerous honorary doctorates, but it was a matter of concern that he failed to note in his publicity materials and website bio that these are only honorary. Of great concern is that at his website Zacharias claims to hold a Doctor of Sacred Theology degree, one of the highest academic degrees conferred by Catholic universities. http://www.anglicanritecatholicchurch.org/pgc/std.html

    In the summer of 2015, after public criticism, Zacharias reduced the number of references to himself as "Dr. Zacharias" at his website. After continued public criticism by Christians, Muslims and Atheists on YouTube and elsewhere, in late 2016 Zacharias added the word "honorary" to his official bio, but removed it several weeks later.

  32. 10:05 – 10:25 – I've never heard more eloquent and respectful way to tell someone that there choices will send them to hell.

  33. Absolutely exceptional in terms of detailed explanation. This has been such a struggle for me for years. Thank you for the love and compassion you show in your teaching. 🙏💝

  34. Even though the topic needs to be addressed, it's sad that I have noticed this has a huge interest (3.5m plus reviews)
    Here's a message to all gays
    If their parents were gay, they would never have a chance to be here.
    If the birds and the bees and other animals including the fish start to cling to their own genders, we would have no food. When you rear animals of any kind you want production. That means opposite sex at work. The bible is full of nonsense, and Intellectuals stand there, trying to justify this foolishness.

  35. I don’t mean to be contentious, I just want to consider a counterpoint to his argument.

    Why not appeal to scripture? The Word of God is the ultimate source of truth, and only the truth can set people free. Eloquence and reasoning cannot bring conviction of sin or change hearts.

  36. I personally praise GOD for the most wonderful response I've heard, so far, to the question on homosexuality. I thank GOD for you, Ravi and pray that you'll ever constantly, allow HIM to use you to enlighten the World with HIS Truth!

  37. Amen. I don't hate gay people either, I can't hate anybody who breathes and made in the image of God. The only way the gays can make an arguement that shifts the issue away from their lifestyle being wrong is for them to accuse us of hating them. It's like the child who thinks mom and dad hate em because they have to clean their room, do their homework, and take a shower. Just because we believe in people doing what's right doesn't mean we hate them. They must understand we are committed to walking in agreement with God's word, no matter who turns against us for it. They should read Romans Chapter 1: 26 – 32, 2nd Peter 2:16, and Jude 1:7,(Leviticus 18:22) [Notice Paul the Apostle stated "it IS against nature", hundreds of years after Sodom] Sin is still sin, Unholy is still unHoly. I'm a woman and will see eternal punishment if I have sex with my boyfriend without timely repentance, but men think they are ok having sex with men, and women can play sex with women and be ok with God? Nope.

  38. “And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:”‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭2:4‬. He uses too many big words when the answer can be really simple. Just stay in the Word.

  39. My study bible says a christians job is to minimize evil thats why we are told to love neighbors as we do ourselves. Not to hate, stand apart as saints from sin and love.

  40. homosexuality can not be a sin. If we're created by god then its completely normal. It might be one corrupt and powerful person who once said that "homosexuality is a sin" and people started believing him more than anyone else and now it has become a world topic. Homosexuality isn't a sin.

  41. Hi, christian nut-heads, you guys seem to have your personal illusionary theistic god's Dick tentacles wrapped around your necks. Whenever you want to state your christian apologetics, you slurp upon the imaginary god's limb to extract your bullshit knowledge and to regurgitate crap from your sounding orifice …..Cheers

  42. I have questions and know Christians and non-believers can provide answers. Maybe the same answer 🙂

    As a loving Christian, how do we lovingly—an that’s a crucial part—tell a homosexual not to be homosexual?

    How do we share or ask him to accomplish that?

    If he or she cannot accomplish that, do we expect of him/her to live out their life without the love heterosexuals enjoy?

    If there is physiological evidence or even speculation that he or she was born in any way different, do we expect the subject to live as a modern day eunuch until they die?

    I agree with the Holy Bible that only a man and woman should marry. So how do I process that when a child in my home who was very clearly gay as a 5 year old grows up and falls in love with a man, marries him, and lives an admirable life?

    How long do ‘preach’ against homosexuality before saying hey, we put the Bible out there to them, they’ve seen the evidence, now we’re just gonna love em and drop it?

  43. Time to wake up!         Arguing about versions of a fiction really? Its all opinion and that's why we have so many versions of Christianity which should be a red flag for a reasonable mind.  The real question I always have is do they really believe their crap or are the just grifting and running the con job.  I mean how many Pastors and Leaders have left and admitted its BS, a con job, how many have been caught up to no good, how many fake miracles, healings and hypocrisies have been exposed.  When will people wake up to these snake oil salesmen

  44. Read romans 1: 25. KJV Old Scofield Study Bible. They turn Gods word into a lie. That is the church, who is Romans 1::28 – 32. They that the church are against are not that. Neither are they Isaiah 1, either. The people who are against people, being nude, having the sex, in then open, of their choosing, are the oppressive, Sodomites. Nature is natural. Nature is nude. The church hates it. Satan hates it. Who then is talking through the church? satan is a colorful fallen being. That is not what the church says. The church, therefore, has Satan, the liar, speaking through them. The liar, Satan, cannot see the soul, in a person, with how they talk. Church people, are walking in the dark.

  45. God sets before every man LIFE and DEATH and commands Man to choose LIFE. Choosing KNOWN SINS leads to death…so you may be able to repent and get to heaven, but only GOD knows if that repentance is from the Heart. Better to remain relationship free than to choose a life that will harden the heart because SIN hardens the heart. This life is NOTHING compared to eternity and there will be no sex, no marrying, no need for such in heaven. Our lover of our soul is the Lord and it would be better to practice pleasing the LORD, instead of practicing an unholy life style. Besides, once you learn to be LED by His Spirit (these are the son's of God), your desires change to line up with God's Holiness. The desires of the flesh are the deceiver of the soul.

  46. Its your judgement that homosexuality is a sin, two people in love is not a sin, God never said any such thing..  Where in the Bible does it say, two of the same sex in a loving and committed relationship are sinning?

    This is all gender based, male / female. What do you do with people born both sexes, intersex (AIS)? They were created by God, yet at birth, with your concept of the Bible, sin for the rest of their lives, no matter what they do. We know God does not create sin. This along proves your take on Cor, Rom, Tim is incorrect – homosexuality is not a sin.

  47. Amen & amen! Be Jesus to everyone even those who think u hate them. This hate is a great lie used by the enemy to distract those whose hearts are broken & in need of the one true LOVE only found in God.

  48. To follow in the footsteps of Jesus is to love everyone and in this love to help them to not sin! To love thy neighbor does not mean to condone their sins but to help them to repent their sin and abstain from their sins!

  49. The term "homosexual" is a misnomer I believe invented and used to confuse and confound. A more accurate and descriptive term is "heterophobic". This term describes accurately the condition. It is a mental or personality disorder that affects a person in that they cannot or do not (depending on whether we conclude it is personality or mental) understand heterosexual relationships much the same way as someone afflicted with autism doesn't understand social relationships. We do a great disservice to heterophobes by ignoring our obligations to at least offer them the help they need as we would with a person afflicted in any other way.

  50. The issue of homosexuality is very simple. God says it's a sin. He says that in his word. If you continue to live a simple life, there are repercussions of that sin. There is no tolerance for sin, there is no diversity Etc .
    God does not accept sin, period.

  51. This was a powerful answer to the question of homosexuality. Which leads me to to another question. As we love everyone, EVERYONE, how are we to interaction with homosexuals? I've had and have homosexuals in my life and the topic never comes up. Likewise I never talk christian talk. I wouldn't know how to ask of their sexual choice nor answer a question on my belief in Christ as my savior and what He would say about homosexuality.

  52. "homosexuality" isn't a "lifestyle" anymore than heterosexuality is a lifestyle. people are born gay. it's been around as long as humans all through history.

  53. I greatly enjoy how He takes an in depth approach to answering in depth questions. If answers are to be honestly had for such issues then the basis and outcome of those issues must be openly examined by all concerned.
    Only then can actual equality be had, and only then might we as people be able to agree that we disagree with such matters. I happen to be a Christian person, one who works steadily at knowing and applying biblical thought to how I live my daily life. I would hope to be able to express myself in such an intelligent, yet gentle manner as this learned gentleman. I'm very greatful he's willing to take on such questions in an open, public forum!

  54. Homosexuality is sin
    Seek God and you will easily overcome it. Filling of the Holy Spirit is the only answer. On your own you can't, you will be going back to it. It will be a struggle and chances are you may give up. So God is the only answer. Please do not hesitate to seek God till you are completely overwhelmed by His presence in your life.

  55. The Holy Bible teaches ALL sex outside of marriage is sinful. So anyone shacking up, tinder dating or having casual sex whether straight or gay is sinning. If you condemn gays, yet have sex outside of marriage you are no better than those you judge. If your eyes lust after others, you are sinning. Whatever your sexual inclinations, everyone reading this is a sinner. Every. Single. Person. The real question is, what is your relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you seeking God? Are you striving towards the prize? Let God decide who needs to be judged. Work out your salvation with fear and great trembling, you already have your hands full with your own sin.

  56. Why is this in my recommended?

    I do not worship nor have I gave myself to this false god…

    You Christians have been involved and still are involved in some of the most disgusting events in history. Your religion is a lie told by cowards who needed something to believe in to keep them mentally sustainable and used elements from other pagan religions to build it.

    If you are Christian and reading this comment, give yourself to the alfather and he will forgive and show mercy to you, start believing in real gods and religions rather than that cowardice failure of a god…

  57. Why can't he just qoute the bible. That's why the world accepts people like him and hate real Bible believing Christians who don't beat around the bush. Watch these worldly people. Homosexuals will not inherit gods kingdom. GOD HATES ALL SIN

  58. An apologetic Christian is so boring. Race is sacred ? LMAO.

    For centuries Christians enslaved others, definitely others of a different ethnicity, because the bible says they could. Where does this money making apologetic get the view that Christianity holds race/ethnicity as sacred ?

    And if the consummate relationship between wedded man and woman is so sacred, shouldn't Christians be vegan then because the tenth commandment holds women and cattle as equals.

  59. I wonder what Jesus would have said about people who spend more time on politics and judging sexuality than helping the poor, hungry and ill.

  60. re: truth in commenting, i have not yet watched this video. I plan to do so. I enjoy Ravi's thoughtfulness….even if i don't always agree with his positions. I worry that some of my very orthodox Chriistian friends rely on him so much, they don't so much reason with him…as let him do their reasoning. My only quibble with this video (again, not yet viewed) is with its title. We don't need videos or books about "disputable matters" called, "the Christian view of…." this or that. They are numerous Christian views of most of these thing. I doubt there was any arrogant motive….but hubris is suggested.

  61. The acts in Islam is not cultural it is the acts of the prophets
    And it’s the way of what God wants us to do exactly
    But u don’t have any explanation in ur religion how to do things that’s why every priest and teacher of urs saying deferent things.

  62. The issue isn't with homosexuality though. The issue is that certain groups within the society want to dictate what ideas can be discussed. No topic should be off limit. Even if it's wrong to think something a free man should be allowed to conclude that himself. He should not be told he's a homophobe or bigot because he wants to reason his way through his thoughts and ideas rather than blindly accept what he is told. I believe if something is truly right a man will find his way to that truth. Condemnation isn't a way to educate men on right and wrong.

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