New Mercedes S-Class AMG Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new Mercedes s-class AMG Line it’s right here with me
and I’m really happy to review it for you I will show the interior exterior
and every single detail about this beautiful limousine it’s a brand new car
that just come now to materials and it’s a really beautiful really really
beautiful car also we have this rims here ventilated brake discs you can see
here even the rims I am gay lined on the rims we have the new tires with 19 inch
wheels you can see right here and then we have the Bridgestone tires Potenza
they are one of the best tires on the market for the summer so the front
grille it’s classic for materials really beautiful and also materials keep that
mature this logo on top of the hood there that looks super nice in my
opinion you can see it right here this classic mature this logo right here on
the top super nice I’m really happy that they keep it still today they have it
they’re here in the middle we have the rudder for adaptive cruise control
emergency brake and all that new technology other than that the grill
it’s simple some chrome design lines there we have in the front six parking
sensors quite a nice beautiful bumper down here
design I think it’s just a design because you don’t have an air intakes
there to cool down the brakes it’s just the design only in the middle of the
grill here inside if you can see it inside there you can see these clappers
that they can open to cool down the engine when it’s cold outside they stay
close that the the engine get warmer faster so this is the newest technology
as well LED full LED lamps in the front those are
most knew from my service they are fantastic with adaptive high-beam multi
beam LED so I think you know it already they’re one of the best then right here
up we have the camera for Lane Assist we have two cameras there for Lane Assist
reading the traffic speed limit they are very useful and all that sensors the
mirror and I did like we have 360 degrees camera so you can see under the
mirror a camera and an LED light that illuminate the floor in the night also
of course beautiful design here on the on the mirror I like the fact that it’s
all glossy black even on the in the interior the handle with some chrome
design keyless entrance also you can lock and unlock the car and very simple
only with your key in your pocket so around the windows we have chrome that
looked very beautiful I know many people want to hide chrome I see on the
internet all kind of videos all kind of information that people want to delete
this chrome they add extra layer of rap but I don’t know why because it’s so
beautiful I love that chrome around the car down here we have some protection
plastic and other than that the the model have a simple shape nothing
complicated everything’s so simple yeah anyway I just want to open the blinkers
because I want to show that an ad like in the back so let me show you guys so
we have full LED lights also in the back also in the front those are the new LED
from each others they are super nice they look very nice in the night and
yeah the shape is pretty nice and classic also some chrome design in the
back here we have down here the camera and
LED light on the number plate as well the camera it’s hide there under the
plastic because it doesn’t get so dirty so fast so when you need it it’s come
out when you go in Reverse for example six parking sensors in the back as well
as in the front the exhaust pipe fake exhaust pipe out there on the both side
they look nice but down here we have an LED light for reverse light so quite
interesting and also the brake light we have another brake light out there
interesting shape here also on the back trunk so it’s kind kind of classic this
shape of Mercedes s-class classic all those years was kind of the same shape
LED on the mirror as well and in the front beautiful these three lines in the
front or the blinkers look fantastic really beautiful so I don’t know what
you think but this car gives you a little bit of a feeling of power when
you’re driving when you have it this car so it’s not for everybody it’s just
limousine here we have LED lights in the trunk two LED lights in both parts also
electric lift gate here the triangle it’s up there and some reflector light
reflector then another two LED lights in the trunk some plastic here at the
entrance in the car here on the right side we have another space kind of 20
centimeter deep maybe 50 50 to 20 centimeter deep in the trunk also a lot
of space into the left side LEDs here a lot of plenty of light here so you don’t
have to worry about the light in these drunk it’s really deep quite impressed
how deep it is and how big is the trunk it’s really big
and under here under the floor we have still some storage space there with
repair kit and all that stuff kind of cool so there’s space in the trunk it’s
big enough so now let’s go in the interior to show you the other other
cool feature the interior is my favorite and he will
know in a second why we have a big big huge entrance in the car
as expected very good quality here on the windows on doors you can see on the
doors we have leather which stitches everywhere and even this cool chrome
design there you can see the whites which is the way it is some wood
insertion here in the door and chrome design also some LED ambient light we
have there the speaker look fantastic we have ventilated seats even in the back
this is the first car when I see heated and ventilated seats in the back so I
never see before this is in the first car it’s pretty amazing here the new
buttons that are fantastic I love those buttons in great there they are amazing
even this button I think you know for what it is from the back this sun
protection there and the back amazing quality on the doors even in the
interior we have here some aluminum with LED light mercedes-benz logo two parts
of aluminium for protection here on the side we have soft material so it’s a
great little leather and it’s great comfort for two passengers in the back
even down here we have leather and soft tail going to the seat there fantastic
look the position of the seat you are like in a sofa home a very expensive
sofa you have this roof beautiful panoramic roof glass roof there we have
LED lights here super nice the way it looks
you are like in a very very first class expensive airplane here we have a
storage space great quality on the back of the seat even here we have the wood
insertion how cool is that and we have a screen here and that you can change the
music and watch the navigation and all kind of information I don’t want to go
into detail now the seats are one of the best seats ever
so very soft we have these little holes heated seat ventilated seat even here
Alcantara pillow to rest your head fantastic in the middle we have this
center armrest where you can find this insertion of wood beautiful insertion
two cupholders there look how cool it is in the wood around there the finishing
it’s gorgeous even here you can open this part right here and you have there
two USB port and one hard ma port and some storage so super awesome really
impressive also you can open this also here and you still have a storage space
there so how cool is that kind of hiding space there pretty pretty
a lot of space here in the back so this card’s very comfortable and material
quality it sits at a high high class as you can see here 2 speakers also there
in the back of the seat and with this I think I say everything you can see for
yourself how much quality it is in this car so probably this car will be used by
people that has drivers and it’s probably better to be here in the back
then in the front so about the space as expected plenty of space on my bags huge
space I can also almost stretch my legs there and good it
under the front seat so huge space there also on my head a lot of space no
complaining at all the position it’s like in a sofa you can sleep here
you can drive million miles the great great space here in the back amazing
space the visibility on the windows it’s quite good maybe not perfect but quite
good yeah great great great great to be here a lot of space even up here we have
LED lights here on the roof handle you have even this beautiful mirror here
it’s fantastic coolest looking gorgeous this mirror gorgeous quality of the roof
amazing visibility on the roof fantastic the new bands here in the middle they
look fantastic as well look how beautiful they are insert in that winter
in the wood trim look fantastic down there we have a space where you can
put your phone or wherever you want to put something smaller and then going
down a little bit I have this CD player I don’t know who will use that and then
we have two USB port and a 12 volt port illuminated with LED lights there and a
step here in the middle like 10 centimeter beautiful view on the roof as
well amazing view and let’s go in the middle in the middle right here yeah the
space it’s enormous as you can see here also you can stay in
the middle maybe you have three to three fingers here but you can go a little bit
in the front and you stay perfectly I don’t know if someone will use this card
or three people in the back I don’t think so but if you use it for free
people you can still do it you know I mean you can still have three people in
the back here anyway great and the dashboard the front part it’s amazing I
will go now and you would see even here this center armrest Inlet
it’s so big so nice so comfortable the new dashboard the new steering wheel the
new mbox digital screen from a chalice it’s fantastic and I’m happy that they
added even here on the new s-class this new digital display so we will go now to
show you in the front I think you already know it from my other videos the
quality of the tours are also fantastic that’s going from now guys so the window
in the front also big you have great visibility you don’t have to worry about
that and I might say this the quality of the doors are gorgeous the wood
insertion the leather everywhere every single line have leather even down here
this with real wood this time in this car it’s real wood and then we have
ventilated seats it also you can change the lumbar part super awesome even those
speakers with chrome look fantastic the buttons my favorite buttons they
feel great when you touch it and and also the color and these chrome it’s
gorgeous can see for yourself hearing at the bottom for the trunk can
open the trunk even from here from the front door so it’s quite great down here
we have to make sure this bands logo with LED light with some chrome designer
at the entrance aluminium pedals and also electric brake and controllers for
the light even up here we have this beautiful glossy black buttons with lane
assist steering assist and all that stuff here you can adjust the steering
wheel electrically from this little wheel here super awesome it’s work
perfectly the way you want it it’s just perfect
just just perfect now the vents are also
almost the last on the market they look beautiful I mean last on the market I
mean on my service the seats are electric adjustable you
seen before they are very comfortable they they are make special for comfort
not for sportiness but even so they have side support and the feeling on this
it’s it’s gorgeous now in the middle you can see here also the leather on the
side of the console everywhere leather and wood you will see it in a moment I
will go inside I’ll show you the head-up display right there in the front we have
a leather here soft material all over the dashboard and then they integrate is
beautiful dashboard good visibility on the back as well
even though the car have a back camera so you don’t have to look too much in
the back great great car with a lot of space and practicality here in the
middle you can open this center console you have a huge huge space here and even
though 2 USB port again here and then we have this sim card slot and a lot of
space there so it’s quite cool leather continuing here on the center console
you have these controllers for the digital multimedia screen and volume and
some other cameras and the parking sensors up there we have the the seats
message on the seats and then we have the navigation and shortcuts from the
from the screen so we have the shortcuts right here in the front and the blinker
we have wood trim also here in the front you can see two cupholders with LED
light and also a space down here in the front twelve volt port and a space there
in the front so quite awesome also you can open this part here on the on the
dashboard where you can put your phone yeah so kind of awesome to see so much
equality inside this car every single detail it’s fantastic even the steering
wheel you can see the leather those thought this steering wheel is the best
in the world in my opinion on much others with this little touchscreen
black there in the front you can adjust every single detail on the screen it’s
quite fantastic we have clappers for changing the gear manually the gearbox
changer is just this stick there on the right side now here on the dashboard
again we have this wood insertion so those vents are inserted in the wood
mercedes-benz watch right there in the middle start/stop button also beautiful
inserted in this wood here and then we have those schematic system buttons
right here in the middle I like the climatic system from materials the new
one it’s so simple it has just a few buttons you don’t need so much buttons
for that it’s it’s me mega mega cool and it’s also looked fantastic even the way
they make this dashboard in my opinion it’s one of the most beautiful dashboard
in today you can see how good they they make they make the door come with the
dashboard they have great fusions that are together there so this is my opinion
glass support up here also the light button are right there so we have LED
lights up here on the roof also this button it’s fourth glass roof up there
you can close it and open it also it mirror great visibility no problem at
all even here we have an LED light with a mirror good quality on the roof handle
it’s a very practical car not very very good quality everywhere but the car it’s
still fantastically practical it has everything you need also the new digital
screen I think you know it from my other video I also make a video with full
review with it it’s the newest one it’s fantastic great resolution great color
you can customize the way when it even here we have this multimedia system
from my series I think you already know it from my other videos so I don’t think
I need to open it if you wanna see the full review with the mbox from my
Terrace the multimedia system just check out my other videos there you can see
the full review with it so I think you make an idea about this new Mercedes
s-class 2019 I am gay line a very beautiful car a lot of comfort a lot of
style and I think it’s the dashboard it’s one of the most beautiful dashboard
I ever seen with the wood insertion and all that stuff and you the new tech from
I’d say this here is the engine if you want to check out for a little bit and
yeah that was my video guys I hope you enjoyed it
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