PhD Scholarships: How to find PhD scholarships to study in Canada

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In this video we will answer a Question from Raiki from India. He says: I want to study
in Canada and obtain my PhD at a Canadian university.. Is there a way for me to find
information on how to find a PhD Scholarship? We recommend you go visit Studdys` website, There you will find what we like to call “buckets”of
funding Briefly named these are: 1. Fellowships
2. Scholarships 3. Programs with funding; and
4. Open research positions Here on you will be able to learn
more about all these different funding options,but In this video we will show you how to get
to the PhD Scholarships to enable you to be on your way to your PhD in Canada!.
Once you are on our Homepage, you can navigate to the top of the page and hold your cursor
over the SCHOLARSHIPS tab. . . . . You will see a field being displayed offering different
options to choose from. Under the heading “BY DEGREE” can click on Doctorate.
You will land on a page displaying the list of all the PhD scholarships available.
The name of the scholarship is indicated, and on the left of the scholarship name, the
amount offered is indicated. The degree type and the location is also shown here. You can
go through the list from the top if you feel like browsing the scholarships, or you can
use the search box located on the right hand side of the page.
Here you can look for a certain scholarship by name, or narrow down your search by entering
your field of study and degree type. Once this is done, you can click on SEARCH
The search results will then indicate all the PhD or doctorate scholarships in your
certain field of study. On the left you can see the amounts offered. Raiki, here you can
click on the scholarship name to see the details of the scholarship you are interested in.
Since this information is only available to our Studdys members, we do recommend you register
here. It is quick to do and totally free! Once you are registered, the description page
of the scholarship will indicate all you need to know, like requirements, contact details
and application procedures. If you fit the requirements, you can go ahead and apply!
Hope this helped you to see how you can find a PhD Scholarship! Thank you Raiki and we
wish you all the best with your PhD scholarship search!
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  2. hlo…i am from india and want to persue my phd in forestry from canada…please tell me the different scholorships i could get for my phd in forestry. especially from UBC. thankuu.

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