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-Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles. And today, I’m going to show
you how to do the ponytail bow. So we’ve been seeing
this picture getting sent to us from a
lot of our fans. And we’ve already shown
you on other videos how to do the Lady Gaga
bow and also bowtails. But this is just a slightly
different variation that’s really fun,
and I think it’s going to be really popular. So what we have
done, we have just started by pulling her hair
into a really loose, soft side ponytail. Now, when you get it into
the side ponytail the way you want it, I’m just going
to pick up a piece of hair off the top, maybe,
like a 1-inch section. So the large majority of her
hair is still going to be down. Now, I’m going to
add some fiber gum. Or you can use some
pomade, whatever you want. Just a little bit. I’m just going to
run it on the top just to try to help control
some of the flyaways while we’re making the
bow part of her hair. So you get that kind
of worked through. OK now I’m going to take
another small elastic– and just note that
this one is also a very small elastic
that matches her here. We want it to blend in. And I’m going to
take another one. And I’m going to put it
over her hair like so, and wrap it around and form
the bow part of her hair right there. Now using the same elastic–
you can see I still have it on my fingers, I’m going
to go over here and grab the other end of her
hair that’s still loose, and do kind of the same thing. I’m going to wrap
it around her hair and begin to form another
little loop to the bow. Now, the ends might
get a little crazy. That’s OK. You can work those out. And you can see that we’ve
kind of formed our bow. I’m going to just make
that loop a little looser. OK. So we’ve got the basic
structure for our bow in place at this point. You can see it. So if you think your loops
are a little too small or anything like
that, this is the time you kind of want to mess
around with your loops and just perfect them. OK. So when you’ve got the
basic bow in place, then what you are going to do
now is hide those elastics. So there’s a couple
ways to do this. I’m going to reach–
you can see these are the ends that
we had used before. I’m going to grab
under here and grab another small little
section like so. Now, you can do a couple things. And I’ll show you all
of them, and then you can decide which works for you. You can take this and simply
take it up and over like so and then bobby pin
it down under here so that it would stay
in place like that. Or, this is option number two. You can split this in half, take
them both up over the middle like so, over each
side of the loop. And then take another
small rubber band and put it right
there on her hair. And then that would
hold it like this. But the downside
to that one is you may see the little rubber band. So just be aware of that. My personal favorite
option– but you do you need this tool– is
my fantabulous Topsy Tail. We’ve talked about these
before in other hairdos. The Topsy Tail allows you
to just kind of stick this in right behind the
bow itself like so. And then I’m going
to take the hair, put it through the Topsy
Tail, give the Topsy Tail a little tug
through like so, and it wraps the
hair around there. Then what I’m going to do
is just take a bobby pin. OK, I’m going to try to show–
lean forward just a little bit so they can see
it really clearly. Take the bobby pin. Do you see where the hair
goes into the ponytail part? I’m just going to
take the bobby pin, stick it basically right
on top of that same hair, and take it down. And that’s just going to
secure that hair in place. So then– OK. You can put your
head back up now. I’m just going to go
back and tweak our bow so that I love the way it looks. Fluff it. You can take a little
hairspray and kind of comb those loops if you want
so they look soft and pretty. And comb that down. And then– OK. So here’s another trick. This is another trick by me. Lean forward. Can you see this first
elastic that we did? The original elastic
for the ponytail. So I like that to be hidden. I can just barely see it
poking out right there. So what I’m going to
do is take the hair, just give it a nice, gentle tug. This is just going to help
loosen up your ponytail. and it’s also going
to pull that elastic down even closer to that hair
so you can see it even less. So there you go. OK. Put your head up. The fun, fun ponytail bow. I’m sure that this is
going to be a popular one. And I hope that you try it. Send me pictures of
how it turns out. You can Facebook them to me. I’ll turn you so you can see a
great little shot of her bow. Have fun, and we’ll
see you guys later.


  1. Is this hairstyle a right fit for those who are from 80's generation or is it limited to only young girls? even though sometimes I feel too old to wear a bow in my hair still very inspired cuz I know there are also, ways to wear a grown up hair bow. Your daughter is so cute by the way.

  2. I have a question can I do it a regular pony or high pony instead of a side pony? I really wanna find a hair style for school tomorrow i
    have a concert

  3. I'm in my mid 30's and I'm going to wear this tomorrow to work. What is the age range for wearing this hairstyles anyways?

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