1. PhD) Night-time scene. (PhD) The streets are mean. (PhD) The things I have seen. (PhD), the good, the bad, and the in-between. When you dive to prone, you are surely gonna own, PhD (Flopper)! When you dive to prone, it's gonna shake ya to the bone, all the zombies gonna groan, 'cause of PhD! (PHD) The feelin's growing strong. (PhD) So right that it feels wrong. (PhD) Like the chorus of a song. (PhD) Not short but not too long. Slap your body to the floor, everybody needs some more, of your lovin', your explosive lovin'. When you dive to prone, it's gonna shake ya to the bone, all the zombies gonna groan, cause of PhD! (PhD) (Flopper)!

  2. Hey Motion Arc, could I possibly use some of this in a video series I do on the Perks in Zombies? I will obviously link back to this video and your channel, but if not, that's perfectly fine! Thanks! 🙂

  3. Everyone keeps complaining that theres no PHD Flopper in BO3, well how would they bring it back beacause theres no dolphin diving theres just that stupid slide, if they brought PHD back it could work like when you bought PHD it would replace the slide with the old dolphin dive when you get it

  4. The only thing I hate is that you showed PH.D. In some places like in die rose where you can't get it. And in MOTD where it is thrown out like trash. Lol jk. Nice Video.

  5. 1:22 The jingle in the background sounds like,PHD joins the perks paradise,along with Who´s Who,Vulture Aid and Tombstone.
    And the next on the list is probably Widows Wine

  6. i kinda get why it wasn't in BO3. Sliding is now the thing. But there are mods on BO3 with PHD and you slide to create the explosion but thats treyarch for ya

  7. BO4 better have PhD. All they have to do is make it so double tapping the prone button makes you dolphin dive, and holding it makes you slide. Boom, probelem solved. Best of both worlds.

  8. Bring back the PhD flopper for whatever kind of triple F- title your gonna hide under the formerly great name that Cod once made for itself with parts 1/2 including the UO expansion and imho WaW PLEASE?

    All the modern garbage, black something, infinite boredom and co. didnt even deserve to be released under that name.
    Of Course thats unless they had made it sort of a spaceholder/filler in between the already mentioned games and the sadly failed world war 2 trying to be a cod1/2 with better graphics while lacking nearly everyting that made people play these games for 5,10 or 15 years.

    Dont agree but care enough to disagree?
    Well then how come that 7-9/10 People dont play games for more than a few weeks or months AT BEST anymore, unless its the actual "main" game of a nolifing junkie like ourselfs?
    Most likely they just fell for all the newschool "1st semester psycho-class tricks" as i like to call em,
    that lots of companies (Publishers more likely than devs obv.) are pulling off to make sure at least the already mentioned people that are rather "simple" in their sets of mind, are being "mentally forced" to keep on playing their (not SO) "bad" games.

    Are we ever going to see an actual call of duty 3?…
    Ofc it would release as call of booty part 723 most likely, or as random game with a not so random name as usual, but hey hope always dies last some optimist once told me.


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