Nursing School Update: Starting the Second Year

is women in and newborns and then I'd like obstetrician obstetricians ops – to obstetrics there we go hey guys so I'm here to finally make another video I feel like it's been forever since I sat down and meet one but this is my nursing school update and this is the reason I have been so slacking on videos is because the month of September in nursing school has been absolute nightmare for me and so it's just been awful but not awful in the sense that I hate nursing school just awful in the sense that because I've literally been non-stop this entire month so I'm going to go ahead and use my planner to help me navigate through the month of September and if you watched my vlog as' I went ahead and went with the bold color planner I will link the Etsy shop that I buy my planners from down below if you want to get one your self so let me undo this and so I can go back through the month of September so if this is your first a nursing update video that you've seen of mine just kind of be a little bit of background I am in a BSN program so I will graduate and be a BSN RN no I was not a CNA or anything certified like that before I became a BSN or before I got into nursing school I'm just going ahead and getting my bachelor's in nursing I do have a bachelor's in health already there was no specific reason that I got that degree first except for the fact that I just went through it really fast and so I didn't really have time to think about applying nursing school but now I am in a nursing school BSN program and so this is my second year I started last fall of 2015 so I'm officially been in nursing school for a year and we are now in my last year of school and so this semester I am taking 12 hours I'm taking three classes or each worth four hours in peace so I'm an OB so that's like a pregnant women for the most part so like labor and delivery postpartum newborns stuff like that and then also I am in mental health and then I am also in pediatrics so the two top nursing's areas that i want to go in I want to be a labor and delivery nurse that's my number one pick but if I wasn't able to do that I would love to be a pediatric nurse so pretty much this is my going to be my favorite semester of nursing school so I have class Mondays and Tuesdays I have class on Monday from 9:00 to 11:00 and then I sometimes have Pediatrics simlab from 1:00 to 3:00 I'd only have to the whole semester and they're both already done then Tuesday I have class from 9:00 to 11:00 I have OB and then I have mental health from 1:00 to 3:00 on Tuesdays and then Wednesdays I have is the only time that I have simlab for OB and that's from 1:00 to 5:00 but we only have two for the whole entire semester and I've already done one of them so I only have one more Wednesday of simlab and then my clinical shifts for my OB they were on Thursday and Friday's and they're ten hour shifts at the hospital and then for my pediatric clinicals they were actually on Saturday and Sunday and then some Fridays and then my mental health clinicals are on Wednesday and Thursday so I'm going to go ahead and go back through my semester or my planner and talk about how the month of September was because it was literally crazy so I started school on August 29th that was the first day of class and so it was just a normal like week of school I just went to class and everything like that and then next week is when things kind of got crazy so I had a dosage count test literally one week after school started so on September 5th I had a dosage Cal test for Pediatrics because pediatric dosage calculations are different than adults because Pediatrics go by weight and so we had a dosage test that I had to do at but I passed it 100 it was good to go I'm good on that and then I also had sim lab this the 5th of September as well for Pediatrics so I went to class and then I went to sim lab and that we just learned pretty much how to assess from infants to teenagers just like a general assessment of them then I had class on Tuesday and then I had OB sim from 1:00 to 5:00 on that Wednesday and in that simulation we learned how to do a newborn assessment we learned how to do a postpartum assessment our sin mob is very very expensive pretty much and so we dummies are actually able to have contractions and give birth to a baby so we did that as well on my sim lab so then that the second week of school is when I started my OB clinical so is literally like welcome back to school BAM your vacuum clinicals it was just crazy so September 8th and 9th I had my clinicals Roby on the 8th I was in the nursery and then on the 9th I was in postpartum so my newborn clinical was awesome I loved it I loved working with the little tiny newborn babies and doing a sex offense and everything like that I was able to assess a newborn I was able to help moms with breastfeeding and I was also able to do like there were through my sanaya and the vitamin K injection at all newborns get and stuff like that so it was great I loved it and then my postpartum a clinical day was that Friday and I loved that as well I know some people might think that's born I mean boring because you know the moms don't need a whole lot they're you know they're it's really about bonding with the baby and just recovering from from giving birth but I loved it I loved taking care of all these new mamas it's such an exciting time in their life and so I loved it I had a great great clinical experience then so then around to the third week of school and I had regular class and then on September 15th I had NICU clinical day and so I was in the NICU all day which I loved as well I love being able to take care of my little preemie babies or my little small infants and so I love taking care of them you know and assessing them and giving them meds or whatever they needed to do so I love doing that as well and then on Friday at Friday so the 16th I had my labor and delivery clinical day and it was an interesting day but even with the things that happened I still 100% want to be a labor and delivery nurse and so I loved it even though things weren't absolutely perfect I still loved being in that department and it still confirmed to me that that is what I want to do with my career as a nurse and so I actually talked to the lady who hires at the hospital and stuff like that to kind of network so that maybe I can get my foot in to get a job there after I graduate so for my post partum in my new boring clinical days I had to do a lot of paperwork on those two clinical days so I have a patient and I just do a crap ton of paperwork on that patient and then my postpartum day I actually had to interview the family to kind of just kind of get it it was just an interview because we have to write a paper about just her experience with birth and the dads experience and everything like that and so I had to do that as well and then for my NICU and labor and delivery day we just had to do a journal reflection for those days and that was really simple and easy to do because I absolutely loved it so I had a lot to talk about so last week I had my first two tests of the semester on Monday I had my first pediatric test and that went really well I made an a on the test so that is good news and the way I study for that test was I literally just took the objectives that my teacher listed out in the syllabus and literally read the textbook and answered the objectives now I have never read the textbook in my entire life but the powerpoints pretty much have no information on them that is like really answering the objectives and from asking previous students they said to read the textbook so that's what I did I actually read the textbook and answered the objectives but I did not read the textbook word-for-word I literally just looked for the parts that answered the objectives and I did really well on the test so that's what I plan to do for the next couple of tests for that so that test went well then on Tuesday I had my mental health exam and it was the same thing for that they said you read the textbook and answer the objectives so that's what I did however I did not study near as much for my mental health exam as I did my pediatric exam so I'm not really sure why because Pediatrics is really easy for me to understand and mental health isn't so I'm not sure why I did that but I still made a good grade on the test it wasn't that bad however the test questions I was like as I was taking the test I was literally just like I have no idea what they're asking I don't know the answer the test was 50 questions and just to kind of give you an idea of how that went for me I starred 22 of the questions which means I was unsure like I wasn't a hundred percent on my answer on 22 of the 50 questions of the test but I still made a good grade on the test so I must have been a pretty good guesser but I would definitely have to study a lot more for the next test for mental health and this semester it's not hesse test all of my unit exams are created by my teacher and the finals are the only test that our hesse tests so it was weird from going the summer where every single test and took over the summer was actually going back to where it is teacher made tests so that was kind of different because I'm so used to Hesse style questions that now I have to go back to like teacher style questions so it was kind of a difference in that so last week I also had my first pediatric clinical on Friday I was elementary school nurse and oh my gosh I freaking loved it I know that might sound boring to a lot of you guys but I was the preschool teacher or I worked in the daycare whatever you want to say a lot of people get mad at me for saying I was a preschool teacher I was a lead teacher in the three-year-old classroom for three years so I love my babies and being in elementary school just totally brought that love back I absolutely loved working with them and I could definitely if I ever retired from being a labor and delivery nurse I would love to be a school nurse I freaking loved it like my heart was so happy at the end of the day so I absolutely loved it and then this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday I actually had to travel an hour and a half out of town for my pediatric clinicals yes I do have to travel this semester just to go to clinicals so Saturday and Sunday I had pediatric clinicals at a pediatric hospital I was in the PICU on Saturday so the pediatric ICU and then I was only med surg floor at the pediatric hospital on Sunday and I had great experiences in both I loved it I could see myself doing that I know I want to be a labor and delivery nurse first but I could definitely see myself being a pediatric nurse as well and so I had a ton of paperwork to do from Friday Saturday and Sunday so we got that Sunday night and I literally just had to sit into a crap ton of paperwork for all of my patients that I had it because that was due on Monday and so Monday I went to class and turned it on my paperwork and I did not start studying for my OB test that was on Tuesday until Monday night like literally hadn't looked at anything until Monday night is when I started staying for my OB test that was on Tuesday morning and so yesterday I took my OB test which means I have finally taken a test in all classes and it actually went really well I made it a on the test which was funny because that's the test that I studied for the least out of all three and that's the test that I made the best grade on so in my heart I was just like this is when you know you're meant to be a labor and delivery nurse because it just makes so much sense to me it just clicks everything's so easy for me to understand and I think it's because I really enjoy learning about that kind of stuff and I just really love that part of Nursing and so I made a really good grade on my OB test so I'm really excited about that as well so so far and seems to be that OB will and OB and Pediatrics are pretty easy only because I really love learning about that kind of stuff and mental health will definitely be my hardest class of this semester this past Monday I also had a pediatric sim and what did we do oh we did have a focused assessment as if an infant came in with a fever and what we would do and do we practice drawing up medications for an infant based on weight and stuff like that we also practiced doing infant Foley catheters and infant I infant and child IVs so that was different just because there are a lot smaller humans than what we're used to working with so I had that sim lab this past Monday as well so this coming Friday I will be a school nurse again at a different elementary school and I can't wait because I know I'm going to love so today I actually have to go to an a a meeting for my mental health class and I have to write a paper over it and so that is actually really interesting that a thing that I'm having to do for that class so I'm going to an a a meeting and we'll see how that goes I have to write a paper I think just on my experience and stuff like that so anyways for the month of September because come this Saturday will be October 1st so in the month of September I have completed all four OB clinicals all for pediatric clinicals had two pediatric sim labs had an obese in lab had an a mental health project and had three tests and so it was just in saying I literally was just non-stop all the time because with every clinical there's a ton of paperwork that comes with it and then I you know I still have sweetheart meetings on Tuesdays and stuff like that we act as the women's organization that I'm in on campus and so anyway it was just an insane month of September for me so come the first week in October I will just have class and then I'll have for the most part Wednesday Thursday Friday off I do have an OB sim that's on Wednesday sometime in October so then in the last week of October the last week of October and the first week of November I have my mental health clinicals and I will be having to travel again an hour and a half away for those clinicals and so I will be in a mental health facility on Wednesday and on Thursday to do that and it will have four of those as well so I can't really give you experience on what that will be like only because I haven't experienced it yet but since I have experienced all my OB all my pediatric clinicals and on tests in every class I figured I would go ahead and do a nursing update for you guys so yeah I think the semester is going like I said I think the semester is going to be the best one yet only because two of the classes are things that I absolutely love and would want to be as a nurse in my career but I'm also I also think mental health is very interesting and I think a lot of people don't understand it and so I'm very very interested to learn how these things develop and help people with mental health issues function and how everything like that because I really do think that's something that society as a whole does not understand and does not talk about and so I'm very interested to learn more about mental health so I'm not discrediting that class at all it's just not something that I see myself going into as a nurse but I'm definitely still very interested in that class and I'm happy that I'm in it so I'm really excited for this semester this is like really making me love nursing school for once besides all the craziness of my month of September I think this is the best semester yet so I'm super excited about that this is totally unrelated but just to let you guys know time is officially home for the off season and so he is staying with me here in my home and so we might actually be doing a couple videos together and yeah also is exciting I no longer have to wear a white scrub top to my clinicals I am in my full maroon scrubs which is awesome because I feel like nah I don't feel like a baby anymore in nursing school so here is to starting my senior year being a senior in college again starting my senior year of nursing school if you guys have any questions feel free to leave them down below I'm sorry I haven't so mi a just so I needed to get through the month of September before I could get back to doing other things but I miss you guys and I hope you enjoyed today's video and I'll talk to you guys later thanks for watching I love ya why


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