PCC ESOL–How to Take English Classes at PCC

Hello. I will tell you about how to take English classes at PCC. To take classes at PCC, there are four things you need to do. You need to apply for admission to the college. Take the ESOL placement test. Go to orientation and register for classes. First we will talk about applying for admission. When you come to PCC the first time, you need to have your photo ID. An example of a photo ID is a driver’s license, passport, or other identification from your country with a picture of you. Next, go to the Admissions-Registration Office. Get an admission application. Fill out the admission application carefully. Write on the admission application with clear, neat handwriting. The admission application asks for your social security number. You do not need to write your social security number. The admission application asks for your name. Write your last name first. Your last name is your family name or your surname. If you have two last names, it is a good idea to put a hyphen in between the two last names. Use the name that is on your driver’s license or other ID. Spell you name the same way that is on your driver’s license or other ID. At PCC, you need to use the same name and same spelling of your name every time. The admission application asks your birth date. Write the month before the day. Month, then day, then year. There are many questions in the admission application. If you do not understand a question, don’t answer it. If you need help, ask a worker in the admission office. After you fill out the admission application, you need to give it to the admission office. You need to show your photo ID. The admissions worker will give you a paper with a number. This number is your identification number at PCC and is called a G-number. Keep the paper that PCC gives you. Write down and remember the G-number. Now you are ready to take an ESOL placement test. You will take the test on a computer and there are three parts: Reading, Grammar, and Listening. The test helps PCC to know what English class you should take. Go to the testing office to fine out the test schedule, or make an appointment. When you take the test, come 15 minutes early. Bring you photo ID. Bring your G-number. Do not bring your children. Take the test. After you take the ESOL placement test, the testing office worker will make an appointment for you. The appointment is for Orientation and Registration. The appointment will be from 3 days to 5 weeks in the future. You will get a paper with the appointment time and place. Keep the paper. Come back to PCC for your appointment with the Orientation worker. This worker will explain PCC and the ESOL program, answer your questions, and register you for the class if you are in Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. If you are in Levels 4 through 8, the worker will tell you which level to take, but you will register yourself. Sometimes students begin to take classes at PCC, but then they have a problem. They can’t come to class or they don’t have enough time to study. If you can’t come to class or you don’t have enough time, please tell your teacher right away. We are happy to have you come to class. Welcome to PCC!

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