PhD Qualifying Exam Stories: Andrea Coleman

So I remember the day of my qualifying exam everything was going so smooth. I remember they had a break in between and I was feeling so confident in myself because they even said to me
that was wonderful. So I thought the second half
would be quick and easy as well. Well, until I came in there. And we got to a topic I didn’t know. They asked about “Fractional Occupancy.” And I remember I almost collapsed to my feet at that moment because what the heck is “Fractional Occupancy?” I was scared to death and I tried to go to the chalkboard and
just fake it out but I was screwed. And I asked for a hint and they said, “Equilibrium.” And I — I was still screwed. So… They finally got me, and because of that I had to write a 12 to 15 page paper. But! It’s all over now and I’m glad to say I am officially advanced to candidacy!

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