PhD Product Design – Ammar Irhoma

[MUSIC PLAYING] When I first wanted to do a PhD,
I had three reasons in my mind. So first, I wanted to,
for career aspirations, I want to get a job as an
expert professor in academia. And in order to do that,
you have to get PhD from a prestigious university. Another reason
would be, basically, my love for challenge. So I really like challenging,
and obviously, in order to get a PhD, you
have to contribute to the body of knowledge in your
field and create new knowledge. And that is really
a big challenge. So in order to do that,
you have to certainly push a lot of intellectual
boundaries. My research is about
sustainability, which meaning making
in engineering wise, making things, products,
processes, more environmentally friendly, has a lower
environmental impact, is greener, more efficient. And being an environmentally
friendly university, that’s a great pleasure and honour. The staff are really friendly
and approachable, supportive. That is one of
the main things I’m talking about, academic
staff and admin staff. importantly graduate school
students services have been really supporting. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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