Pete Buttigieg’s SHOCKING Admission About South Bend Schools

>>Pete Buttigieg has been on the campaign
trail and he’s getting schooled on his failures when it comes to education, whether it be
free public college tuition or racial integration in public schools. Now, no one admits his failures on the campaign
trail more than Pete Buttigieg. And for some reason, he doesn’t pay the consequences
for it. Here’s a recent example. Here he is speaking to, he was in, I believe,
North Carolina, speaking to Reverend William Barber. Take a look.>>I have to confess that I was slow to realize. I worked for years under the illusion that
schools in my city were integrated, because they had to be because of a court order. But what I slowly realized was that while
that was true within the limits of the South Bend Community School District as they were
drawn. If you looked at the county, almost all of
the diversity of our youth was in a single school district, which is ours.>>So he’s admitting that he was slow to realize
that the schools were actually pretty segregated.>>Very slowly. He repeated that twice.>>He should live in South Carolina. I mean, he should spend the rest of his campaign
in South Carolina. It’s the only way he has a chance at the nomination
to make a tiny bit of inroads with black voters.>>So he’s polling sometimes at 0% in South
Carolina with African-American voters. Marianne Williamson is kicking his ass in
South Carolina with African-American voters, that’s true. But I almost thought you were gonna say, Emma,
that he should live in South Bend so that he might be able to figure out what the hell’s
going on in his home town. You’ve been mayor since what, 2012? And you just figured out that the schools
are not integrated? I mean, think about that. That’s a stunning admission. I have the what if Bernie rule now, hastag
W-I-B-R, WIBR, okay? If Bernie eight years in or seven years in
to being mayor of Burlington was like I didn’t know the schools were not segregated. It turns out black people have problems in
our schools and our schools are very poorly funded? I didn’t bother looking into that.>>Are you kidding me?>>They would have shredded him, shredded
him.>>And this is now the second time that Buttigieg
has admitted very publicly that he has failed when it comes to racial issues. The first time was on the debate stage when
he was asked specifically about racism in South Bend within the police department and
he confessed that he hadn’t done enough. He hadn’t done enough in the community. That was his answer.>>But let’s be honest, the debate moderators
aren’t pressing him enough. He’s getting some heat for it-
>>Right.>>Now, because he’s polling at literally
0%.>>But when we look back at 2016, didn’t Bernie
get way more heat for it? And he was polling way better with black voters
than Buttigieg is now. Because for some reason the media treats him
with kid gloves and the rest of the candidates, I think you made this point, Jane. Kamala Harris, who had that scathing piece
written about her and now just dropped out in the New York Times. She was an establishment candidate that the
media was okay with kicking. But for some reason, Buttigieg, they’re so
against going after him on very significant policy issues. That clip of him in February saying that Medicare
for All is the compromised position. Why has that not come up in any debate whatsoever
when all they wanna talk about is Medicare for All, and then he says Medicare for All,
who? I don’t wanna go off on a tangent here, but
this is also what happens when you’re bred in a lab to be a politician and you’re a Harvard
Rhodes scholar and you do all the right things and you’re in it for the power only, as opposed
to actually representing your community in South Bend.>>Right.>>Well, the reason that some media organizations,
like the New York Times, are in love with Pete Buttigieg is because he is in their exact
subculture.>>Exactly.>>Right, so in this case, it’s not about
the money as much as the intellectual elitism. So they’re like I do declare, went to Harvard,
was a Rhodes Scholar and speaks Norwegian and plays the piano. I do love Buttigieg. So because they had that perspective, when
he says yeah, I didn’t bother looking into any of the black schools in South Bend, didn’t
really care, just found out the other day. New York Times and the rest of media look
at that and go bravo for being so honest. Another win for Buttigieg. You’re like what? Any other candidate would have been eviscerated
for that.>>And it doesn’t matter because he’s smart,
but he says nothing at all. And that’s the thing that bothers me so much,
that the elitist Left fetishizes intelligence, but it doesn’t matter what you say. You just gotta be smart and you go to a good
institution and then you check all the boxes for them.>>But Emma, that’s such a great point because,
ironically, as they fetishise intelligence, they don’t care to be intelligent themselves. Now, that’s a heavy criticism but it’s merited. So they’re like well, he sounds really intelligent. I don’t know what he’s saying, though. But I like it. If you were really intelligent, wouldn’t you
care a lot about what he’s actually saying? Does his policy change, as it clearly did
on Medicare for All? Would you care about that? What is his actual policy stance on any of
these issues? As he talks in a way that seems to try to
appeal to all sides. And then, they look at that and they go what
a great politician.>>So-
>>He’s saying everything that everybody wants to hear. No, that also means the other way of looking
at it is he’s not being honest.>>So, in an interview with Vice, he was actually
asked about the fact that he doesn’t really say anything when he’s talking. And so, let’s hear what his answer is.>>On the one hand, you definitely speak very
progressively, but you don’t have a lot of super specific policy ideas.>>Yeah, part of where the Left and the center-Left
had gone wrong is we’ve been so policy led that we haven’t been as philosophical. We like to think of ourselves as the intellectual
ones. But the truth is the Right has done a better
job in my lifetime of connecting up its philosophy and its values to its politics. Right now, I think we need to articulate the
values, lay out our philosophical commitments, and then develop policies off of that. And I’m working very hard not to put the cart
before the horse.>>Is there time for that? They want the list, they wanna know exactly
what you’re gonna do.>>I think you can actually be a little bit
dishonest to think you have it all figured out on day one.>>But here’s the problem. I mean, he hasn’t said anything specific when
it comes to his philosophical values either. What are his philosophical values? Who is Pete Buttigieg and what does he bring
to the table? Other than the cutesy stuff about how he can
speak various languages and went to a fancy school.>>Other than Pete for all who want it.>>That’s a great line. But that was almost like a sketch out of Saturday
Night Live.>>That was pretty amazing.>>There’s a criticism that you don’t say
anything specific in terms of policy points. Right, that’s why I’d like to talk about philosophy
and values.>>Wait a minute, that’s not specific policy
points at all.>>That’s right, cuz I think that philosophy
and values are important.>>He doesn’t like to put the cart before
the horse.>>But pretending as if that’s a political
advantage, remember in like 2009 or whatever when Bill O’Reilly was talking about how Obama
loved philosophers? Since when did philosophy actually matter
to anyone except your political maneuvering?>>Except New York Times reporters?>>Yeah, right, exactly.>>No, but here’s the thing. I think your political philosophy does matter. And in an effort to prove what your philosophy
is, you put forth policy proposals, right?>>Yeah.>>Look, I don’t think that any policy proposal
that any candidate proposes right now is gonna be the end result even in an ideal world for
them, right? It’s gonna be negotiated in Congress, obviously. But it’s about your values. It’s about putting your values forward, demonstrating
what your political philosophy is, and showing what you’re willing to fight for. That’s the reason why people care so much
about policy in this election.>>So another way of summarizing that is policy
is values. It tells you what your values are.>>Yes.>>So let’s take Medicare for All is an example. We say if you’re middle class and you don’t
have insurance because you can’t afford it, and your kid gets cancer, under the current
system we’re gonna let that kid die. That’s brutal. That’s that’s your value system. And Bernie Sanders, and to some degree now,
Elizabeth Warren, are saying no, we’re not gonna let him die. We’re gonna give health care to everybody.>>Buttigieg says well, Medicare for All,
for those who want it. No, wait a minute. That still maintains the system of copays,
premiums, deductibles. You can either pay to private insurance or
to the government. It’ll still bankrupt you, right? So that also tells you your values, that you
don’t actually want a Medicare for All system that would take care of everyone, and you
don’t have to do copays, premiums, and deductibles. You don’t have to bankrupt those families,
and you can actually take care of them. How else would you state your values, whether
it’s in English or Norwegian?>>Look, he was very specific about his political
philosophy in his own book, which was released shortly before he decided to run. In that book, he mocked Harvard students who
were protesting in order to increase the wages of custodial workers on campus.>>Man.>>That is his political philosophy. So if that’s a political philosophy anyone’s
into, I mean, by all means go for it.>>You know what, though? He is the creation of a political system that
looks down on people and voters.>>Yes.>>And that’s who he is. He thinks that he can dupe people by saying
fancy phrases like cart before the horse. And speak in different languages and do all
of that. And to a large extent, that’s what the academic
elite and the east coast elite, which are where his voters are all concentrated, by
the way, in like Chelsea in the West Village in New York city and in LA and in San Francisco. They all think that they can just say things
to voters and rule in this kind of Roman senatorial way where they know what’s best for everyone
else. It’s almost anti-democratic in a way, because
you’re not saying what you actually believe, and it doesn’t really matter to you what you’re
gonna institute. The power matters because you think you know
better than everyone else. It’s elitism at its worst. And it’s why Democrats have lost in so many
races leading up to now. But we’re changing now, because we’ve got
Populists like Bernie Sanders and AOC.>>Yeah.>>So I’m gonna say one last thing about this.>>To be fair to him, he is doing well in
Iowa, that is the middle of the country. A lot of his donors are on the coast. I imagine they’ll also vote for him. But then, he’ll turn around and say no, I’m
better cuz I’m from Indiana and I understand the problems of real Americans. Hold up. First of all, New York and California are
also real Americans. Second of all, that’s where you’re raising
all of your money. So let’s keep it real, okay? Those are the people that are actually powering
your campaign. And then, lastly, there’s also a culture of
cynicism in the mainstream media. So they think anyone who cares about issues
is naive and a bit of a rube like issues, no. Us sophisticated people know that all the
politicians don’t care about issues and nothing’s ever gonna get done. We’re so sophisticated. So for them, Buttigieg being an empty vessel
is not the bug, it’s the feature. So if you are an intellectual elite on the
coast who’s deeply cynical and doesn’t care about the issues at all people, Pete Buttigieg
is the perfect candidate for you. He’s almost built for the mainstream media. So that is why it’s unsurprising that he’s
gotten almost no criticism whatsoever from them as others have been attacked nonstop
in this campaign.


  1. And the irony here is as a student at one of the most conservative universities I just wrote a paper advocating to raise the minimum wage

  2. Policy proposals are philosophical positions with the blue collar outfit on. (A bill means toolbox, delivery van and the work boots).

  3. I have ZERO PROBLEM with the LGBTQ Community, but less be honest; the reason Buttigeig is not being called out on his bs is because he is gay and ppl are afraid of the backlash that would come from criticizing him

  4. Tulsi and Bernie seem to have the truth. I think Pete is a plant and supported by the intelligence community which why he gets a pass from the media.

  5. >White people cannot help but oppress black folks

    > Access to White people (aka integration) is a civil right

  6. I can't get over Buttigieg firing the Black Police chief in South Bend to please his White constituents. He never showed any concern for the fact that some of his police were caught making racist remarks against the very constituents they were hired to protect!! He showed right then who and what were priorities to him. The fact that he admitted in this interviews that it took years to realize the schools in his city were segregated further illustrates that Blacks are not a priority!!

  7. Those criticizing Buttigieg don't seem to know much about him. Or they've read one story and made up their mind with very little information. If you followed his campaign you'd realize how dumb some of these comments are. And the three in this video seem to be a bit bitter that someone considered moderate is doing so well. He's doing so well because he's everything Trump isn't – intelligent, unifying, and thoughtful. The three in this video are coming across like anti-intellectualists. They are acting like Bernie or Busters who just give all the power to Trump.

  8. Petes like'to call himself a stand-up philosopher. In my part of the world, they are known as Bullshit Artist period.

  9. When Emma speaks I say, "Yes Emma is the best, Emma is my favorite."
    When Anna speaks I say, "Yes Anna is the best, Anna is my favorite."
    When Cenk speaks I say, "Yes Cenk is the best, Cenk is my favorite."
    TYT is a cornucopia of talent.

  10. let's not forget another person who spoke in nice sounding generalities and governed with little substance or drive… it was all 'hope n change' at one point: Yes We Can

  11. well I dont know if thats his fault due to the way the town is already divided, like there's the poor side of town and then things get richer the closer you get to mishawaka and notre dame. Like what is he supposed to do, send students to schools not even by their house in the name of diversity? I went to Riley, it had about 50/50 in terms of black to white students, and that school was like a 5 minute walk down the road, am I supposed to be sent all the way to Clay just so Pete doesn't look racist? That being said I'M FROM SOUTH BEND, the people on the TV are talking about a place where I been! I went to those schools! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  12. I lived in Michigan for four years. It only took me one year to see how Southern-West part of Michigan is segregated. One time I went to a Bloom Festival and it was so weird to me that the bands were either all black or all white. Depending on the district. I was depressed after the festival because people just see it as a normal thing. I grew up in Los Angeles, so it was a culture shock to live there.

  13. He's good at smooth shiny abstract constructs, and leaving the dirty messy concrete reality to the hordes of insignificant nobodies to worry about.

  14. I will vote for any Democrat to make sure this guy never gets the nominee.

    Philosophy is dumb, I want to see plans.

  15. Ahhh, so Buttigieg is just another Moderate Republican then. "Ohhh, I do declare, what wisdom can we learn from the Republicans!!" Para-phrasing Buttigieg answer considering he's a Democrat.

  16. I can't stand how he talks. I think he's trying to use the cadence and intonation of Barack Obama. So he wants to sound like the white Barack Obama and use his Indiana-ness to detract from his establishment loyalties.

  17. It's official: Buttigieg is a moron. Has anybody heard what he said about philosophy and policy? Only a moron would lie like that.

  18. F Booty Gig , two bit Hoosier after more power and using the Stupid to get it. the Fkr is nothing but another Wolf in Repuke's clothing

  19. I mean people feel as though they need to go out then why not vote for him since they keep moving I just want to know who will be his first man and what will he wear and will they go out to eat and catch planes to gather.

  20. Ana's right. The left isn't too focused on policy, and lacking in philosophy. That's because policy REFLECTS your values and philosophy. Pete doesn't care about policy because he doesn't really care about anyone but himself. He's almost certainly a clinical narcissist. That's why he switched on medicare for all. It makes him 'look better' among the people he thinks he needs.

  21. Stop attacking Buttigieg for speaking Norwegian,. French, Spanish, German, Portuguese…That is a GOOD thing. Attack his policy stances

  22. Fetishize intelligence? What are they talking about? I don't want to be on here defending Mayor Pete, but is that the most substantive criticism they can muster? They sound like a Fox News panel complaining about nerdy, overly-intellectual liberals. Trump = Idiot. G.W. Bush = Idiot. G.H.W. Bush = Maybe not an idiot but not necessarily a scholar either. Reagan = Idiot. Is this the standard we want now?

  23. I wrote my first comment before the video ended. Now, I've heard something worse. "Cart before the horse" is a "fancy statement"??!!! What??!! Now, they're truly sounding like Fox News anti-intellectuals.

  24. I subscribe to TYT, but that may have to end. How many videos can basically say any Dem candidate that isn't Bernie must be trashed. Buttigieg never said he JUST NOW recognized the segregation of SB schools, but Cenk pretends he did. At least try to be objective.

  25. What are you talking about? HOW MANY PEOPLE realize that schools in the state of NEW YORK are the most segregated in the country?

  26. Additionally…all 3 of you attended segregated schools. The whole country is more segregated than it was in the 60s. Mayors and/or City Council members rarely, if ever, have to even think about schools. Get real. Pete is a useless screwball for many reasons…but not this issue.

  27. He isn't the country commissioner, he's mayor of the city so he can't do anything to change the racial makeup of the school district. I don't think that his answer was an admission of any faults or failures of his own doing. There are valid racial issues in South Bend but this isn't one of them.

  28. Lol just mad about people gaining ground on Bernie/Liz. Lie about Pete more TYT. Ana probably has the hots for him and is mad he’s married to Chasten

  29. My mom was born in 1957 in central Fla. Her schools weren't truly integrated until her senior year in. I feel so lucky that my mother is old enough to remember those days. My grandma had WORSE stories. Hell there are still schools that are mostly segregated to this day in some areas.

  30. Why would I vote for a candidate that's still figuring out their values, rather than one that knows what they are and what they specifically want to do to uphold those values.

  31. voters aren't interested in Pete's personal journey of discovery, especially when it's phony. They want someone already well-educated on the problems of Race and Class

  32. Wow the irony is so deep hear Pete booty judge says the right does a better job at equating its values and philosophies to it politics I wonder why maybe because establishment Democrats have run policies on the left and true left ideas left philosophy and values have never been represented and implemented in our politics because of people like people YOU booty judge! who only represents corporations and the wealthy f*** this guy dude what a f**** piece of s*** want to be Republican b** go f**** be a republican nobody on the left fucks with you a******.

  33. You can apply a lot of things to Bernie and see that it'd go differently. Imagine if Bernie sucked on his wife's finger on stage. The MSM would have had a field day with that!

  34. This is way too much of incompetence for Buttigieg to be POTUS. I also don't think that Rev. Barber should have entertained Buttigieg's photo op for the length of time he spent.
    The Eliteist Left and the Right both love Buttigieg.
    *Pete Buttigieg is a Right Wing Republican* People should not play dumb on this fact.

  35. They treat him with kid gloves because he's a kid. They don't want to get in trouble for hitting a child too hard.

  36. Obama got elected by using vague flowery language, with no clear policy. This made it easy for him to not deliver on any of it…electing a politician offering the same schtick will get us the same results!!!!!! Beware!!!

  37. Great, sooo… he isn't racist, he's just incompetent and/or uninformed, and trying to bluff his way around it. That's exactly what the U.S. really needs right now.

  38. Look at his backers you will see why the media will not criticize him. Disney, Nbc/Universal, Google, ATT, Comcast, Facebook ring a bell?

  39. I 100% agree with Ana that your philosophy totally matters. That's why I love Marianne Williamson so much (although my first pick is Bernie – I'd totally vote for MW). I don't think it's really possible to lead until you have analyzed, reflected on and determined your values and then you have your direction for everything else in life including your policies as a politician. I agreed with Pete that we have to have the values first but I was shocked that he has not figured out those values by now and begun laying out his policies, the way Marianne Williamson has done so beautifully (and Bernie Sanders as well). The fact that Pete is still stuck trying to figure out his values tells me he has not done the work needed to prepare for being a real leader. Any president should KNOW the values we hold dear as U.S. citizens, not just the Constitution and our laws but our moral and ethical values and the values that he or she intends to commit to in policy. That is the foundation for everything else.

  40. How is Mayor Pete actually intelligent? He is pretentious and highly privileged. I haven't seen any evidence that he isn't actually a dolt.

  41. 01:28 Bruh, he didn't say he "just figured out"…
    Why do you continuously have issues with your critical listening skills?

  42. I like that he takes ownership of his mistakes and tries to learn from them! I'd much rather that than double down as most people do. Every candidate has blind spots and I admire someone who will hear and change their policy as a result of a conversation or experience. So what if the person is smart and educated, I love TYT, but I turn off when it sounds like a generalised argument using his achievements as a strike against him. I get that I may be politically naive, but for the life of listening I still haven't heard anything which demonstrates a legitimate strike against him.

  43. Of course Mayor Pete won't have it figured out on day 1, he's feckless in researching how to get it done, whilst Bernie has been in the Senate for years, and has had the time, inclination, and ability to cultivate and refine his policy measures that will restructure the lives of the American people. Pete, save you philosophical rhetoric for the classroom bruh!!

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