Mine’s broken. Wow. There’s nothing in it. Oh, no. Guys, I got a broke one. Can we get another book? Oh, no. False alarm. Oh, I’ve heard of books. But I’ve never really seen them. How big is a book? Could I fit one in my van? I bought a book. I bought a book before. When have you ever
bought a book? I think I’ll play with it. He’s just going to look in it. No. He takes so long to
warm up to things. We got a– No. –cat We got a cat. And he didn’t pet
it for six months. Oh, growing up, I watched
Beauty and the Beast. And Belle really liked books. But she was also
trapped in a castle. And so wait, have
you eaten the book? How is it? But people say– Yeah. –that they, like, read a book. And I was like, prove it. Prove it. Right? But you do tell people
to prove a lot of things. I do. Yeah. Give me a heads up, though. Don’t just hand it to me. I might read it. You know, it’s hard to say. I’ve heard of people who
have been hurt by the paper. See, he’s so scared. Just talking about
it, he’s scared of it. Do we each get a book? Our own? [GASP] Do I get to keep it? Y-y-y-y-yo, yo, yo, hold on. Oh, look at this. It’s one of them. This is it? This is a book? Oh, they have these
at my coffee shop. So I know what to– oh. It’s, like, heavy. Wow. That’s way heavier than
I thought it would be. Is yours– do you think
yours is heavier than mine. I don’t know. Do you want to– Yeah. Yeah. Here, I’ll go over. Can we do this? Book, open. Book, open. Does it not– it’s not– OK. Oh, look at all these words. How about we do it–
we’ll do the same thing at the same time. OK? Left hand on, ready? And we’ll just place it. Are you supposed to just
keep them flat on the table? I think so. Oh, gosh. I guess it doesn’t
stay, but is it cute? It kind of looks cute to me. Am I supposed to be
holding it this much? I feel like I’m
doing all the work. Oh, yeah, it’s kind of greasy. I like it. But books weren’t
discovered until when? Like 16– 1600? I don’t know. Do you– when were– when
were books discovered? Wait, do we have the same book? There’s no way to know. I’m already kind of,
like, bored and tired. Oh. Oh! He used to be a model, but
that was a long time ago. Would I use a book again? I don’t know. I’m really busy. I’m swamped trying to get
this app off the ground. Oh. It’s like Uber for cats. I mean– I would read a book
again if someone paid me. I’m actually kind of, like,
can we get the books back? [LAUGHTER] You want them back? Can we get the books back? Can we get the books back? I can’t believe he
wants round two. Books don’t really fit my brand. I’m more of a motocross guys. One, two, three. [CHUCKLING] Now what? [MUSIC PLAYING]


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