1. What will putting him in jail for 90 years do? Bring back the victims? It's americas fault for letting teenagers buy automatic weaponry. Trump is a fat lying cunt if he thinks he would've ran in even without weaponry. Its shit like this that make me think 9/11 was well deserved. Americans are worthless trash.

  2. You can call me a dick but I don’t know how he should go to jail. He didn’t shoot anyone. He made a choice to go home to his family instead.

  3. Questions? Which means resulting in mass injury, even death,
    choice of delivery weaponry, is more desirable, clubbing with a metal baseball
    bat, stabbing and slashing with a long sharp machete, or shooting with a high
    caliber military style assault rifle?

  4. 96 years is excessive!! If he killed an innocent unarmed black kid he would get away! But they charge him 96 years for being bad at his job?! I would say the cop who shot a year old boy in 2 seconds was ALSO bad at his job!!!!!!

  5. I have mixed feelings about this which I’m sure a lot of you will probably talk shit but who cares I am going to say 90% of the people talking shit was a police officer alone would probably do the same thing you never know what’s gonna happen at that moment who knows what he thought he obviously is older who knows if his ears are fucking working correctly number one number two he has one police officer how would he know if there was one or six shooters inside but if the shooters were by the door soon as he entered got shot and killed how would he have save lives then ? Yes he said he would protect and serve but the funny thing is whenever a police officer does something wrong he’s wrong when he does something right he’s wrong that’s the problem with this society how the hell would he know if there was just one shooter or 10 in there I do think he should have circled looking through the doors and try to figure it out do I think he should walk into an ambush hell no what good is he dead it would’ve had the same outcome if he would’ve walked in and got shot and killed himself then everybody would be calling him stupid for going in there without back up no matter what happens these days the person is in the wrong miss the old days miss the real people

  6. Some people just don't have any guts. I'm not sure if they are born that way or made.This is why the teachers who want to should be armed. I'm sure some of them have what it takes.Give them a fighting chance at least. Maybe if the school had more then one guy to depend on ,chances are one of them would step up.

  7. "This is not happening to other countries where fire arms are easily accessible, especially third world countries that are too poor to have high security in schools.

    There is a high chance that school shootings are organized by democrats to support their policy.

    Practically speaking, once a school shooting happens, the government will immediately take extreme measures to increase the security of schools, if the government can stop a foreign agent from stealing technology or assassinating someone, then a mere kid with a gun is no question.

  8. No a school district that hired an older out of shape man. They paid crap for the position and now want a fall guy. He was in over his head he wasn't a Navy Seal. He took care of the small stuff. Let all the tough guys on the page step forward in a situation like this. I doubt any of you have the balls. The schools should hire trained young policemen with combat experience.

  9. This is a sad case. I don't think it's right this man is being charged. Removed from duty yes, but sent to prison?

  10. I don't blame him, if I was the cop I wouldn't have run in either, better someone die than risk myself dying

  11. You never know how you're going to react until you're put in that situation. It's easy to call this guy a coward, but the sad truth is that cowardice is the norm. Bravery is rare. I hate to burst the bubbles of the armchair warriors, but there's a 90% chance you would of pussied out too.

  12. Where is the school health official ? Are they being charged? This cop 18 months before the shooting tried to have the gunman commited to a mental hospital and was overruled by school health officials. Why are the parents not charged for raising this maniac! That is number one criminals! These charges will go nowhere just political cover for leaders there who should all be replaced!

  13. This whole story just doesn't make any sense,why did he wait for half an hour outside the building and also directed officers away from the building?Sounds like some inside job to me.

  14. Dirty coward, why was a turd like this put in such a position of responsibility as guarding a school? what a scum sucking POS

  15. At least this time the killing wasn't from being frighten but from being a bitch(coward)! What else is new 😑

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