Never Say These 5 Phrases to Your English Teacher

Shh! I have a secret to tell you. But you
cannot tell your English teacher! In this episode, I’m going to share the five
things that you should never say to your English teacher, even if you’re thinking them. So
is it okay? Can I share them? Can we keep it a secret? Okay. Awesome!
Just before I share these five phrases, I want to let you know that you can come to and I have a free training for you. The Seven Steps to Fluency Training
will help you start improving your English… now, today, immediately! So, be sure to check
that out. Now, I want to share these five things to
never say to your English teacher. First of all, never, ever, ever say, “I’m
too busy to study.” Why? Maybe it’s true. Maybe you’re really busy. But why should we
not say this? “I’m too busy to study.” Well, we’re all busy. Teachers, especially, are
super busy. So, I’m not sure if your teacher would feel sorry for you. Maybe. But the thing
is, we make time for our priorities. So, if you do want to improve your English, you have
to make it a priority and give it some time in your day.
Okay. Number two: Never ever say, “Yes, I understand,” if you don’t understand. This
is very important for you because it doesn’t help anyone to lie. If you don’t understand
something, it’s much better to say, “I don’t understand. Could you explain? Could you help
me?” Teachers usually like to help their students and, of course, it’s better for you to have
a full understanding of the point or the phrases that you didn’t really understand. So, I know
it can be a little embarrassing sometimes to say, “I don’t understand”, but it’s okay.
Just understand it’s a good thing to ask for help. So, don’t be shy to do that.
Okay, the third thing that you should never say to your English teacher is anything not
in English. I’ve had students come up to me and ask me questions in their native language
– like in Japanese. And my Japanese is not very good and I couldn’t respond in Japanese
to my students’ question. Actually, English class is a time for English. So do everything
in English. Do not revert to your native language. This is a time for you to try out new things,
to make mistakes. So go ahead and even if you’re not sure or you’re not comfortable
about how to say something in English, just try it in class. It’s a great time to experiment.
Okay, next. Another thing that you should never say to your English teacher is, “I’ll
never use this tense.” Okay, a lot of people don’t like to learn grammar, right? It can
be boring. It can be dry. But just understand that your English will sound so much better
if you use the compound tenses. So, you can probably communicate just fine if you use
simple tenses, but if you want to sound like a professional in English, like you’re fluent
in English, then you need to know all the tenses and you’ll definitely find times when
you can use them. Finally, the last thing that you should never
say to your English teacher is, “Since I only need to write emails, I don’t need to learn
how to speak in English.” Or it could be vice versa. Maybe you might say, “Oh, I only want
to learn to speak, so I don’t need to learn how to write.” Well, this is not really a
good idea to tell your English teacher, because your English teacher wants to help you with
your all-round fluency. And in order to have really good English fluency, you need to know
all the skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking. Now, if you’re doing more speaking
than writing, you could focus more on those skills. Like at Go Natural English, I focus
mainly on listening and speaking because those are the skills that help you to connect with
people on a daily basis. Of course, you want to use writing and reading every day, too.
But it’s really important to know each skill and then you can focus on learning what you
like according to your goals. Alright! So I hope that you enjoyed these
five points not to say to your English teacher. And remember, you can come visit
to learn Seven Steps to Fluency, a free training that you can start right now. So, if you’re
ready to get fluent, let’s go! I’ll see you there.
Bye for now!


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