this is a Latin TV and ABC radio we have loss of a political ad one lawmaker in person of on our side to say oh no Joseph welcome to Ellen TV sir thank you very much I know justify you have true a heart into the ways to contest the scenario by election they'll create as we sort of a president George we are being letters person of the overlap then basically what was doing the attention how is the momentum sir well I am representing the Congress at the Coalition for Democratic Change on the seat of the coalition of Democratic Change and so far nominations have been made the party have making a decision we went through the process and went to the primaries I won the primary on web ballot and now we have drawn the nomination at the National Election Commission so we are ready the coalition of Democratic Change and it partners and sympathizers we are ready for election we are ready to show to the world a large that most erotic content belongs to the collation of The Mikado change their husband this argument in the public glare this debate the massages are already who is seats that contain CCS why should we be opting for another city that contains this year well we were ready we appreciate the statement that those politicians may that okay guess I have another race well in order to save money so I said okay I'm willing to get out of the race if the political parties can come and Sun a resolution and says we don't need Elijah let's see DC come over for candidate nominate a candidate or take the seat then I will not run but you can be telling me not to run that you are praying in other individuals to run the coalition's every bad elation that we will be going for we are ready and we are going to win in big-time furniture is that the precondition set by you in order to withdraw from the will risk in case if the coalition's receive a communication from the political parties that you can go ahead and nominate a candidate we don't need my elation to save resources I can get out of the race so but if you come up with other individuals then you want us to bring some ballot as you say you don't want to add yourself up disagree with you the issue is not beside you that we should practice democracy but what you do you are under formidable candidate for City field well I think we have other candidates who are even stronger than me but at this time the coalition of the Democratic Change decided that at this time I'd be dead so that's what I'm here it says this is their what benefit would it mean for you what did I bring people will benefit mode and waiting about and you want to see the differences that's a straight mended as seen as a special seat that's a seat of the President and he has program that he has been implemented and those programs have been turned over to me to make sure that we implement them married are you you now want to exchange a lot of your activities of course a muscular or not just say not just the district I don't want to as I speak to you we are in charge of the entire mozzarella County making sure we do what we supposed to do for our people I am there to make sure we champion the proper agenda as I speak to you we have bosses on the street of mozzarella Conti helping our people feel or 10 lab Bren dollars as I speak to you Construction is going on encoding well we were we are focusing on building bridges we focus on sending more children to school we're working on rehabilitating more schools we have just received five containers to build a capacity of our clinics and hospitals we have son agreement to bring in more medical team as I speak to you I have five children as supposed to be traveling to the United States to do major surgery I can be done yet so we are there to bring relief to our people these are the things that we are doing Oh I do our president Joko cobia all critical of Zen this is our tradition and the way ball if it would I gave polar without it's with me massage so we understand the Pula so we'll have Pharaoh torture you know our culture now walk for life but it is good day now so they are attention cooler but I am going to take the school Pizza is no tradition gonna walk or not and from it to preserve the turn of our side we are happy to receive you this money so we are here to present a cool after you they live together that's how we want to live better it is our hot unity and then for everyone I presented photon standout get the power we want to know with the process we test a quest like this go like this don't walk off get it down Oh often for feature well in year member after for SP they are cheap and ever Council so cumulative distinguished gentlemen they'll make me to sing their own magical on fuller if we have a simple yet to attempt to perform dealt with and unforgettable craft within ceremony rupees for Tatia by His Excellency President Jose Manuel Diaz president of Latvia we have hotels with you come to welcome you in your crib men and women purchase quantum method of our not only has our leader of spots has our soul who listen to our plan has your mother's father for Tata and churches maybe is a community made a lot of hair impress and give you Teresa Solomon for these all remember mr. president our education mass employer nice thank you thank you for months I'll hit on applause thank you have a minute doctors thought that was an aero plane to the gamut today do a community is a living testimony to your decision to develop our republic we have no doubt that you will succeed what you've come to do you are put into an end what we have suffered for the last twenty to thirty years mr. president you have spore aku I mean you have scored a goal and the people of this place in every one of us and mine we know what we live you are bringing to us as you speak thank you who will forever remember you thank you very much here we are Japanese and we believe it embarrassing to our society we have the put by the to put the beside us we are the air piracy we have cement oh we have other companies around us but our people our brothers and sister are imported Israeli companies we want to reach this medium to cry on you as our Father the C reason to talk to the fellow company to have a job employment for other brothers and sister in our community if you do this for us we have nothing much to say it did for me I gave you like some forever ever you are my Alice thank you very much because of that I will stop here thank you very much take it off people of Liberia and a lot for the tourism let me say thanks to the people of the community for coming up today and welcoming our hero the president who have strands strong today in this country to make our dream come true mr. president if you go into other communities there's no different like this and our even informing the popular wake Minister on behalf of the most erotic on Taylor's little caucus we will want to appeal not just this family to also touch other communities for this Rena CC it is not easy but wanna say or not communities who are contracted those projects were contracted since five years ago would rectify those documents of the present nothing have happened in a zip firm as no community going to say to you mr. president please don't forget about the rest of the committee on this committee let me say to you this project will be successful if we all come together [Applause] this solution for this project is for the commander to take this as their own project let us have worked together to open it reassures the young people we have to work together so we can open the drainages here my own way of contribution to this project as a president I want to give hundred thousand I brought that out now so that is known people can open your initials and be like oh whatever public work and proper evidence also mr. president and as chairman on a committee on health Republic Liberia I want to ensure you by the end of this month this community cleanup will be open about went along with will they will make up so we can open two primary clinic thank you so much and God bless you we bring a moonie letter chairman receive the money with a chairman this money is available to work along with the Khmer people so you can open it delicious and where were the people cook so they can eat while you're cooperating with popular way thank you so much thank you so much the president the president inaudible [Applause] well you accidentally the Minister of State if it is for information or Assad Joseph and to all of our community leaders you know I was here on Saturday and all of the things that I have to say I send them on that day I also told you that the President of the Republic the President of the Republic the mayor's whose agenda the man whose agenda it's a proper agenda I told you that you will come to your community on Monday and today he is here that's all for me is the interviews for you his excellency period politics the main life from the grassroot the man from the slum and capability the man who has said if our social development well for nativity will be my era in Liberia it is this man and I'd like to introduce or you could it get solo to the people are this paper military I want you to please rise right join me join me he welcomed me those people is all people the ordinary slum dwellers of this community let me see your excellency our ambassador our commander you chief our chief marshal why you remain standing who asked the chief of protocol second of mushroom Yahoo no job my own adorable earu for another introduce the president so I will pass the microphone over to her and sure introduce our boss thank you very much [Applause] thank you thank you behavior seats [Applause] [Applause] Thank You Dario Degel thank you thank you thank you [Applause] cabinet ministers members and officials of the know community prominent friends distinguished ladies and gentlemen well first of all a will be a great honor to be in your community and I wanted to know that this community is now forgotten no in our elections when still Mia we spoke to you to be confident in us and our work for the poor with brother general the proportion in your interests well let me remind you the previous government came to you the promise that they will face the roads there will be a schools of being a hospital and will give you jobs but you said to them they've been a long time you wanna add me you little now yeah we come we want to thank you not only for entrusting your life I want to tell you for a resilient it doesn't matter what is why was said you are still optimistic and you are ready to bring about the change for who as I said to you to a campaign time the team from hood is to give you the possibility to be a leader today we are here I would inform you that this exercise today is not a ground breaking this is not a ground breaking ceremony this is occurred to action for the businesses to start runaway for the road to be polite like a flower Oh you see we are yeah is not the brown [Applause] they were here the birthday I will have one shovel and ministers you can see we have on the borders are my men I ready to start work and I can guarantee you in three months I know your promise to be a sponsor in three balls this will be we will pave the road and I'm asking you to connect the world apart our applause sort of the Godman more insisted thousand people live here and I depend on you know I've given three months the community should be connected to clouds our community so our people can interact each other we not just promised I said to you on another day what I'm going to do is that in the eloquent over speech but it'll be my action my action is to work for you you brought me to the position I have no choice but the work for you and all my ministers the cabinet minister while we in cabinet meetings there's one though they're Liberian people we're gonna take our time community by community we'll do our best it was one of our best require we cannot do more our best and we'll try to do more our best we will think I listen to the young people to talk about their facility those around there's no jobs but you have to apply for job to get job you have to be persistent in voting for jobs there are so many jobs in Liberia you don't have to be fun a minister to have a job you got 7 7 s jobs you got popular you got leaders can give you the opportunity to obtain those jobs the jobs are I don't just sit home and say I want today there's no job I'm not ready tomorrow my example well it doesn't happen first second third time it happened you got away not only resilient but you have to be persistent everything that you do to persevere is not there one thing it's a patina process what I want to let you know that we should also thank our previous government things they didn't do that why you brought us they were still not started we want to continue that fault – any ever built house ministry has not completed that my duty to complete that well I blew the bill we will not bring anything we will continue and while we can because after all someone has become who can start to build stuff it's not a good thing that's why things are limited in this country you cannot break Minister and they build new ones you can repair this wall a big new $1 man is for you and will be for you ever will be of you good to see y'all mr. minister please this is not a groundbreaking this accords action please start the row and in three months when I'm coming back I want to see the prepared thank you [Applause] we will do our best to abide by dominance to make sure that with in three modes as he has directed that this will be placed once the president's means there will be resources Massa the fun or cultural governments I do ah Oh thank you very much what do you make of the President's speech today is for most of us enough time for also completed in fact already a lot of people agree what has been done so the funding for this project is already available so yes within three months as possible and you see some other contractors are already developing contracted the rule will be paid but with concrete not even as far so will be done because something I wish I don't follow why back our government bonala he has personally intervened you can rest assure that this work will be done within a timeframe allocated from the budget of the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works formula already this rule was budgeted for it was discipline rule where it was not implemented so now we are going to review the contract or the implementation can happen within a time frame is the government Liberia is falling this project is international I'm not sure but it's under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Works thank you thanks for the opportunity today [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] but what I think are what we try to do you know this is why we piss away so we can't touch a narumiya you can be really attention and home here what it needs is our people and for the rain there's not a new year and all their side because the community will be the road [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


  1. LNTV you are too slow in bringing informations to Liberians who are at of the country. Remember you are state entity and development informations should come from you first before other media outlets bring it.

  2. Fucking Liberian leaders only care for them self why the poor people are suffering…..shit holes country with shit holes leaders!!

  3. LNTV, you guys doing great bringing contend to us outside of Liberia. Thank you.
    But if you could please include the artist or link of the songs you played in the video in the description box, that would be great. The music is awesome, and I want to listen to the whole song but it's hard to look for the songs on you-tube because we don't know the name of the artist, or the song. P.S. That bana Day song…sounds dope.

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