Our Kids Deserve to be Safe at School — It’s time for a #GunSafetyPresident

– Gun violence is
literally life and death. – It has become so numbingly common. – That we have kids going to school wondering if they’re going
to be physically safe. – Learning about how to duck, cover, hide. – For fear that there is a mass shooter roaming the hallways of their school. – That’s wrong, that shouldn’t happen in a country like ours. – That’s a tragic reality
that exists today. – And it’s deep, it’s serious. And it’s wrong, what’s going on. – So we cannot allow this to be inevitable or to be the expectation
that we set for our kids. – The children who are
sitting in those classroom afraid and in terror could care less about whether we are Democrats or Republicans. – We have accepted the
unacceptable for too long. – And we’re gonna stand up
and we’re gonna fight it. – Insist, demand, use the
strongest possible terms. – Push, and push, and push. – With every fiber in our being. – With the urgency and the solutions. – So that parents and teachers and kids don’t have to worry about this. – The time has now come. – Doing nothing is not acceptable. – It is time for action. – And we have to act in a bold way. – Save thousands of lives. – This will be a moment of determination. Determination to change.


  1. And by "Change" they mean "Mandatory Buybacks" of all the most common firearms in the United States. And when they say "Mandatory Buybacks" they mean "Door to Door Confiscation". This is nothing short of insanity.

  2. Most school shooters get their guns from home, from a family member. If gun owners would just lock up their guns when not in use, and not give their children easy access to guns, we could easily cut down on the number of school shootings in our country. This is our responsibility.

    However, the corporate gun lobby would rather put guns in our schools, and that is a slippery slope. First, they assured us that armed guards would be the solution. When that failed, then they pushed to arm teachers.

    But it does not stop there. Now, they want children to be armed in schools. Why? In the words of Philip Van Cleave, President of the Virginia Citizens Defense League Incorporated, the state's pro gun death lobby, children have not developed a moral conscience, or the ability to know the difference between right and wrong. This, along with the possession of a gun in school, would make them a good soldier.

    And that is exactly what makes a school shooter. Not that any of these gun nuts have volunteered for blood mop up duty for the violence they are so desperate for our children to witness and experience first hand. Here in Virginia, the crazies at the VCDL literally write the gun related laws for State Republican lawmakers. We can no longer allow these insane gun nuts to dictate domestic policy. Vote Blue, vote them out, and put future generations back on the path to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


  3. The worst thing schoolchildren should have to worry about is bad grades, not getting shot in school. Something has to be done. There has to be some kind of regulation.

  4. Anyone who doesn't like this ad could be an ignorant cult Trumpist, Russian bot, or just a bot. Excellent. Time to save our democracy.

  5. Wouldn't keeping our kids safe in school mean — I don't know — actually protecting them? Instead of pie-in-the-sky ideals which may or may not yield results decades from now, why don't you embrace things you can do right now? You elite politicians evidently believe that guns are the best way to protect yourselves, so why don't extend the same levels of protection to our children?

  6. The incredible level of ignorance tells me that these people aren't qualified to be an elected leader. Really sad that there are enough people who are also ignorant and will support this stupidity.

  7. Warren of all people should know what happened when her people gave up their weapons to the federal government the last time…

  8. WHERE IS ANDREW YANG‼️❓❓ The name ring any bells?!? You people sicken me. This is exactly what media does. So much for democracy!

  9. Sad to see how they exclude Yang because he's not a politician like these people are. Though they are just pointing out the issue but not a solution…Kind of pointless.

  10. Some people speak before they think an are actually brain dead
    How many accidents to you have with vehicles an why are you not screaming about vehicles being band?
    There is one difference that scares people, an the truth must come out,
    When you hear of a vehicle slamming into something or hitting what ever it is, The sound comes across with less intensity, But please don't get frightened if your involved with or in a vehicle accident, don't get excited an say we need to stop having vehicles.
    But when you hear a loud pop from any gun, Why should this scare you, when there is way more killings from vehicles then guns, The only reason you cannot see is the fact a gun makes a loud noise that raises your fears sends chills down your back, but a vehicle smash does not, The 2 different sounds are drastically different,
    So don't be brain dead an think your the one who knows what's going on, your a fear monger , an should go after people like Putin Ping those in the countries that are actually wanting to kill you because you have more then them an they want to control you,
    Get some brains an do some serious thinking before you scream gun control, Say that to Putin an Ping they want to enforce their will on you,
    Think about it you brain dead , before you want gun control here, an have your children learn the godly morals of life, which you threw out the wind,
    Tell those leaders of the communist countries to stop killing others just because they don't meet your requirements, These leaders use guns to kill more then just one or 2.

  11. This entire video is inciting fear and disenfranchisement of the right to protect ones self with a firearm. It’s goal is not to gun safety. The goal is to promote a nation with complete reliance on the government for protection. They want to weaken the populace by instilling fear and ignorance of the use of guns. They want to take away the second amendment because then they can control the population. When will the ones appearing and promoting this videos objectives fire their armed guards and lead by example? Giffords herself knows her cause is based on ignorance or else she would not have armed security herself.

  12. THIS is the Democratic party I'm proud to support and vote for in 2020. Unity. We stand together, for the American people. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

  13. Those who “stand up and fight” are the ones who are armed, Warsaw Poland, resistance to the Khmer Rouge, Italy’s overthrow, 1776. That’s who we need to fight these shooters not disarming those who would stop them

  14. Where is Andrew Yang? Who is Gabby Giffords?, Seems like major media is a threat to our democracy more then the Russians. wow….. This country is fkd.

  15. There is no Yang because the Dems are racist and can't use Asians as pawns. The party that hates old white guys has 2 old white guys and a fake Indian white lady as the leaders in their party WTF???

  16. I went to the candlelight vigil for Gabby Giffords. By coincidence, Fox News covered a drum circle when I happened to step to the mic. They cut abruptly away, preferring the madness. They're so nuts, they're actually terrified of drum circles.


  17. You miss someone! Yang wasn't even invited. Andrew cares deeply about gun reform but now you make him look uncaring. 2016 all over again. Yall want trump to win. #YangGang #YangMediaBlackOut #WhoIsJohnYang

  18. Keep our kids safe at school.
    You might also have a bit more credibility if you people stopped embracing infanticide.

  19. I don't know if Andrew Yang was invited to film or not, but I do know that he's polling 6th above Booker, O'Rourke, Klobuchar, etc. Here is his Gun Safety policy if you are interetsed: https://www.yang2020.com/policies/gun-safety/

  20. Leaving out a top 10 contender with an incredibly strong gun reform policy is not a good look for whoever put this together. You are losing out when you don't include Andrew Yang.

  21. Where's Andrew Yang?

    Enough bullshit platitudes, we want a candidate that offers real solutions that won't violate the 2A of start a civil war.

    Again. Where's Andrew Yang?.

  22. Where's Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, Julian Castro and Marianne Williamson in this video?? This is totally LAME not having any of these candidates in your video. Smh.

  23. YOUR kids are doing the murdering. It's time to understand that your a communist and that's Anti-Christ. This is a spiritual battle. If you were a real Catholic and not an apostate you would not be so dishonest.

  24. Where is Andrew Yang in this video? Yang is polling higher than Beto and Booker. Now I don't want to participate in your campaign.

  25. Sure Buttfudge you can't even make sure the kids are safe here in South Bend and only poke your head in when you have an opportunity to win over the black voters..
    Quit the charade and drop out you haven't got a chance!

  26. Leaving out Yang only ensures that I'll vote for him. I refuse to have my hand held by lying corporations with dubious intentions.

    They know exactly what they're doing by leaving him out, same as all the other news outlets who are acting like he isn't polling as high or higher than some of the candidates listed.

    All this media blackout nonsense has not deterred my vote. What it has done is made me resent the media outlets trying to choose for me.

    So tell you what, act like he doesn't exist. Lie to the people. That's fine.
    Come voting day, I'll put him down as a write in. Such misinformation tactics by media entities that are supposedly on our side should be met with nothing less than contempt.

  27. I'm not American, I like this ad, and I'm increasingly finding the Andrew Yang fanboys annoying. Think about that, #YangGang.

  28. Ya, good luck with that. As long as you have a guy on your side promoting a forced "buy-back" of firearms from legal owners, you are going nowhere.

    Guns are the leftists boogieman, just as illegal immigration is the right's.

    Crime involving firearms has been on the steady decline. Parents are more likely to get their kids killed in a car accident than their kids to be involved in a mass shooting (where is that legislation?), but this ad would certainly make you think otherwise.

  29. I love all the trolls posting here claiming that some candidate or another was participating in this clip. Where's your verifiable proof, douchebags? That's right, you do not have any.
    The message about gun safety is key here and the American People deserve politicians who have their interests at heart, not the gun lobby.
    And when it comes to the election, I would vote for a banana slug if that was who the Democrats ran against Trump.

  30. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Rep. Beto O'Rourke, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, California Sen. Kamala Harris, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden all participated in the video. An aide for Giffords' organization tells CNN that all the candidates were invited to participate.

  31. You put one good man with a steady aim in those circumstances and nobody gets killed. Good beats evil every time, what they speak is not their primary motive.

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