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– Recently there was one
mass shooting that happened and a lot of kids got
hurt and some got killed. Do you want a hug? Come here. Wanna take a break, yeah? Aww. – My name is Erica and this is: – Jason. – I’m Tyrone. – And I’m Kitisha Jones. – No.
– No. – So we’re here to talk about
school and mass shootings. – Okay. – Are you guys comfortable with that? – Yes.
– Yeah. – The reason that we’re here today is to talk about mass shootings. – Do you know what mass shootings is? When a lot of people get shot by guns. What do you think about that? – Really sad. – Yeah, it’s sad. – Why would they do that? – Why? – Yes. – I think that’s a good question. I don’t think I can tell you exactly why. And so it’s crazy to think
that somebody would come in and hurt other people so it’s
not easy to talk about it because I have to, I think about you. – Did you hear about any this year? – Yeah, there was a couple shootings. I think there was one in, was it Vegas? Or no Florida, it was Florida? – There was one in both. – The Florida shooting, like
our school learned about that and we did a bunch of drills for it. – What did your school teach you? – We went to the back of the room. We turned all of the lights off. – We all hide in a corner and
put a thing at our windows. – We close the window, we lock
the door, and then we hide. – How does that make you feel? – It makes me feel scared. – Why do we have to do that at school? – Because some people might have guns. – What would happen if
you were in the lunchroom, what would you do if
that started happening? – Find the closest classroom and hide. – What happens if you’re in the library or going to the bathroom? – Our teachers said run
to the nearest classroom, even if it’s not yours. – What if the shooter was in the hallway? – Yeah, if he was right
there by the washroom? – What I suggest you
do is just stay there. Don’t run into the hallway,
don’t run towards the bullets. Where you are, stay
where you are and hide. – Just last week, you guys
did have a lockdown at school. Do you know what that was about? – Yeah, it was someone breaking
into someone else’s house. First thing they said it was just a drill. Then later on, then they
said it was a shooting. I can’t really explain the fear I had but it was a feeling I
had never felt before. – Did you have to do lockdowns
when you were in school? – No, we didn’t have
school shootings then. They’ve only really become an issue since we’ve deemed schools
gun-free safe spaces and I think that that’s just
a magnet to people with guns. – Would you feel safer if
your teacher carried a gun? – I don’t know, it’d just be
weird thinking about my teacher having a gun. – I would probably feel more
safe if the teachers had guns because they could easily
protect our whole class. – But it could put the kids in danger too. – Yeah. – I feel like teachers that
want to should be trained and get their conceal carry permit. – What happens if the shooter
goes into the teacher’s room that does not have a gun? – But what if the teacher
next to him does have a gun? – Well, that teacher’s gonna have to be… – You’re still gonna have casualties but you’re gonna have less casualties as opposed to you’re waiting for the cops. – But that teacher’s gonna
have to be brave enough to go out of the room,
leave their kids in the room by themselves when the
shooter could run out and go into the other kids’ room. – Yeah. – I don’t think that
teachers should have guns. I think there’s a lot of
busy hands in a classroom. – If the teachers are
being armed, I don’t think it’ll really go well. I feel like they’ll
kinda use it as a threat. Oh, shoot the gun in the
air, turn in your homework! – Really? Well what are you doing in school? – You know that we have
guns in our house, right? – Yeah. – Like the ARs. (making bullet noises) – Uh… – Should we be allowed to have that? – Yeah, to defend ourselves
in wars and stuff. – A lot of people think that
we shouldn’t arm teachers. – We should! – And that we should take
away all of the rifles. – That wouldn’t prevent shootings because the criminals don’t care. – That’s right. – They’ll just go give me that
gun (making bullet noises). – People have so many different opinions, they don’t wanna work together cause I want my idea to be
out, but you want your idea to be out, and then this person
wants their idea to be out. Because we can’t come to… – An agreement? – Yes, a simple agreement,
we keep having to watch these kids and adults
just die for no reason. – So there was another
mass shooting at Sandy Hook and that was little kids. – A lot of kids got hurt
and some got killed. Do you want a hug? Come here. Wanna take a break, yeah? Okay, let’s do that, yeah. Aww. – Could you imagine going
to school and that happening and one of your friends getting shot? You alright? Give me a hug, it’s alright. – Do you guys remember Sandy Hook? – Yeah. – I think that affected me
the most because all the kids were your age and I think
that’s why Mom and I went and got our concealed
carry and our pistols. – I just don’t like
that we don’t feel safe all the time, you know? – It’s like you have a whole farm of sheep and a few foxes and you don’t wanna be around the foxes because they can kill you. – I don’t know what else to do. – If there was a shooting at my school, I would just want you
to stay where you are and just pray. I definitely don’t want
to put you in harm’s way. – I don’t think I could just sit there, and I’m gonna have to do something. I can try and find a
solution to stop the person from shooting people. – Once you get there,
they’re not gonna let you in the building. You’re safer where you are, and I know it’s easier said than done but it’s what I would like. – I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I would completely go crazy you know, taking someone so close to me, someone who’s been there for me, someone who’s raised me, just to see them go and it would just tear me apart and I wouldn’t know
what to do with myself. – Well I know I raised
a good boy, a young man. So, like you said,
God-willing, I’ll still be here for a long, long time, okay? None of that. God’s got me, son. I love you. – Love you too. – That’s great they have these
drills in your guys’ schools but what I really want you guys to do is you guys have to be aware
of your surroundings. You can’t have somebody do that for you. – If you’re ever feeling sad about this, shootings and stuff like that, we can talk about it. It’s something that we should talk about more than once, right? – You good, yeah? Are you feeling better
than you did earlier? – Mm hmm. – Yeah? A lot of times when things are really dark and really scary, people
become very, very brave. – Like me. – Yeah, can you be a warrior? – Mm hmm. – Yeah, are you being brave
talking about it right now and thinking about it, even though it’s scary to
think about and talk about? It’s good to be aware that we’re scared and it’s good to try to be careful. – Yeah, but you can’t be always scared. – That’s right, that’s right. – I love you. – I love you too. – You’re gonna stay safe. – Yeah. – And do your best. (melancholy music)


  1. My parents wouldn't need to explain it to me because i already know about shootings
    I almost experienced one i had to sit under my desk for like 2 hours

  2. I wish I can stand in the front line telling everyone this what I want to say but I can’t do my full statement I wish I can just I wish everyone could just stop for a minute and think what they’re doing to the earth like the shootings making peoples numbers going down by time kids are dying one by one because of shootings because the adults rages and sometimes students and I kind a want everything to stop and I know that I’m just a little late I’m just a little 12-year-old but I hope someone that has a bigger like me can stop these people and give those people no harm in their way to stop them from raging anymore I don’t say hurt them put them in I don’t say put them in prison I don’t say execute them what I say is put to prison just for a few times and put them under like something that can help them with their stuff if they need help because a lot of shootings involved five people needing help that’s for the I want to say

  3. At my school, we have this policy (where it’s completely terrible) but, if a student is outside, we aren’t allowed to open the door to anyone. So, for example if there’s a student crying outside, wanting to get inside for safety we’re suppose to just keep quiet and let it happen. But, if we decide to open the door we have to go outside with them, so… in the end it’s just a choice that kids shouldn’t be having to make. You either, go out there and be with the other student, OUTSIDE TOGETHER and maybe die, or just stay inside and save yourself and hear the person outside just.. get killed.

  4. Im in middle school and there were so many times where some kids brought actual guns to school. So now we have to bring clear bookbags.

  5. Watching this breaks my heart. My school district got a gun threat last year, and it never happened, but I remember being so scared to go to school the next day. Kids shouldn’t be scared to go to school, since school is supposed to be a safe space.

  6. I don't know why America doesn't look at what numerous other countries have done which is enforce gun control or remove guns altogether, in those countries eg Australia they have not had a mass shooting only until recently since guns were taken away in i think the 90s.

  7. Guns? If the teachers had guns, two things could happen. They can go crazy and shoot people, or they could get arrested for shooting in a school.

  8. 4:59 I thought he was a good kid but now I’m starting to think he is a type of kid that will shoot up the school

  9. I am lucky that we didn't have a school shooting. But there were several times when a kid was running around with a knife a pair of scissors and actually stabing someone and it's usually in the lower aged classes. One kid when he was 6 years old smashed a kid's head against the wall to a serious point. Turns out that he does'nt have a dad and his mom is a drug addict.

  10. I think it’s crazy how the schools in other states and stuff learned more than my school and I live kinda close to parkland

  11. At my school we had a lockdown then all of us did not know what the threat was then everything was okay the shooter was arrested but then one of the janitors said there was a gun threat. I had to barricade the window and door with a desk grabbed some scissors a pen sharpen our pencils just in case and I worried about my grandmas she is a secretary in the elemantary office which is close to the entrance and our school has a lot of windows which is worse. But back to the lockdown we hid in a closet and we barricaded the door with 3 bookshelfs and his behind another bookshelf locked the door stood quiet. Reluctantly no one was hurt but there was still a shooter but he was arrested. And the superintendent told teachers to lock there doors and stay in the classrooms not even to use the bathroom or for any reason. So I could not see my grandma but I talked to her by a phone. We have a phone in our classroom and she has a phone in her office.

  12. You don’t need an automatic gun to DEFEND yourself and yet they are so easy to access. Personally, I think only guns like revolvers or even guns that can’t kill but only injure should be allowed because that is what you need to defend yourself. Not an automatic gun, these are for shootings. And yes, maybe it being illegal will not stop the criminal, but it will definitely be way harder to get one. Thaïs video made me so sad…

  13. As a german , it actually makes me kinda sad that even children Think its completely okay to have heavy weapons in their house.

  14. Im not saying that Americans in general have a lack of intelligence, but the majority does have a lack of education. So many brainwashed people, its crazy.

    When it comes to guns, NRA and the government spread propaganda in order to protect the economy. If you take a look at european countries, you will notice that the rates of school shootings etc are much lower. No one would ever suggest to arm teachers. But most americans are obsessed with the second amendment, even though there is absolutely no need to own a gun (besides you are a hunter or perform the sport).
    If you want to get more guns into the system, i cannot feel sorry for you if you lose friends or family in school shootings.

  15. People who are going to raid Area 51 remember that we are going to practice shooting in near public schools on our way to raid

  16. bro some usa people are so dumb, how can you let people, or deseased people walking out there with guns. And to counter shootings, add more guns? fucking hell, enough of mental diarhea

  17. i can't believe that america still don't understand that the problem is not the pyschos that go around shooting, the problem are the guns. psychos are everywhere, but in a country where is more easy get a gun then a pack of cigarettes, i think is pretty obvious that the problem are guns.

  18. Look, I’ve never been in a school shooting, but I’m surprised that my middle school is considered ‘a great school’ but I really surprised that it hasn’t been shot up.

  19. Man, you forget how innocent kids are. To be quite honest, if the U.S had a ban on guns, not having them out in such easy reach, this wouldn't be as vast of a problem as it is now. In the UK, no, I'm not saying it's perfect here, but we don't have to practice these drills, due to the ban on guns.

  20. The one and only solution is to ban gun and things are used in violence for the mass
    That's it
    That's the solution

  21. Am I the only one that started to tear up when Tyrone started talking about how he couldn’t live with himself

  22. Woman: "When its very dark people become very, very brave"

    Me: is that why i watch these like demonic videos and stuff like this at midnight xD

  23. School shooters are just ppl who dont have friends or get bullied or have problems thats just so stupid of ppl that do that

  24. Yes this is necessary.Yes it needs to be discussed with children so they can understand. Being a kid and not knowing what was going on is more terrifying than do knowing what goes on. Many people older never had to deal with this but my generation does and yeah it stresses us out but it's something we live with. I've been in 2 of these incidence one in elementary and one this summer during summer school when a kid my age was stabbed multiple times in front of the school during school. When I was elementary school I diddnt know what was going on and it scared me I'm glad we have people informing them on what's going on.

  25. We recently in are secondary school had a lockdown drill and we had to block the doors and the teacher had to full force try to open the doors to see if we had done it correctly and some classes doors managed to be opened. I think something like this should be done all over the world so we are kept safe even in the most dangerous moments.

  26. Being from the UK it breaks my heart to hear all these children talking about how they need to hide and protect themselves at school. A place that is for education and to be a second safe place after home.

  27. It's heartbreaking that parents and teachers HAVE TO explain what to do and what not to during a shootout. Why won't America just ban the fucking thing???? I can't imagine worrying everyday if my child would be coming home from school today or not…

  28. The rainbow haired kid is kind of right, criminal can always get guns weather or not there are gun bans. The solution is get more guns into the hands of good people.

  29. we had a lock down dril and my teacher let me hide in a closet with a stapler and a pair of scissors. the very next day we had a lock down cause they found a suspicious item in the mid quad and I was walking to bathroom and I didnt know what was going on until my friend texted me if i was ok cause I have panic attacks in situations like that

  30. I remember I was at school and I was talking to some friends during pe. out of nowhere my pe teacher was screaming all throughout the lunch area that we where at "there is a school shooter" we all ran into the mpr and for 30 minutes we where all scared out of our minds untill they said it was a drill.

  31. 0:52 when I think school is cancelled but it’s just delayed

    P.S. Im trying to bring light out of a dark thing so I’m sorry if it makes anyone mad at this joke

  32. A few years back we had a full month for every weekday we would have an emergency drill, But one day the school didn't say that it was a drill and it started going off. but turns out it was just a drill like every other day and i was the only one who didn't hear the announcement and i was like "THERE'S A FIRE GO TO THE OVAL THERE'S A FIRE THEY DIDN'T PUT AN ANNOUNCEMENT OVER THE LOUD SPEAKER" and i was almost crying

  33. This is a part 2 of my comment.. So a few days after the month of drills and emergency testing to teach every student to go straight to the oval or classroom the alarm started to go off. They said "This is not a drill all students report to emergency stations I repeat all students report to emergency stations" I was in the corner of the school where none of the classrooms are i started running to my classroom but when i got there all the classroom doors were locked i was smashing on the door and screaming "LET ME IN!!!" they said "go to the undercover area and we'll let you in." there because it was more secluded and hidden i started running there my friend was waiting at the door waiting to unlock it for me so i could get in. Once i got in i ran to they closest classroom down the corridor i ran into the classroom and hid under the closest table. After all that it turns out it was just a drunken old guy with a hatchet. I understand why they set the alarm off (Because of the freaking hatchet) About 5 Police Cars arrived at the school and a few medics making sure everyone was OK turns out i had a little scratch on my arm from sharp branches i was bleeding a little bit and the medics were being nice to me and saying "Do you need a band-aid" I said "No its only a little scratch" and smiled at them. Because i was the only one left outside one of the police officers came to me and said "Your tough for a young kid" I said "Thanks but it's only a scratch" Because it was my dream to talk to a police officer up close i smiled at him with the nicest smile i could make. He smiled back at me. once Mum came to school. (The school called her and told her that i was the only one left outside) she asked me if i'm OK i said "Yeah i'm alright" then i told her that i talked to a police officer up close. She said "That's really cool!" (Because that's what a parent would usually say) she took me home early and from that day to now i realise that life is a like a Diamond (Very valuable) so you should take care of it 🙂 Anyway enjoy your day/night!!

  34. I want to bring in my own guns and barbed wire and shovels I'm trench spikes World War 1 2 the trench warfare in a school in my trench maces and swords and my World War 1 German uniforms I'm in my Sprite element

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