Parents and educators demand to be heard at board meeting

I made a calculated decision and obviously didn't go as planned well the fallout continues tonight after the CCSD superintendent's choice to cut 170 middle and high school deans to make up for a budget shortfall parents teachers and other school administrators packed the Board of Trustees meeting many blasting the board and asking them to reverse the decision and 13 Action News anchor Carla Wade was at that meeting tonight Carla certainly things got pretty heated dad taught in Tricia that Dean decision wasn't even on the agenda and the trustees did not debate its merits but that did not matter to a room full of angry people demanding to be heard that was the prevailing sentiment at a packed meeting of the CCSD Board of Trustees four days after superintendent dr. hey Suz Jarra announced 170 Dean positions at middle and high schools would be slashed to cover a budget shortfall anger over that decision reached fever pitch there are concerns student safety is at risk with the elimination of an administrative position that focuses on students and discipline issues we made the announcement in a video posted on the district's website began the meeting with a prepared statement and an apology I made a calculated decision and obviously didn't go as planned so to you all everyone here I'm sorry and to this community and to our board I will do better in our communication especially when we are talking about employment o our dedicated staff the apology coming after a stinging no confidence vote by the Clark County Association of school administrators and professional technical employees it wasn't just 72 pieces taking a vote of no confidence in his hundreds of administrators that currently have no problems there were some speakers who say they still support the superintendent and his vision I don't believe for a second that a man the first superintendent to say publicly the 20% of our kids are afraid to come to school and we need to do something about that is just going to leave the schools high you drop curly Wade 13 Action News dr. Jarris says the district is working with the state to get funding for licensed behavior specialists he also plans to have at least two police officers at every high school campus and enhance current safety policies

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  1. If all of these high prices dean's and administrators were so good, why is the school system so pathetic and dysfunctional ? They will be hard pressed with that stench on their resume'. They should have been axed years ago.

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