PhD Programme – Supervisory Experience | Oxford Brookes Business School

I think it’s fair to say that it’s the
supervisory experience that has absolutely made this time at Oxford Brookes such a transformative period in my life. We are so friendly but again we maintained the professionalism very well – and I feel like family. There are moments in the journey of every PhD student where the road gets a bit bumpy and when that moment came for me my supervisors were very supportive for me and they kind of steered me into, or they stood me out of shallow waters let’s say. They’ve both been huge supporters in their different ways. One who has given me such confidence and shared in my imagination for what might become my research. And another who is a really focused on my style of writing, my research practice, and given great attention to – especially at this time – what I might do in six months time after submission. The PhD journey is always a bumpy ride and the supervisory experience is just excellent. We have good communication. So it’s an interesting part of the journey.

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