ONE WEEK TO SAVE MY DEGREE (the uni vlogs return)

should be okay there hello hello hello my name is Jack Edwards and welcome to my youtube channel this week's video is very exciting me in collaboration with the bright Network which is an essential website for any University student or recent graduates I know we all hate thinking about the future and employment and all of that kind of thing but it is kind of what we're all here for I guess and the bright Network are here to basically make your life a whole lot easier the bright Network is essentially a website at a community of opportunities and basically can help find you internships jobs help you go to the right events to find careers and it's just a really cracking idea where is my phone I'm looking at the homepage and I can see Amazon Barclays London Stock Exchange what else have we got Capital One PwC goldman sachs visa like there are so many opportunities that you can find using the bright Network basically I actually signed up to the bright Network in my own freshers week at University I will admit right now that it was because they were giving out free pens and I just really wanted a free pen so I signed up to their newsletter and since then I found so many internships that I would absolutely love to do and I've started to apply to a few and so that's kind of where the inspiration for this video lies I need to be more proactive I need to be thinking more about the future and I need to be looking after my future self rather than just like my present self who would quite like to just be in bed right now and so when the bright Network reached out to me to make this video I was like hell yes I love what you do let's work together and let's see how I could be more productive and more proactive in my everyday life basically I'm not even at university next week at all and that makes this week coming so so important so it's Sunday right now I've got a week ahead of me to just get as much done as I possibly can to save my degree essentially I'm not gonna lie to you I don't think I've been working hard enough for my degree this year I don't think that I have been prioritizing it enough and that changes right now so let's go okay so I have spent the morning sorting out a YouTube video which I've been editing on here and now I am heading to the library I've been trying to kind of compartmentalize time so for example like this morning I just dedicated the whole morning to the YouTube video and then the whole afternoon to work and in the evening to YouTube again because I feel like I'm always trying to do so much and getting lost in doing nothing I mean it's day one so we'll see it's going well bus fall but I've only done one thing sir but yeah a couple of us are heading to the library I feel like when you decide to go somewhere with like a group of people you're so much more likely to go because you know it's like it when it's a group plan we're all more likely to go and study rather than just like individually dropping out so that's the plan so we need to pack my stuff and go and get my work done okay so I am back home it is bloody freezing I thought I was coming back to the Northeast not the North Pole my video went live and I've been replying to all the lovely comments so far I went to the library but all my research done I think I'm finished now I've been making like a research log for this summative essay that I've got so basically summative means that it counts towards my overall degree and this is the first essay that actually counts towards my overall degree so I think I worked that I was like three point three percent of my actual degree and that is three point three percent too much in my opinion however I'm trying to get it done as early as possible I don't wanna be rushing this one cut to me in like five days time doing it last minute but yeah that's the first day of this getting productive kind of week what I really want to do is just be like prepping for my lectures and prepping for my tutorials and stuff I just want to be organising want to be thinking of my future self and right now the only future self I care about is the one who is about to sleep so goodnight okay so I'm up I'm on my way to the gym my alarm went off at 6:20 this morning 6:20 that's brick so far this self-improvement thing sucks so anyway I'm up you know what they say the early bird catches the frostbite apparently it is so cold and it's so icy and all I keep thinking about is the fact that an icicle is the best murder weapon ever because if you stab someone with an icicle it just melts and there's no evidence so yeah just keep your knot out you know okay I need to stop vlogging because this is actually Hazzard this is actually a dangerous my physical well-being anyway that's the update I'm on my way to the gym I'll let you know if it's terrible I can't believe I'm a gym lad and so I went to the gym and then I went for a swim which was basically just like granny dodging because there were so many grannies just like lingering they just that they're not swimming but in the pool but they're not swimming they're just standing there having a nutter which is fine and now I'm making banana and Nutella on toast but yeah it's quite nice to have my Nutella actually on to rather than just eating it out of the jar like I normally do so today I have an essay feedback session at 10:00 and then a lecture at 11:00 and then another lecture at 12:00 in the same room but on completely different things one is on modern literature one is on Victorian literature which is mighty confusing so my first lecture is on the poetry of WB Yeats and then my second lecture is on Christina Rossetti so should be quite a good one actually today hopefully this essay feedback session goes well not gonna lie the essay and back sections I have had this term haven't been great um so I'm feeling optimistic I need to be leaving a minute to go so let's go so you know that essay hand back session I had yes tomorrow I basically I booked too early in the day so that it would get me out of bed and like doing things and so I guess I'll just do that two days in a row well now I'm here I might as well do some work basically I've just got two hours now until my lectures so I'm gonna do some prep work for them okay hello I'm home lectures were quite interesting made some notes feeling good contacts hours contact hours for the day are done however my housemate will decided to make fish cakes last night and the whole house stinks of fish so I'm currently like fumigating got all of the windows open all the doors it's just so grim for lunch I've made myself a vote oast because apparently today I'm feeling more toasted than a marshmallow on a campfire what but yeah that's it that's what you all I have to say oh hi so I am just heading off to bed now but before I do I'm going to quickly read some of this book it is the good soldier by Ford Madox Ford and I've actually heard of really good things this is one of the books that I am excited to read I feel like I would read if I wasn't forced to so I'm glad I'm forward to reading this although I do only have two days to read it in and it's 200 pages long another thing with an English degree is the reading is just immense every lecture every tutorial at least this is like minimum bare minimum I am going to crack on with this and get started good night we're trying to go down this look at my feet I'm just sliding down the this is awful [Laughter] let's go ahead a lot of fun I'm glad I didn't pay for skiing all right there we go yes made us a safety so this morning I went to the library I've been really trying to like mix up my study spaces and go to some places that aren't my bedroom to keep that kind of like work chill device although to be fair Dharam is certainly chilly at the moment literally everything is frozen as you just saw it is impossible to go anywhere sir I've made my son looks like a used condom anyway I definitely will it's already the worst vlog I've ever made so I've just made myself a little rap with Ella's bougie-ass Mayo I mean gold blind and that's all I had to say okay guys welcome to my first rapping freestyle video so we're just gonna kick off with and that's a wrap this face is the skull now that it's focused on you do it again that's the face of disgust okay so I think I need to go off and do some studying because basically I've got two socials tonight's one is with duck which is the Durham University charity committee accepts committee as fellow the cake because otherwise it doesn't spell duck and that's less fun and then that the second one is with my climbing club so in my college at Durham we have a climbing club and we go rock climbing on Wednesdays I'm actually not going to go to Mario's because I've got so much work to do but tonight's is the social it's is pirate versus ninja theme so I need to go to a lecture and then on my way home from a lecture I'm gonna go to the costume shop hello so absolute result I went to the costume shop as you saw and I asked the guy at the counter who runs the shop uh-huh if you had any eye patches he did and he was like these are the cheapest thing that we sell fifty pence from the light patch so yeah I mean my eyes aren't great anyway so I'm not sure if this is gonna be the best decision but I'm buzzing with this purchase okay so I have got to do some tutorial prep for tomorrow for my tutorial on the good soldier I said that's so weird Lee so I am going to do that and I'm gonna time-lapse here because we love the time-lapse okay so imagine realizing that I've been filming all of those clips with this thing's still on my head I completely forgot it was there I kept it there because I didn't want to lose it cuz I'm so prone to losing everything however I lost my dignity instead so now I need to get ready for my social so firstly I have the duck socials that's like the charity one which is just like a casual meal but then I need to be dressed as a pirate for my climbing social which is afterwards in the bar so I'm going to have to go to the dark sea shore dressed like a pirate but yeah I'm gonna get ready and my favorite way to get ready is to do this tada that is honestly the only bit of editing that I can actually do and so I use it every time yes this really is the best pirate question I could come up with so anyway it's time to go and find the booty okay so update just remember that I live in the Northeast and it's bloody cold here I don't what happened that's weird maneuver I've just walks down an entire dorm from a street with and I shot my face so if I get beaten up I'm trying to dead in a ditch somewhere I hundred percent deserved it hello jack of the future here to explain what the hell happens in the next few Clips because I did a terrible job of documenting it so firstly I went to the charity event it was lovely and wholesome we had pizza and pasta and just had a nice time and then this happened and then this happened who lives in a pineapple under the sea I can't hear you I can't hear you and then this happened and somehow I've actually worked up this morning feeling far better than I deserve to feel let me tell you which is very fortunate for me because today is a day of essay writing and actually getting this thing done also coincidentally I know I'm working with the bright Network on this video but I genuinely do use it and I got an email in my inbox this morning from the bright Network about an opportunity in New York City for the summer so I have a whole month free in the summer so I think I'm going to apply for it and see what happens okay so for breakfast I have got mango papaya and passion fruit on can yogurt protein granola who does he think years and a banana I'm not gonna lie it doesn't usually look like this but I thought I'd make it look a bit nicer because I'm filming today and I'm just going to finish up reading the good soldier will see this okay so I'm not going to buy it today's essay writing has not gone to plan I have a 6,500 word plan and I all over it was reintroduction in like four hours it's just I think the fact that it counts towards my degree Alysha is 3 percent of my overall degree like 3.3 percent of my overall degree but for some reason I like because it's the first one that counts I just really wanted to like be amazing I was worried that it's not and so I'm like second-guessing everything I write it's boring it's boring it's boring but I'm gonna sit down and I just had a bit of a break and then that turned into a couple of hours and I really set myself back on this table and do some work okay so we are just cooking some dinner I've got some bacon and spinach and tomato sauce with pasta basically cooking three days worth of pasta watch me eat it all in one go but Charles has anyone who remembers when will and I just couldn't cook anything look at us now yeah we'll just cut his finger so I don't know I maybe might be my husband now okay say this is the final product hopefully it's edible it looks it I'm quite chuffed actually pasta for lunch and dinner tomorrow um for the pasta present and future that was them that was that was terrible anyway so I'm gonna be eating a lot of pester I'm not gonna lie gang it's not going well I was so far ahead with this essay and now I am so far behind with this essay somehow because I my brain is just refusing to write it at home and refusing to be happy with why I'm writing hopefully it's gonna pay off and I hopefully I'm gonna write a good essay but I mean who knows so yeah I think I might continue writing for a little bit and then just go do some reading in a headspace and then starts a fresh tomorrow yeah that's the plan we're back and ready to do it all over again good morning so I have woken up I feel so much better today feel so much more refreshed yesterday was just not the one okay and that's fine so this morning I'm just meeting some prep for my lectures which are on Hart Crane we've got American poetry lecture on Hart Crane and then a midsummer night's dream for my Shakespeare module so just veneering a little refresh of that and then I'm just gonna do some reading quickly now and then after these two lectures then we commence the essay writing for the day and hopefully by then I'll be like in the right frame of mind let's just hope let's pray so this morning I filmed that clip and then put my camera battery on charge because it was deader than my social life at the moment I put my camera in my bag but not the battery so basically I have done a whole day of like lectures and stuff his a clip I filmed on my phone of my lectures before my storage filled up so basically really successful day we being a vlogger what's happened oh I actually had a complete nightmare so basically I went to my two lectures today and then I went straight to the library and I had you know I had that posture that I made last night well well so all day I've been looking forward to that posture all day I get to the library sit down and I think to myself oh I'll do two paragraphs more of my essay and then I'll have deserved my pasta go downstairs to eat my pasta and I can lost my fork I'm in a busy library so I can't I can't use my hands I'm thinking what am I gonna do this story is riveting I bet you're on the edge of your seat and then I spot a falafel stand so I go over to the falafel stand animate friends with the falafel guy and then he's like so what falafel do you want and I was like none of it please so I explained the situation he had no idea what I was saying and then he gave me four forks so good but obviously I was so working over to him that he wouldn't give a fork to me I'm also this is really funny so the table which is a student newspaper have basically done a power list of the most influential students in the UK all speaking of tabs is that not hideous this is what happens when you're writing an essay anyway so after you scroll down for about six million years by the time you get down here you've finished your degree you know got a stable job or wife some kids and eventually you might just stumble upon me so I got a little message this morning saying that I'd been nominated and voting open today and somehow I've got 1,500 votes um I just realized my friend Eve is also in and she's first place I'm second place currently here's a whole bunch of people who deserve this a hell of a lot more than I do but this is really cool so I have this little bio on my voting profile and it's like jack is a student blogger yada yada yada he is also social SEC of the hummus Society oh yeah I don't know why I'm even being considered as one of the most powerful students in the UK when I didn't even have enough power to stop myself from eating a whole packet of biscuits in one go oh don't mind me just wanted the UK's most powerful students eating their dinner out of the pan so that they don't create more washing up good morning I feel like I've looked like a mess in like 90% of these clips but I don't care so currently the English Lit at Durham group chat is going off because everyone's finished with their summer tips and they're handing them in I'm still writing do you today means do today am i right ladies no I'm failing my degree yeah I think it's just like in my blood but I will always be editing until the very last moment because I'm just never happy with it okay so I feel like I am pretty much done blimey that light is brighter than my chance of doing well on this essay the essay is 3000 words I basically I went over the limit by about 400 which wasn't ideal so I've run out things to say but I'm going to submit it I reckon this might be a pathetic fallacy it is chalky and I would rate print mmm whoa oh my god the chair just collapsed as I sat on it so that is everything that I filmed for this video sorry just descended into chaos right at the very end this was a super super productive week I got my first bit of my degree done finalized finished whoa I actually prepared for my tutorials and lectures I think it's so easy to not do that and just fall into a trap of just like going and expecting to learn things but you learn so much more if you've done the bare minimum beforehand and so just doing a bit of research on the history or the context of the literature that I was writing reading about and learning about made me absorb so much more I also applied some internships through the brights Network thinking about my actual future after my degree and if you would like to do the same and then check out the link down below if you are a student or recent graduates you can sign up for free down below and there are so many opportunities like this could literally end up with you having a full time job that's crazy so thank you very much the bright network for firstly working with me but also for just being amazing in general because they have genuinely been so great to me throughout my degree and I already know that I'm gonna continue using them for a very very long time but for now thank you very much for watching this video I hope this inspired you to be more proactive and more product of this week if you enjoyed this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe down below I would really appreciate it and I will see you very soon bye bye now I just have to work out how to fix this chair


  1. Hiya Jack, I’m off to Uni this September, and I’ve got this really stupid worry. Obviously you have to be quick with note-taking in lectures, so a laptop is this obvious choice. Buttttt, there are limits to what I can do on a laptop (eg I can’t jot down a mind map or something) so I was thinking about taking notes on my phone or an iPad with one of those little keyboards which would leave room on my dwarf desk for a notepad too. What are your thoughts? Thanks so much

  2. Thank you for the time you put into filming and editing your content. You have a way of cheering someone up and your videos always make me smile! You deserve every bit of success you get! 🙂

  3. Your videos give me life 😂😂😂 I’m in my final year studying English but no joke, wish I discovered your channel during first year because I need all the motivation I can get!

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