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Welcome to Demo! Please visit for more details! SKYPE ID: sriharsha.ramkumar Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Option of subscribing to PRE-RECORDED Video LESSONS for Self Study, apart from regular SKYPE lessons!


  1. please post more such tutorials for people like me who are very busy + have a bizzare schedule to attend flute classes. and THANKS A LOT FOR THE POST.

  2. Very good effort at teaching the Carnatic flute. Please continue your valuable contributions for folks like us who are eager to learn it online.


  3. thanks for the beginning, please do continue to post the next lessons & do your bit to help other in learning the indian instrument/flute which are on the verge of extinction because of the electronics instruments

  4. For older people would use suggest what wind instrument would be easier to play. Flute, saxaphone or shenai?. I understand only practice leads to perfection. But I am also given to understand some instruments are quite difficult. Please advice. Mohan

  5. Hi sir, im 28 and just starting to learn not sure how logical is that…but am sure i can try it…and your basics are very helpful and a very good way of teaching…thanks a lot

  6. hi sir… its noble cause of u to teach an endangered indian classical music.. i request you to do more instructional video as it s helpful to young enthusiasts like me..! god bless u!

  7. Hi. what is the scale for a carnatic flute in the key of G. please I want one but these are really to get here.thanks

  8. Sriharshagaru demonstration of imparting flute classes are straight and wornderful. Thanks and may God Bless You.   regards    BK Anjaneyulu

  9. Dear All,

    Thank you very much for your support! 

    I have been working on couple of new lessons. Stay subscribed.

    Do like my Official Fan page on facebook. I intend to keep the page engaged with new videos/discussions/workshops etc…

    Here is the link:

    I am also planning to conduct Carnatic Flute workshops in various parts of India. If interested, please enroll yourself here:


  10. Sir seriously u r really very good in delivering u r teachings …I'm so gald to u r videos …I'm a very beginner … I got the flute Wat u use …. doubt I have is Wat is da difference between karnatic music flute with other flute s … Can we make all music s with the flute Wat u r useing ..

  11. Hello Sriharsha,

    This is the flute I thought of buying. I am a beginner and is it ok to buy this one. Thanks in advance

  12. Hello SriHarsha: Are you able to conduct classes online one to one? I am in Toronto love to learn Flute and desperately looking for some to train me.
    Thanks You

  13. Hi , I am looking for such lessons. Me to Softwre Engg by profession and want to learn flute ….I gonna follow you .

  14. @Sriharsha Ramkumar ; Hello sir m I am one of ur FAN, Sir I am learning flute and i am facing some problems mentioned below
    1. I found hard to play surs (i.e. PA DHA NI SA)
    2. Its not sound gud if somehow I play the same
    3. I can play sargam in lower notes , but I cant play in Higher notes.
    4. because of hiegher notes problem i cant play song of high notes.
    5. how do i know the way I am blowing is properly write way.
    6. Even playing any song I cant find that melody in listening
    Sir Kindly do the needful.

  15. Hi Sriharsha. I have three questions and I would like to pick your knowledge. I bought a 8 hole flute with the number 5 1/2 on it. what does the number mean? Can I follow your lessons with this flute? I see different finger charts for the 8 hole flute online. could you please explain why ?

  16. seeing your video I bought a new Flute..
    my name is Tamil, Anaesthesia is my profession.
    Glad to meet you brother…
    let's begin…

  17. Hello sir your teaching is very much understanding.. But I have hindustani flute.. Can you tell me where i could buy one carnatic flute.. Thank you sir

  18. sir thank you so much. i want to learn flute which flute is best for learning plz suggest me…..Thank You

  19. Sir,I'm interested to learn Flute but I couldn't found and flute classes in Chennai. Can u recommend flute classes in Chennai.

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